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Amazon planning for tablet market domination?


There’s a report out of Reuters this morning that Amazon is working on not one or two tablets, but a whopping six tablet SKUs coming fairly soon according to Staples’ President of U.S. Retail Demos Parneros. This could go one of two different ways. It could amount to an entire refresh of the overall Kindle lineup, with one or two of Amazon’s current models being scrapped for a 10″ Kindle aimed squarely at Apple’s iPad. Amazon currently offers six Kindle SKUs.

Alternatively, Amazon could be gearing up for a downsizing of the number of e-ink offerings they have, but offering customers choice of storage options on both the Kindle Fire 7″ and 10″ tablet models it sees as the future of Kindle. Two storage choices for each of those tablets plus a refresh to the Kindle with keyboard and Kindle Touch would amount to the 6 new SKUs Staples is readying.

Regardless, we’re pretty confident Amazon is working on a 10″ Kindle Fire, and likely is also tackling a refresh of the popular Kindle Fire 7″ unit. Amazon will likely continue to sell these new tablets at cost, making up revenues in sales of ebooks, movies, and music, arenas in which Amazon sees significantly high profits. The Kindle tablets would likely retain Amazon’s Kindle UI overlay, prominently featuring ways to consume Amazon’s content front and center in the tablet experience.

This all lines up with what we learned over a year ago, namely that Amazon intends to bring a family of devices to the market as mobile becomes more and more prominent. Of course, competition in that arena is getting more fierce, with Google’s Nexus 7 and the oft-rumored iPad mini competing in the 7″ tablet arena, and the perennial market-leading iPad and a rumored Nexus 10 fighting for customers on the 10″ battlefield.

Are you interested in a Kindle Tablet, or are you more looking forward to whatever comes next out of the Nexus program?

Via: Engadget

Source: Reuters

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  • triangle

    The only thing that you can’t get on the Nexus 7 from Amazon is the video product, but on the kindle fire, you won’t get all of the google apps. I’d much rather have the google products than Amazon video…

  • Chris Lewis

    Much rather have a nexus tablet.

  • nivekkev

    Query, did the old Fire get any kind of OS update and/or is it expected in the near future? I would not want a tablet that will not get the updates, money is tight so my tablet will have to last a while, can’t just buy another one when I need to keep current, plus I like the pure Google experience. The Nexus 7 has my vote over the Kindle Fire.

    • fletchtb

      I believe the Kindle Fire has received several updates, but these have been mostly small updates to improve performance and enhance the skin in small ways to make the product easier to use.

  • mrbigglesworth0

    Although I am a huge fan of the KF I just wish it did not eliminate the Google Play store. I do like how easy it is to buy and use music and videos on the KF which is important for traveling.

  • fletchtb

    Overall, I think this is good news. The more quality options people have to buy and the more competition there is in the market, the better it is for us consumers. The Kindle Fire is a great offering for what it does (although a little long in the tooth in light of the Nexus 7), and I look forward to seeing how Amazon keeps applying pressure in the market.

    I am thrilled with my Nexus 7, and I don’t think we got to this point without Amazon driving the price of hardware way down. I can’t wait to see the lineup available for the holidays.

    • nivekkev

      I totally agree with you on those points, I would not have a tablet if Amazon would not have driven the price down…

    • Jake Gall

      Atleast until apple decides to sue the competition for existing, since they hold the patent on existence(lol), I prefer the nexus.

  • Bill

    Kendall is nice, but the nexus 7 tablet is awesome, after a week of I amuse I am blown away by its functionality and it’s synchronization ability. Its become a journey of discovery with the nexus 7 tablet for me. And no I don’t work for google wish I did but I don’t.

  • Ardrid

    I still lean towards the Fire due to Amazon’s robust ecosystem. I already have a Kindle, and I already have Amazon Prime. Adding a Fire to that equation just makes a ton of sense. The same can be said of Surface because Win8 functions like a full-fledged, meaning you’d still have access to Amazon Video and all of its Prime associated benefits.

    I’ve still got my eye on the Nexus 7 but the Fire seems to make more sense for me at this point.

    • cwjones4

      you can still get the amazon kindle app, which has access to everything you would need from amazon. I don’t see a reason to buy a kindle

  • spazby

    if amazon made their streaming choices better, i would strongly consider their tablets… I already have prime and paying for netflix as well ($96 a year). $200 tablet would pay for itself in 2 years but unfortunately right now, amazon streaming is not up to par compared to netflix….

  • McLovin

    Amazon will dominate the market even though the Nexus is a better tablet because Google doesn’t promote or advertize their products as aggressively as Amazon does. I wish Google would be more aggressive.

  • tagstar

    Can’t wait for my 14″ legal tablet!

  • Nathan D.

    Dam they are letting the kindle go to their head and with good reason to, haha.

  • tony

    am I interested in a kindle tablet? will have it have access to the google play store? will it come with Jellybean? I owned a kindle fire up till 2 weeks ago, I sold it to buy the nexus 7. I’m very happy with it

  • aranea

    A 10 inch kindle can make google make a 10 inch nexus. which is what I want.

  • David7

    Nexus 7 all the way!

  • Mix

    My auntie bought a Kindle Fire while in the US was gushing to us about it when she got back. Shortly after finding out she can’t do anything with it in Canada….she hates it.

    At least Google launched the Nexus with more than one Country in mind.

  • lil boko

    Personally I’m a transformer guy… still interesting though