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StubHub takes me out to the ball game this summer


Football and basketball season are over, but baseball is starting to heat up as we enter the second half of the year. Now is the time to head to the ball park, but make sure you check out StubHub before you purchase your next ticket. The service offers an online marketplace for tickets and their Android app allows you to purchase tickets at a moments notice.

Last year I was working in San Francisco across the street from AT&T Park and I quickly became a Giants fan. They had just won the World Series so most of their series sold out, but I still caught a lot of games by getting tickets on StubHub. AT&T Park is a beautiful stadium and it was nice to be able to enjoy the games from the seat I chose. The infield and upper deck provided amazing views, but I had the most fun sitting in the center field bleachers.

Even if you are not a sports fan, StubHub provides tickets for concerts, theater and other live entertainment events. If you are looking to take the family out this summer and have a good time, check out the StubHub app and see what deals pop up.

The Good

See where your seats are located: This is the number one reason I use StubHub. I can get detailed ticket info before I make my purchase. All available seats are listed up front and you can drill down to any individual section.

Get into sold out events: Even when events sell out at the box office, StubHub can still help you get to the event of your choice. You will likely be paying a higher price, but going to see your favorite band or attending a playoff game is priceless.

Buy tickets below face value: StubHub lets sellers post tickets at any price they choose. You can often find season ticket holders who want to unload tickets that would otherwise go unused. That means you could buy a discounted ticket priced at $2, that might otherwise be sold for around $20 at the box office.

Find events based on location: Users can search events based on their location or manually select from a list of cities. StubHub offers ticket listings for the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Filters for sports, concerts, theater and venues: When you live in a large metro area, it can be difficult to keep up with all the events that are taking place. StubHub has listings for every kind of performances and can help you discover events you might have missed.

Sell tickets from your mobile device: This feature has been available on the StubHub site for years, and it was finally added to the mobile app in a recent update.

The Not-so-good

User interface is dated: This app is ugly and the layout needs a major overhaul. It still does not use the action bar introduced in Android 4.0, there is no tablet-optimized layout, and some elements do not display correctly on the latest Android 4.1. The developer needs to study the Android Design guidelines and go back to the drawing board.

Unable to change date range: When searching for events, the user can only select Upcoming 7 days or All events. Upcoming events sometimes doesn’t show enough and all events takes more time to search.

Low-res stadium maps: StubHub does a good job of capturing most stadium maps, but they are of very low quality. For the larger stadiums, it is difficult to read all the section levels as they get blurry when you zoom in.

Tickets need to printed out: I understand there might be limitations with certain venues, but it would be nice if I could redeem my tickets directly on my Android phone instead of having to print them out.

Final Words

I still use the StubHub app when I have an impulse to buy tickets on the go, but the experience leaves a lot to be desired. If StubHub could deliver digital tickets to my mobile device, I would definitely take advantage of the service more often. The app is also in bad need of a makeover, so there is plenty of opportunity for the developers to improve the user experience.


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    Stop with all the advertisement articles; they’re annoying.

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    Love Stub Hub. Been buying SF Giants tickets there for the last 3 years or so. Gonna try this app out soon!

  • Graham7k

    Hey, just so you know. If you buy an e ticket from anywhere you don’t need to print it. Just bring the bar code up on your phone and the hand held scanners can scan it. Sometimes even the event staff don’t realize this but just ask them to do it.