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Apple granted EU injunction against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.7, demands $2.5 billion in separate US patent case

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We thought patent cases couldn’t get any worse after Apple was granted an injunction to block the sales of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Obviously we were wrong. The courts in Dusseldorf have sided with Apple, posting an injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, banning the sale of the tablet from all European countries. As with the sales ban on the larger Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the 7.7 was found to infringe on an Apple design patent which can be traced back to internal company sketches from 2004. On a positive note, Apple was denied its appeal to force an injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N, which was redesigned to not infringe on Apple’s patent.

While the injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 could easily be circumvented with a new exterior design, Apple is hoping to have a more substantial impact on Samsung’s pocketbook in its upcoming court battle in California. Apple has never been shy about defending its patents in court, but this is the first time (to our knowledge) that the company has put a price tag on the alleged damages.

To make things easy for Samsung and the courts, Apple has divided up the claims into four different categories on a per-unit basis:

  • $2.02 for devices using “overscroll bounce” ’318 patent
  • $2.02 for devices using “tap to zoom and navigate” ’915 patent
  • $3.10 for devices using “scrolling API” ’163 patent
  • $24 for devices infringing an Apple design patent or trade dress right

Apple may have some luck with their technical patents, but we doubt the California court will be as eager to grant Apple a victory for any of its design or trade dress claims against Samsung.

I’m honestly bored out of my mind with all the patent cases these days and I’m sure the general public could care less about Apple’s “overscroll bounce” or “scrolling API” patent. Will this madness ever stop?

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Source: Foss Patents

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  • NeedName

    I’m honestly bored out of my mind with apple. . . anything even remotely related to that craptastic company.

    • Apple the world leader

      lets kill the nasty scamsuck! apple forever no 1.
      we earn more money in each fiscal quarter than scamsuck per years.

      iPad dominates.

      • NeedName

        So, you are telling us that you are a moron who likes to pay THE highest markup on tech devices then go about the web shouting just how stupid you are? And you all wonder why you have the nickname “iTards.”

  • Hinds

    Patents in us is garbage and it is going to be the death knell of innovation and competition! The company with the most money and lawyers win!

    • Doan

      Patents in the US are garbage? Did you miss the part where the Galaxy Tab 7.7 was banned from sale in all European countries because of a “design patent”?

      Patents in Europe are just as much garbage.

  • fletchtb

    If you can’t beat em (Apple), sue em.

    Apple is clearly scared to death of Samsung. This isn’t about right or wrong for Apple, this is purely about preserving market share.

    • Apple the world leader

      Apple doesnt care about this tiny competitor. They are the worlds leading company and could buy them with their cash.

      • redraider133

        You might wanna do a Google search and see Samsung sold more phones last quarter than apple and also is the world’s #1 phone manufacturer.. apple just charges ridiculously high amounts to increase their profit.

  • Derek

    this is utterly insane. Now 16:9 7.7″ tablets infringe on apple’s design patents of a 4:3 9.7″ tablet? What a crock of $hit!!. So basically any rectangular product infringes. I didnt know apple could patent a shape thats been around for thousands of years. Nice!

    • redraider133

      Next apple will sue when they make the iPhone screen larger because they were the first to have a phone with a screen over 3.5″ /s

  • tagstar

    Patent on over-scrolling… You mean… “Snapping”? Or “Bounds-check”

    Parent on scrolling…. Like the mouse wheel? I think George Lucas has a prior art with the scrolling text from Star Wars IV – A new hope.

  • Nathan D.

    Honestly someone need to stick it to apple and tell them to back the hell up and shove their patents up where no sun shines because this is just starting to get stupid. Apple just want to use whatever patent they can fine if it general or not to make whatever lawsuit they can so they can try to make money from their opponents rather then making new product that actually original and innovating.

    • kazahani

      If Apple gets billions from Samsung for this then Google should ask for that and more from Apple for violating the pull-down notifications patent that they filed for.

    • pjamies

      They are the new banking industry! Underhanded and $crewing everyone in there mists ..
      I too am a little pi$$ed at Apple for their over zealus nature to sue everyone that even comes close to a patent infraction.
      I do have Apple products (No iPhone/iPads tho), and in the future I might look at google products instead of going the Apple route again.
      Apple and their patent trolling have left a bad taste in my mouth, and I am sure that most knowledgable users will think twice the next time they purchase a product from a company that kills competion and inovation, I know I will!

  • spazby

    ridiculous. Apple why don’t you just ask for trillions?

  • http://muddypa.ws/blog nportelli

    Why does Samsung out up with it. They make almost all the ipad and retina displays. Put the MBP display in the Series 9!!

  • WlfHart

    Some day the legal system will cut all this BS out.

  • thekaz

    I think the day Steve Jobs died, and heard that he wanted to destroy Android, the patent lawyers had to wipe the drool off their chin. I think they are using this is a free license to sue, and none of the current Apple leadership has the ability to rein them in…

  • Mix

    Like two kids tattling on each other, this is getting old.

  • Jimmy_Jo

    I’m confused how Apple in Europe has to put in print on the main page of their website that Samsung has not infringed on any of there patents for the Galaxy Tab but for the Galaxy 7.7, Samsung has to pay $100 Billion dollars *Dr. Evil laugh*

    This went past stupid so long ago…

  • redraider133

    It won’t stop as long as the courts keep allowing these to go on and rule in apples favor. Either license them or quit trying to stifle innovation.

  • jamal adam

    These patent wars are the most obnoxious and annoying things to happen to the smartphone industry. Seriously, this has gone beyond pointless and they (Apple) need to stop whining about simple things like scrolling or bouncing and start focusing on improving and continuing to innovate in the smartphone industry. Apple, needs to stop being a baby and start acting like a grown and mature adult.

  • mike

    people need to boycott apple

    • pjamies

      People need to standup at Apple conferences and ask why Apple continues to stifle competition and innovation, by suing everyone!
      Maybe even a Flash-Mob, singing about it at an Apple event. Now that would catch them off guard!!

    • Apple the world leader

      why? we want the best, thats why we storm the apple stores for ipads.
      ipad is unstoppable. everyone wants an ipad.

      • redraider133

        Nope I like my nexus 7 much better than the ipad I had:)

  • sighs…

    Like someone stated earlier…this tablet is completely different in size and ratio…if this lawsuit flies…then apple should be able to sue anyone making flat panel TVs and monitors since it resembles the design of the ipad since size and ratio don’t matter…fvk crapple!

  • snowbdr89

    Apple reminds me of the dissgruntled ex gf i wish there was a jealousy patent so i could buy it and sue apple for trillians!! It makes me giggle knowing one of the last things that passed threw steve jobs head was YOU ARE ANDROIDS BITCH

  • Lewis

    So how long until we see Dunder Mifflin Triangle Tablets? Or will Apple sue over those because they’ve already patented the triangle?

  • pjamies

    This is an interesting read concerning Apple’s decission to ‘ no longer send its technology to EPEAT for certification’ (ie. certify it’s products as being Green).
    Due to an uproar from customers, Apple changed it’s mind … (what a bunch of losers!, Steve must be turning in his grave ..)


  • unicronic

    Part of the problem here is patents being granted for very stupid things like the “overscroll bounce”. I can’t see a competitive edge being present with this.

    Similar with the swipe to unlock patent that Apple has. It is unethical to patent a human motion. I might as well patent a style of nose picking and then sue anyone who does the same in public.

  • nibjaboy

    These patent things are boring Android users. But to Apple fanboys – its something they always use to strike at the intellectual capacity of non-Apple users. I’ve seen so much of these at work places – even some of my cousins do.that.

  • redraider133

    So when is Google going to be granted that notification patent so they can fire back at apple? I mean I’m against lawsuits but sometimes you have to step up and show the bully this isn’t gonna fly. Hit apple hard Google.

  • gad

    The sad thing is that media seem to be playing the ostrich here. Hardly any of the mainstream media is criticizing apple for this nonsense, and we know why- they are all fanbois.

    They are all waiting for iphone 5 to drool over.

    If apple products were the last things on earth, i would not touch them with barge pole. Those guys disgust me.

    How low can you get to be number one?

    • Apple the world leader

      iphone 5 will DESTROY the competition. yay, go apple!!!
      android sucks for fragmentation and nexus 7 has a terrible screen and usability.
      its for the poor people who cant afford the real deal!

      • This guy is an idiot^^^^^^^^

        Poor people? I think what you mean to say is that some Android products are for people who don’t want to spend a lot on electronics. The beauty of Android is that there is a product for everyone. You can get the SIII, HTC one x, which are the highest end phones you can get…both blow away any iPhone to date and will most likely still blow away the iPhone 5 as well. I’ll agree with you about the fragmentation frustrations. Why don’t we touch on how Apple hasn’t created anyting innovative in almost 6yrs. Their phones, software, and functionality hasn’t been revolutionary at all. They stole the original design of the first iPhone from Sony and stole the entire concept of a GUI from Xerox. Maybe you should do your homework before you go spouting off at the mouth and beating your chest. Maybe you would be better off beating something else…

  • clocinnorcal

    I know its fun to bash Apple, but I could go a day without hearing more litigation news. Seriously.

  • cb2000a

    Apple is a company built on pure greed. They have copied so many others and yet they continue to litigate if anyone one even remotely gets close to stepping on their toes. I have no respect for them or anyone who buys their products (which really are not that great, it’s just sheep following after one another). On one side is freedom and the other is a closed architecture. I always encourage people to research on their own what phone to buy (and I mean really check them out} and most choose the S3 lately (over the iphone).

  • Richard

    fyi: its “COULDN’T” care less.
    Otherwise you could care less.. which means you do care a little.

  • Melinda1985

    I recently bought an iPhone 4S and now my mom wants one too! Its fantastic.

    kisses, Melinda

  • NeedName

    Dear Android And Me. . . we really need a ‘flag comment’ to get rid of these iTard comments. . .

    • redraider133

      Agree. Must be slow news day with no new rumors of the stretched iPhone 4 err I mean iPhone 5 to have them drool over. That or they just realize that the new iPhone isn’t going to be better than anything currently out for android, and it will really be in trouble once quad core devices come to the US

  • chris

    I’m ready to cut all these android blogs and ESPECIALLY ENGADGET(they are the worst) from my Google reader widget, I’m tired of reading about lawsuits and Apple. I despise that company.

  • Lisa1020

    Apple shouldn’t throw stones when they live in a glass house, They are bullies and manipulate the public into believing their product is the best, yet the iPad is a lot more limited then the Tab.
    I hope apple looses in court, like what’s next are they going to try and say they have copy rights on the Internet . Lol
    It’s so rediculous