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Verizon’s Galaxy S III won’t ship until early July?


Verizon may have been first out of the gate with a press release regarding their Galaxy S III, but it looks like a release date is going to be one feature that isn’t shared by all of the US Galaxy S IIIs.

Pre-orders will start tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. Eastern time for the Verizon Galaxy S III and we had been hoping that this meant a launch right around June 21st, lining up with T-Mobile and Sprint’s plans.

Unfortunately it looks like Verizon customers might have to make it through Independence Day without a Galaxy S III by their side as multiple sources are placing Verizon’s launch date in early July with shipping dates varying from July 5th to July 9th.

The guys at Android Community are hearing July 5th, a Thursday, which is Verizon’s preferred day for new device launches.

Droid-Life on the other hand has heard both July 6th and July 9th as possible dates. A Friday or Monday would be a bit unusual for Verizon, but an insider was able to snap the blurriest of blurrycam shots for them which clearly states “Pre-ordered phones will ship by July 9th.” This also leaves open the possibility that the phones would ship July 9th, but not be available in store until July 12th.

Verizon system shows July 9 shipping date for Galaxy S III

Now I wouldn’t take any of these dates as gospel as these things can change rapidly, however Verizon is famous for their delays so it would come as no surprise if they were to launch a few weeks behind everyone else. They might just be using that extra time to get their data plans sorted out.

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  • kretz


  • redraider133

    This is ridiculous if true. Why take preorders a month ahead. That’s one thing with apple they announce a product and it is available shortly after. None of this preorder with no date given.

    • Louis A

      Very typical of verizon. They might do another Galaxy Nexus style lunch again, sad sad. One can only guess what they are trying to add on the S III. It’s ok, cuz I am getting it from T-mobile.

    • Chris Lewis

      Only two reasons I can think of as to why they are doing this

      1. To push the date later than a yet to be announced change in contract policies. i.e. people up grading to 4g are forced into tried data plans.

      2. To load it up with all their shitty apps.

      • redraider133

        I think sadly it is to get their shared data plans finalized. Even with all their crap apps you can disable them with ics so they can load all the apps they want ill just disable them so they aren’t using resources.

      • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

        I totally think you and redraider are right, probably doing the month preorder to get the tiered or shared data plans in place and ready. Shitty apps probably take no time since, you know, they always load their shitty apps on every phone, so they should be pros at that by now.

        I still preordered, I just hope “blue” is the same as “pebble blue.” If not, it’s definitely getting a case.

  • halo0

    It isn’t Verizon if it isn’t late!

  • McLovin

    “blurrycam shots” are the reason the company I work for makes all the visitors to the facility keep their smart phones with cameras, etc in their car outside the building. And only recently were employees allowed to bring cell phones with cameras into the facility. (I think mostly because its next to impossible to find a phone these days without a camera onboard.)

    • McLovin

      Stop down voting me, LOL. I don’t like the policy either. I’m just sharing what it’s like to work in a secure facility.

  • Jimmy_Jo

    Sprint – The NOW Network

    Verizon – The LATER (we hope…no really…it’s still coming) Network LOL

    • MN

      How’s that Wimax working for you? Better yet, how’s that LTE network for you in less than 5 cities? Exactly!

  • Mix

    This article reminded me of this copy file dialog comic:


  • Nate B.

    Verizon is always bullshitting around. Smh lol it makes no sense.

  • Scott

    Nice to see fellow VZW employees risking their jobs taking photos of vzweb!

  • skugern

    More non-support of Android phones by Big Red.

  • redraider133

    Well hopefully it was a mistake and they really meant June 9th. One can dream anyway.

  • Nathan D.

    Well that not really a surprise consider it is Verizon.

  • Ryan Schaeffer

    I preordered my Verizon Galaxy S III today at Best Buy, and I was told it should be in about June 28th!!! I really hope it is sooner than that!

  • TekGirl

    Hi, I live in Ṣo Paulo, Brazil and the Galaxy S III is going on sale today! The price will be something around R$2000,00 (+ or РUS$1000) without a contract.

    But Hey, July in US!??? Why is that?

  • RocketDroid

    I just pre-ordered and it says delivery by July 9th. Hopefully it comes sooner.

    More importantly, I was able to keep so I suggest you go and pre-order now if you have an unlimited data plan before they change their minds.

    • swazedahustla

      lol, thats what you think.

      • RocketDroid


    • Kerry

      I pre-ordered this morning and had the option to keep my unlimited data plan. The customer service said they’d do away with it at the end of the month. I asked him if they would force me to go to the tiered plan because I won’t officially get the phone until next month, he couldn’t tell me.

      Then, I asked him if I could still get on board with the 4GB/month for the price of 2GB … nope, that ended yesterday!

      • RocketDroid

        They cannot change the terms of the agreement once you have accepted them without voiding the contract.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    ” but an insider was able to snap the blurriest of blurrycam shots”

    He/she must not have had a Galaxy SIII with zero shutter lag! :-P

    But seriously, does anyone know if Verizon charges your credit card/account for a phone when you pre-order it or when it actually ships? Conventional wisdom would tell me when it ships but I just wanted to make sure…

    • redraider133

      Usually when it ships