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Final Fantasy III gets an English translation – hits Google Play for $15.99


Final Fantasy III from Square Enix is now available in English on Google Play. The game was originally released back in March, but you had to live in Japan (and needed to read Japanese) if you wanted to enjoy it. The Android version of Final Fantasy III is a remastered version 0f the 2006 remake – featuring new 3D graphics, Android exclusive story sequences, a variety of classes and summons like Shiva and Bahamut.

The 172 meg download does require Android 2.2 and will cost you quite a bit. At $15.99, Final Fantasy III is one of the most expensive games on Google Play, but that doesn’t look like it will be an issue. In a little over a day, the game has racked up more than 1,000 purchases and has an incredibly high rating of 4.7.

If you don’t hear from us for a while, it’s because we’ll be slaying monsters on our epic quest. Will any of you be shelling out the $15.99 needed for Final Fantasy III for a chance to relive your video game glory days?

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  • Adryan maldonado

    As much as i love the series and the fact that its been revamped with beautiful new 3d graphics that price tag is not justifiable.nvdia makes some amazing games and even gameloft and their most expensive games are like 6 or 7 dollars. Ill wait till the price comes down so sony do us a favor and bring the price down to atleast 8.

    • Jorge Eslava

      Sony? I’m sure you meant Square Enix.

    • Triplanetary

      Gotta disagree. As long as people keep demanding that all games on their Android devices cost less than $10, we’ll keep getting casual crap and “free” games that are full of microtransactions. FF3 can offer tens of hours of storyline, which is more than most of nVidia’s games can say. Which isn’t to disparage nVidia’s games – some of them are fantastic. But if you want games geared for short play sessions on the bus and such, by all means, don’t pay more than three or four bucks for them. Nothing wrong with that, either. But don’t expect developers to make games on the scale of a Final Fantasy title if you’re not willing to pay more than four bucks for it.

      I say this as someone who didn’t get Spectral Souls until it was 50% off, and who probably won’t buy FF3 on Android. But there’s a difference between deciding not to pay a certain price, and demanding a lower price because apparently I’m entitled to the game even if I’m not willing to pay the asking price.

      • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

        I was of the mindset that $16 was too much, but you’ve *mostly* convinced me. I completely agree with you – if I’m willing to pay $30-50 for a PS3 game, why not for an Android game?

        Now that this really isn’t a new game but really is a port with refreshed graphics, that is the only potential problem I have with the pricing. I think $10 would be much more in line. But hey, sounds like they’re selling this game just fine, so $16 very well might be the right price!

        • Jimmy_Jo

          I also think $10 is a good price point as it is an older game. If it were a new game then there’s no reason we can’t shell out $15 for a legit video game. Not Words with Friends but something along the lines of Need for Speed Underground (not the iOS game the old PSP game) If you have a game that can be played for hours that actually has levels and upgrades and reasons to keep playing that don’t involve green pigs I wouldn’t mind paying for it.

    • Rasy

      dude u have no idea what the hell u r talking about (rolling my eyes)… first off it’s square-enix NOT sony… last don’t compare nvidia games to FF games it’s like comparing kindergarten to college (whole different level)… i’m guessing u have no idea how EPIC JRPGs are.

      • Adryan maldonado

        Actually sir I’ve played FF 1 and 2(bought for my gameboy advanced that flipped open) also FF 7,8,10, 10-2. Yes as someone mentioned I did mean square-enix I’m not sure why I put Sony but admittedly I did not fix it either so my bad.

      • kazahani

        Calm down, I think your fanboy is showing.

  • TheWhiteLotus

    Please people, if you want great games like this to continue to be available, don’t be cheap. This version is already better than the one released in 2006, and it is less than half the price. The iOS version is the exact same price. If you want great devs to continue making games they need a reason to make them. And frankly, the price is not that bad. It is only bad compared to crappier games. I bought my copy and you should buy yours.

  • heetskore

    The price tag doesn’t bother me, considering it cost more on the DS. I’ll definitely be getting this.

  • Steve P

    A word of warning, this is widely considered one of the most difficult games in the series (p-downs not purchasable, crazy final boss, easy to stumble into difficult areas), so if you’re not sure you like this type of game don’t spend 15 dollars on something you won’t enjoy. That being said it’s a great version of the game and it looks and runs wonderfully on my Note.

    • Rasy

      SWEET!!!! i just pictured how awesome it is running this game on a big screen like your note.

    • WlfHart

      I’m excited! Never played the original III, only the American III. Thanks for the difficulty heads up. Just means more saves…

  • brbslayingmonsters

    A remaster of a remake? err FUCK YEAH!

  • Nathan D.

    Sweet, can’t wait to get it.

  • Dmtdroid

    Well if the price is really to high which im sure it is just get an emulator! but we cant forget that square enix is porting a classic along with extras and optimized awesomeness!

    • Kiki.utena

      Exactly I’ve been playing FF VII on sgs2 using PS emu. Paid over 50 bucks each for almost all the series up to 9 a decade ago. Why pay again for slightly improved visuals on a 4″ screen.

    • Lewis

      If you get it on an emulator, you’ll have to play the DS version. Muddier graphics and such…and the whole piracy issue.

      • Kiki.utena

        If you own the DS version it’s not piracy to use a DS rom.

  • seabass978

    This is an epic classic game which cost less then it did when it came out a few years ago. This is the type of game I wouldn’t mind playing on a touch screen device since it is an rpg and not an action platform or fighting game. I’ll be waiting for part 6 if it’ll ever come out for android.

  • unicronic

    Is that US$? Wow, quite pricey. I know it isn’t that expensive when compared to major releases on consoles but, given that a certain bar for pricing has been established on mobile devices and thusly a mental barrier of sorts, this might take a while to convert the mainstream mobile gamers.

  • spazby

    love final fantasy… will use my $25 credit that comes with nexus 7 for this…

  • rantmo

    For ages now I’ve been longing for a proper, turn-based RPG for Android and even if it’s super hard and surprisingly costly, I’m buying this as soon as I get my Nexus 7. No question. At least, provided it gets me 4 and 5 (and 9 if I’m being greedy) and Chrono Trigger.

  • kazahani

    I love this series, but jeez, I’ve never had to save up for an Android game before!

  • Fahad Rahman

    This game was crap and definitely not worth $16… this was released back on the ds and it really doesn’t have much of a plot its just go out there and fight shit… if they had released FF3 the one from snes(or FF6 what ever you wanna call it) that would easily have been worth $20…

  • MorphiusFaydal

    Once I replace my G2 I will likely buy this. I really want to see FF I and II come out for Android along with Chrono Trigger. $15.99 is not a bad price in my opinion for a quality game from a good studio. Maybe if there is a good response, we can get Square Enix to bring more FF/Dragon Quest/new IP to Android closer or even alongside iOS releases.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      I installed this on my G2 and it seems to work fine. But if you’re planning on getting a new device, I’d say just wait since you don’t want to start over from the beginning. Chrono trigger should already be out in Japan, so we could see an English translation hit Google play in the next few months.

  • Shoobs

    Ya’ll are wierd folks. This game isn’t for plot. This game is the epitomy of JRPG and true difficulty.

    Second Boss ( Djinn ) can 1 turn KO your guys if you don’t get to level 8 first. Even if he has a shield.

    You guys really should give the game a try before you go off and say “No, too pricy.” Its small, its fairly smooth, and its worth the cost and I’m glad I’ve finally had the chance to support Squeenix on this mighty title.

  • wushdishmeen

    It’s worth the $16 for sure. What people are forgetting is it’s not just a port with better graphics it also is totally revamped with touch controls which actually work awesome for an RPG unlike with other games with virtual joysticks. Battle sequences are easy to control by simply tapping your attacks and tapping on an enemy. A simple button to attack all enemies or heal your entire party. There is also android exclusive story sequences as mentioned in this review.

    Most games you buy on android that are cheaper can look great and all but the game play is either boring after a few plays or it’s full of micro-transactions. It just seems like most games you buy them just to test out the graphics performance on your phone to try out a smartphone game in general.

    But FF3 is an actual game I love with actual story and game play and it remains engaging and fun for hours on end. I am 7 hours into it and not even close to finished and still love it. I highly recommend the price tag!

    Those who are thinking of buying it should buy it so the sales numbers convince Square to remake FF4 as well since it was already done for Nintendo DS. Wishful thinking but who knows maybe even FF7, FF8, or FF9 with updated graphics will be made. Until then we have fpse to play them.

  • tingshan

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