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Dead Trigger coming to the Play Store today (update: tomorrow) for $0.99


Madfinger Games, the company that brought us the likes of Shadowgun, have announced that Dead Trigger will be finally making its way to the Google Play Store today tomorrow, July 3rd. Dead Trigger is a zombie-blasting first person shooter game that has you as a gun-toting survivor hellbent on staying alive with your group of newly-found comrades. Of course, Dead Trigger continues the partnership with NVIDIA, and has been optimized to provide killer graphics on Tegra 3 powered devices.

Dead Trigger is a mission-based system, where each level takes you anywhere from 2-10 minutes, perfect for picking up when you have a minimal amount of spare time. Each mission has you either killing all the zombies in an area, retrieving/collecting items and bringing them to an evac point, or holding a location for a period of time.

As you progress, you’ll be able to upgrade weapons and items using money and gold you accumulate, both of which can be had via an in-app purchase if you want the most firepower early in the game. Weapons and items unlock for purchase as you progress in level, similar to most first-person-shooter games out there.

We will bring you additional impressions of Dead Trigger once we’re able to get our hands on it for a prolonged period of time. Suffice it to say that this game is a steal for $0.99. If you like Zombie games, you simply owe it to yourself to pick up the latest from Madfinger Games when it launches on the Play Store tomorrow.

Note: The following market link will go live when the game does.


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  • Peter

    Play Store links are broken and can’t be found on the Play Store (at least here in the USA). Not out yet?

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      I’m so glad you read the part where I said:

      “If you like Zombie games, you simply owe it to yourself to pick up the latest from Madfinger Games when it launches on the Play Store later today.

      Note: The following market link will go live when the game does.

      • Joe Nicholson


      • John

        Is dead trigger going to be only on tegra devices only. ?

        • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

          I don’t think so, but don’t know for sure.

          • R.S

            Doesn’t the second video (Android vs Tegra) pretty much strongly imply that it will be available for other devices and not just Tegra devices?

            I’ve been looking forward to this game since Taylor mentioned it last month. I’m not too thrilled about in game purchases but I’ll still purchased it.

      • Peter

        Way to assume, Mr. Assumey-pants. ;)

        That text was appended later and not part of the original RSS feed that Google Reader picked up. It’s apparent now that the game is intended to release *later today*.

        • Peter

          Text has changed again to say “tomorrow”… just for anyone else who comes along and goes “well duh, it says tomorrow!” :P

  • DroidRocka

    @Guest haha SPLASH!!

  • Zagrash

    I’m not really a fan of paid games having in-app purchases, but as long as you can comfortably play without needing to buy in-app stuff, I will probably enjoy this.

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      I hesitate to admit that I’ve been playing the iOS variant all weekend on the iPad since it’s not available for Android, and it’s easy to play without in-app purchases.

      • Zagrash

        don’t worry, we won’t heckle you TOO much for playing on iOS =)

        that’s good that the progression works without in-app purchases though…I don’t mind their existence for people that want to advance faster, but they drive me crazy when you basically HAVE to upgrade in order to progress.

  • Dirge

    Looking at the comments for the trailer, it embarrasses me that some Android users can be so bitchy and impatient. :(

    • Zach

      Oh, and ios users weren’t bitchy and impatient with ios 6 and the iPhone 5? WP users aren’t right now bitching about wp8? Lets keep the discussion to the game please. Don’t start a flame war.

      Also, nazis

  • Ben.P

    ive been waiting since day one for this i bought a tegra 3 device just for this! cant wait any eta would rock!

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  • sharon92

    Doesn’t look like the kind of game I would play :P

  • redraider133

    If I buy this for my phone will I have to rebuy the tegra version when I get my nexus 7 tablet?

  • shawn

    yes you will still be able to get it on you tablet

    • redraider133

      but will I have to repurchase it?

      • Nathan D.

        No, once you buy it once you don’t have to buy it again because once you have it any device with your Google account will have access to whatever you buy.

        • Zagrash

          The problem though, is if you buy the normal version to play now, you won’t have the THD version, you would need to buy that version if you want the fancy Tegra powered graphics and whatnot…that’s my dilemma at the moment – re-buy Shadowgun for the THD version? It’s only a dollar, so I probably will =)

          • redraider133

            Mine also as my phone doesnt have tegra processor but my nexus 7 will.

  • Nathan D.

    What do you know I just clean out some space for this game just the other day, I been waiting to get this game for a while now.

  • Michael Gomez

    Blogs reported it will be available on the 2nd then the 3rd. It is 12:41 and still not available. :(

  • justin

    3:01 eastern time and still not available in Google Play Store??? I’m starting to wonder if the title of this article is like those “Free Beer Tomorrow” signs you see hanging in bars? Come back tomorrow and the sign will still say the same thing…….

  • Josh
  • halo0

    Hello? Where’s my trigger!?!

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      they just announced 20 minutes ago that it’s coming very soon, which means submitted to Google Play and waiting for it to go live. Should be minutes now.

  • Ben Lewis

    It’s out now! But no THD version for my HTC One X? :(

  • Michael Gomez

    It’s alive… I mean live CHEA!

  • Zagrash

    Hmm, I only see one version though, will there be a separate THD version, or *GASP* could it possibly be that the one version includes both, and downloads/installs the THD stuff if available? =)

    I’ll probably wait a bit and see what happens…

    • Ben Lewis

      There will only be one version. It is universal so you will get the Tegra features on the normal Dead Trigger app. Madfinger posted on their Facebook wall:

      “Dead Trigger on the market is universal, so no need to wait for a THD version for Tegra users”

      • Zagrash

        awesome! Thanks! buying now =)

  • Usman

    Anyone else care to comment? I’m picking up a Galaxy Nexus today, and if it’s running well on that, then I’ll go ahead and buy it.