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Update: AT&T HTC One X price reduced to $99.99


Right now, most AT&T customers are opting for the Samsung Galaxy S III over the HTC One X, but that could soon change. According to reports from AT&T sales reps and an image from an internal AT&T email, the price of the HTC One X will be reduced by $100 on July 29th. The new $99.99 price point will put the HTC One X in direct price competition with the Motorola Atrix HD, Sony XPERIA Ion, Samsung Galaxy S II, and even the iPhone 4, which launched more than two years ago.

HTC and AT&T have not disclosed why the price of the HTC one X is being cut in half only a few months after its retail debut, but we do know that Samsung’s Galaxy S III has had unprecedented success and we’re sure HTC is feeling the pressure.┬áThe Samsung Galaxy S III is technically a better device than the HTC One X, but would you purchase HTC’s flagship Android phone if AT&T does drop the price to $99.99?

Update: AT&T has reduced the price of the HTC One X to $99.99 a few days early. Enjoy!

Via: HTC Source

Source: XDA-Developers

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  • spazby

    galaxy s3 can be bought for $139 new accounts and $149 upgrade on amazon…

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      True, but most people still walk into their local AT&T store or go their their website to buy new phones.

    • Maria85

      Nobody wanted it – so they had to lower the price to compete with the mighty iPhone.
      Htcrap phones are obsolete.

      I have an iPhone.

      • cheeto

        Why the hell are you on an android site if your such HTC hater. I have an android beeeatch!

      • BleedingEdge

        Amazing how pointless irrelevant people think that changes simply by purchasing an iPhone.

    • tottyrice

      wal-mart is also selling the gs3 for 149

  • dreamdoggy22

    Two gigs of ram is hard to pass up, but at $100 cheaper I would have to choose the One X. Too bad I’m with Big Red with their perpetual wifi notification and ridiculously slow OTA updates. LOL

  • Nathan D.

    Well it’s still a great phone and it’s $100 dollars cheaper will make it a great phone for people who wants more from their phone without spending to much money.

  • BigCiX

    HTC needs jelly beans out asap for this phone. That price drop is nothing but bad news for the company which means back to the drawing board with an updated version and less support for this one. I hope they support it til the Nexus comes out. I don’t see the EVO 4G LTE dropping at all.

    • tottyrice

      bc they did everything right w/ the sprint version

  • Joshua Richardson

    In my opinion, the way to beat Sammy is to do what you know you can and really should have done HTC.

    Release the same phone on ALL carriers, just with different names and colors so the Android newbies will not know that the HTC Droid X and the T-mobile Gx are one and the same,

    Then, for Gods Sake, don’t take away the staple of removable battery and micro sd options. You know that is the mainstay of android. For petes sake, you made the first damn android phone.

    and just for kicks, make a splash or statement on something controversial or make something unique. Like make a comment on gay marriage, offer pink variants of the phone for breast caner observance, or even… Do a big demonstration of the possibility of Beats Headphones.

    finally, be the first company to be different and release a PURE Google phone like the g1, and instead of straight from Google its offered w/ a subsidy from a carrier(granted Idk if that is even possible nowadays.)

  • CTown

    “The Samsung Galaxy S III is technically a better device than the HTC One X…”

    Aren’t they technically the same. Both have NFC, dual-core Krait processors (which means same Adreno GPU), 720p screens, plastic shells, how are they differnet outside of asthetics (where the One X would probably crush the GSIII)?

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      The SGSIII has 2GB of RAM, dedicated NFC software, S Voice and a few other things. It’s “technically” better, but that doesn’t mean that its “actually” better in the real world.

      • Merpmaderp

        The screen on the one x is “technically” better too though. I’d put them on equal footing honestly. Svoice is nothing compared to what will come with jellybean in a few short months, sammy may as well scrap the project.

        • Raptor

          Equal? HAHAHA ROTFL. Have u actually seen ones?
          The screen on ONE X is WAY better then on SGS3. Technically and actually. No comparison..


          • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

            We could go at this all night. Technically Super AMOLED Plus is better than LCD2 since it uses less power and should have better direct sunlight visibility.

            FYI, I’m an HTC fanboy.

          • Raptor

            HAHAHA ….well, the thread is ended, so I reply to Nick here:

            Where did you take that? Look at displaymate website

            First, SuperAMOLED DOES NOT USE LESS POWER. It is actually a power hog! At the same brightness it consumes almost TWICE as much when anyone reads these words. It consumes approximately the same power only with dim pictures containing no white. Like NASA “sunset on Mars” LOL

            Second, the visibility depends on 1) brightness, 2) contrast and 3) glass reflection. S-LCD has twice the brightness, same reflection coefficients around 5-7% for diffused or mirror reflections (you see that clearly from the picture) and its contrast around 1400 is WAY larger the gray level caused by day light reflection (in other words, SuperAMOLED’s infinite contrast is useless, because your blacks are always gray due to ambient light reflection is larger then 1/1400 unless you look at the screen almost at night)

            You are bad fan-boy, Nick

          • Droidberg

            i love samsung screens and My samoled HD screen..but i have NEVER seen a more advanced screen than the one on the ONE X.. so effing amazed the first time and every time i touch one in an AT&T store.. you have to be BLIND to not see that.. :)-

          • kazahani

            Why are macro shots considered a good way to compare screen quality?

            Do your eyes have a macro-mode? Are you going to be using a microscope to view your device? What? No? Then macro shots mean nothing.

          • Raptor

            kazahani: I do not know what you are talking about. Where did you see the macro shots above? That shot i took from approximately optimal distance for viewing 25cm (or 10″).

            By the way, i even did not mention “superior” (yea, in its terrible pixelation!) pentile matrix of SGS3. You clearly see red subpixels on AMOLED pentile which make small texts look jagged and pixelated to disgust in comparison with almost perfect OneX. And did not mention the fact that with time AMOLED fade away. I see that after 2 years on SGS1. Take the reading glasses or go to the doctor to fix your astigmatism if you do not see BIG difference in two these screens.

            Still we have some room in pixel density. But with future 1920×1080, 450ppi you will barely see any further improvement in pixel density.

            I am not a fan of HTC (hate its battery!) or Samsung (pentile, battery and shitty brightness!) despite owning them.

      • BigCiX

        download assistant from the play store and u have something (if not better) then s-voice. These 2 phones are damn near identical when it comes to specs. HTC had to lower the price to even compete with the sales of the GS III. Like someone mentioned aboe. They should of had named it on the same on all 4 major carriers with an removable SD and battery. Now I bet HTC is scratching their heads thinking what’s next. They better hope and pray that Google picks them to make the next Nexus. At this point you have two phones that’s pretty much in the slot light. The GS III and the GS III. HTC can only blame themselves for this one.

    • redraider133

      sgs3 also has sd card slot and removable battery which some may use to consider that a “better phone” than the one x. I’m sure you can’t go wrong with either. Now if big red would pick up something like the one x+ like tmo is rumored to be getting…

      • kazahani

        Verizon won’t be getting Tmo’s “upgraded” version. The “upgrade” is actually just the international Tegra3 One X, which is a GSM phone and not compatible with Verizon’s network.

  • A.Woodbury

    Correction. The HTC One X is already marked down to $99.99 starting today

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      Thanks for letting us know. When the article was writer, AT&T had not yet marked down the price.

  • Abdullah Mahmut

    final nail in the coffin for htc

    • kazahani

      Why is a price reduction a nail in the coffin? They will probably see a nice bump in sales from this.

  • Mike

    does at&t has a price protection on this phone? I remember they did it for iphone some time ago.

  • CactusCat

    Interesting story. On Father’s Day weekend, I went with my grand daughter in Detroit to their local ATT store and picked her up a One X with free case and car charger for $40. That was a good deal. She was wanting an iphone but I turned her from the dark side. She saw that One X display and fell in love with it. When I saw the display phone, I asked the rep to see a real phone instead of a dummy unit, but lo and behold. I was looking a a working phone. The display was so good, I thought it was a dummy unit. One X is a sweet phone.

  • anamika

    Subsidy. Why don’t the US carriers sell all mobiles for $0. $99 is not even an upfront price right.

  • BleedingEdge

    IMHO the screen and camera on the HTC is better than the Galaxy III, but 16GB of storage (as most variants are) with no memory expansion capability and a non-replaceable battery were outstandingly bad ideas. Samsung was smart to keep the memory card slot.

  • http://bodacioustripk.tumblr.com emaciscool

    I work at Fry’s Electronics, and can confirm the price drop. We had the One X for $179, and now have it for $79, and we have the GSIII for $179 on Verizon and At&t. Oh, and the Atrix HD for $39 (that’s what I’ve been pushing for people wanting cheap, nice Android).

  • Greg

    I bought my HTC one. X on June 27th they better give me a 100 refund or credit

  • Greg

    Update * I hade to argue with the mngr about getting my $100 refund bc he said I bought the phone 32 days ago then when I threatened loosing my business he did it what a douche

  • Jorge Vieira

    I just bought a Danny one x on contract I’m going back in trying to get the refund.

  • Noel

    One X is a good phone that lacks two vital specs that many myself included crave. (1) lack of SD card slot (2) removable bigger battery (3) No more exclusive deals….make it available to all major carriers many ppl want these devices but will not switch carriers to go after a phone. Two more things for Htc to take a note on future releases…seems 2GB of RAM is now in so give the masses what they crave or be left behind again by Samsung and also keep these phones under 130mm tall even if it means onscreen buttons on 4.7–5.0” screens with reduced top n bottom bezels.

  • Linsey

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the htc one X but i wish i could figure out how the change the texting fot colors lol oh well stil LOVE IT!!!!

  • Nicholas Tuiro

    I was going to buy the HTC one until i found out you can not remove the battery and there is no micro sd slot.. I can maybe forgive the lack of micro SD slot but a non removable battery is insane!!! Reluctantly i going to have to buy the SG3 with it’s not so outstanding, not so bright screen. Could someone please tell me which one has the better louder richer sound quality. I don’t mean from head phones.