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Keep track of your summer workouts with Endomondo Pro


Working out can be hard when you don’t have any real goals you want to achieve. But once you have your goal set, put on your shoes, grab your Android phone and load up Endomondo Pro as you head out the door. Endomondo is one of the best fitness apps on Google Play and allows you to keep track of all your workouts – regardless of what sport or activity you find most enjoyable.

The Good

Tracking your workout: Endomondo Pro makes tracking your every move extremely simple. Load the app, select your workout activity and you’re ready to go. The app even has a delayed workout countdown (10, 20,30 or 60 seconds) so that you can set your music and get your phone tucked into your arm band before the workout begins.

User Interface: There are countless workout apps on Google Play which are comparable to Endomondo in features, but it’s hard to find an app that’s easier to use. The newly revamped interface was created specifically with Android 4.0 in mind and makes using the app extremely intuitive. Whether you’re scrolling through your workout history, challenging a friend to a workout, or checking out local running or cycling routes, Endomondo is smooth, unified and a pleasure to use.

Interval Training: While most of us are happy if we get a workout in once or twice a week, there are those who strive to improve on their workouts every time they leave the house. The Interval training feature in Endomondo allows you to select from a handful of pre-programmed interval training options, but the app also allows you to create your own interval program which can help you reach peak performance.

Set a Goal: Looking to improve your endurance for a specific workout, run just a little bit farther, or burn a few more calories? Endomondo Pro’s Set a Goal feature allow you to set simple time, distance or calorie goals for yourself. Simply enter in the numbers and start your workout. Once you meet one of your goals, the app will alert you.

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The not so Good

Price: Endomondo Pro is a great app, but most will have a hard time justifying its $4.99 price point. Luckily, the free Endomondo app comes with most of the features included in the Pro version, but you will be giving up some of the goal setting abilities and interval training.

Sharing: Tracking your workout is fun, but what’s the point if you’re the only one who knows you just finished your 5K run at a record setting pace? Endomondo Pro allows you to share your workouts with Facebook with a predefined message with your time, distance and calories burned during your workout. Updating Facebook is nice, but what if you want to share your results with your Twitter followers with a custom message or just send the results to one person via email or SMS? Tapping into Android’s Share intent would be a much better option and would allow users to share their workouts with dozens of apps rather than giving them a single Facebook sharing option.

Battery Life: We all know that most smartphones suffer from poor battery life, but using Endomondo only exacerbates the problem. Since the app keeps track of your every move, its only natural that it can suck your phone’s battery dry with a few hours of use. If you’re going for an hour-long run or bike ride, you’ll probably notice a 15-25% battery drop while using Endomondo, so we really can’t recommend using the app if you plan on running a marathon or going on a long hike up a mountain. Endomondo Pro does have a low power mode feature which cuts back on battery consumption, but we found that it doesn’t make that much of a difference.

Final Words

There are dozens on apps out there that can track your workouts, but it’s hard to find one that really competes with Endomondo Pro. The price may be a bit high and we do have a few gripes about the app, but that hasn’t stopped me from using Endomondo Pro since I purchased it last year. I’d suggest trying out the free version to see how you like the app and you can always upgrade if you feel the interval training and goal setting options are worth the extra cash.


Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • Droid Smith

    Although I agree that the entire sharing intent should be available, I have both Facebook & Twitter options available. It’s possible I turned Twitter on from the website, but the phone posts to both services each time I workout.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      Thanks for pointing that out. I took a look at the Twitter option on their website. It give you the option to automatically tweet all your workouts, something that I don’t typically want to do. I’d still like an option within the app that I can select twitter for sharing and then be able to add my own comments about the workout to go along with the tweet rather than a generic message saying that I worked out.

  • squiddy20

    “We all know that most smartphones suffer from poor battery life, but using Endomondo only exacerbates the problem. Since the app keeps track of your every move, its only natural that it can suck your phone’s battery dry with a few hours of use. ” …as does just about any app that makes use of GPS. Is this really that surprising?

    Anyway, I think it’s a great app. Got it during Google’s 10 cent sale awhile back. Of course, I couldn’t use it then because my current phone’s GPS was non-functional, but I made do with Google Earth or Maps and tracing my route, while noting when I started/ended. On my Galaxy Nexus, it works perfectly, and that revamped UI inspired by the holo theme makes it all the better!

  • Marco Pagliari

    I would suggest Sickrhino as a lightweight and simple alternative. With zero overhead simply does what a sportsman needs.

  • binary

    Is Max Speed only available in Pro version?

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      Should be available in the free version as well. Click on the app link in the post. In the description it tells you exactly what is or is not included with each version.

  • Steve

    One other wonderful feature is that it links back to my fitbit account, so fitbit and endomondo both know what I’m doing.

    I’ve used this app for a couple of years now, and think it is pretty wonderful. :)

  • Justin Ziemba

    Really? People have a hard time justifying $5 on a good app? Oh yeah, I forgot, everything is supposed to be free and developers are greedy for wanting to make some money off their work.

  • http://no stokis

    i don’t know how Android, but my friend’s iphone 4s have big gps bug in endomondo pro version. GPS often is disapearing. But in free version, all is perfect!

  • Av

    Hi Nick. I cycle and getting the altitude as well as the elevation data/graphs are very important. I can not get the Pro version to present it although it is indicating to be part of the specs.

    Any advise?

  • OutofPlace

    I installed the free version to give the app a trial and I have to say I am pretty impressed. The bugs I found were more related to crappy gps info due to my phone (G2X) more than the app. Oh how I wish I could luck out and by an Android phone with solid gps reception…

    But anyway, I really like a lot of the features in the free version and I’ll probably step up to the pro to get the interval training coach (and to show the developers some love for a great app). There’s a bonus feature that I think is worth talking about: the app records what music you were listening to during your ride (I bike) so you can see if there is a correlation between music and pace. That may be useless info to some, and it is probably not real important in the grand scheme, but it shows the developers are creative and are shooter for more info to the user rather than less.

    Overall, a great app!

  • Ailyn

    Does anybody know if there is anyway to set the intensity(speed) of the intervals in the interval training?

  • Jahmon

    When I need extra battery I only switch GPS on and leave Data Off, this helps a lot.

  • marks

    χερει κανεις εαν στιν δωρεαν εκδοση μπορει να διαβασει μια garmin ζωνη παλμων?

  • Amy

    Started out with the fee app & loved it, but when I saw that I could get altitude/ elevation graphs with Pro I decided to purchase it. Unfortunately, I don’t see that feature on here! Still love the app, but would have stuck with the freebie if I had known that wouldn’t be on there. It does specify that it is supposed to have that feature. Any help on this one?

    • Jayanth Kumar

      Amy, Even the free version shows altitude/elevation graphs… You have to turn GPS on… You cannot plot the route… Then it does not show the graphs..


  • popup

    Try streetquest – run is a game, free app for runners that will give you lots of fun and motivation to running.

  • klcow92

    does it work with exercise in the gym?

  • Endomondo fan

    Consider the new ebook “Using Smartphone Apps With Interval Training.” The short book covers this feature of Endomondo extensively, along with Strava Cycling. The link is here: