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Build your summer blockbuster movie list with IMDb


Summer is here and all the Hollywood studios are releasing their blockbuster movies. So what’s the best Android app to feed your movie addiction? There are a ton of movie apps out there and I’ve tried most of them, but the one that has a permanent place on my home screen is IMDb (Internet movie database, for the few that have never heard of it).

The site IMDb.com has always been one the most comprehensive and authoritative source of information on movies, TV and celebrities, so it was great news when they release their first Android app a couple years ago. Since that time it has received numerous updates and it continues to add new features and improve the user experience.

The Good

Most detailed movie database ever: Movie listings have showtimes, reviews and commentary, trailers, photo galleries, genre, release date, plot summary, synopsis, top billed cast, trivia, quotes, goofs, soundtrack, filming locations, related movies, community message boards, and news.

Detailed stars database: For every actor you can view complete fimography, mini biography, trivia, quotes, related news, photo gallery, and birth information.

Watch HD trailers: Movie trailers are provided in standard resolution, 480p, and 720p HD.

Build your watchlist: Sign in to IMDb and you can add upcoming movies to your watchlist.

Personalized recommendations: As you build your watchlist and browse movie listing, IMDb will start to create a list of recommended movies you might enjoy.

Notifications: Mark your favorite movies and stars to be notified of trailers, photos, showtimes, and news.

Metascores for critics and user reviews: Quickly browse reviews from critics and other users. Critics reviews are compiled into a single metascore from metacritic.com.

Tons of movie charts: Check out lists for coming soon, US box office results, showtimes, Top 250 movies, most popular movies of the day, new on DVD and Blu-ray, and best picture winners.

TV listings and recaps: IMDb provides a list of popular TV shows with their air time and channel. They also offer complete episode recaps for most popular shows.

Celebrity news: Browse who’s hot in the STARmeter, see celebrity birthdays in Born Today, and ready the celebrity message boards

Browse history: Complete stream of all movies you reviewed and every listing you view.

Multiple language support: Available worldwide in English (US/UK), Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

Tablet optimized layout: Looks great on a 7 or 10 inch display.

The Not-so-good

Ad supported: Most pages have small ads at the bottom. It would be nice to see a paid version without the ads.

No social stream: It would be nice if I could see what movies my friends are watching in a unified activity stream.

No desktop widgets: Not really needed, but it would be nice to see some widget support.

Can’t purchase movie tickets: Some services allow you to buy movie tickets directly in the app.

Can’t identify movies: Now I’m just requesting features. I’d like to see a movie ID feature similar to Yahoo’s IntoNow.

Final Words

IMDb for Android is not only the best source for movie info, but it is one of my all time favorite apps. Other developers should look to the app for inspiration on what a great experience feels like. If you are a fan of movies, this is a must have app.


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  • uknowme

    Most definitely! I use that and Flixster for all the movie related info I need.

  • skugern

    This app has settled so many arguments for me, I’ve lost count.

  • Nate B.

    I use Fandingo to purchase tickets in advance. I used to use Flixster but I ran into to many problems with that app. IMDb is sweet for info I want on a movie. I also like to see the trailers ahead of time on that app. If they put the option to purchase tickets for nearby theaters, then it’s a wrap :-). It would be nice to be able to stream movies as well.

  • Prince77

    I’ve always had this app on my phone, so I know how useful it is. I love it.

  • lancaster09

    First, Taylor I really like these “App Feature” articles! IMDb is definitely my source for info when I’m on the web so why not on my phone. However Movies by Flixter really satisfies my needs right now. I just like to browse what is out on DVD and/or theaters. I also use it for movie times and the layout is pretty simple.

    • fletchtb

      I agree with the comment about the recent set of app reviews. I have enjoyed reading them and while most so far have been apps I am already familiar with, there have been a couple of posts that made me rethink my position on an app (like the Gasbuddy piece).

      As far as iMDB goes, it is without a doubt the goto source for information about is/was involved with a particular movie or television project.

  • spazby

    will check it out, been using flixster so far

  • klcow92

    IMDB’s awesome, just that the app looks funny on my tablet for some reason