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ComScore finds Android and Samsung still dominating mobile


ComScore has just released their latest quarterly mobile phone report, revealing the leaders in both platform and manufacturer market share in the US. Not much has changed since ComScore’s last report, which means Android and Samsung are still well in the lead.

According to ComScore, Android controls 50.9% of the smartphone market in the US. The second closest platform is of course iOS, with 31.9%. Everyone else in the industry, including RIM, Microsoft and Symbian, own less than 17% combined. RIM’s BlackBerry OS and Symbian are continuing to lose market share, slipping 2.4% together, while Microsoft is struggling to gain traction with Windows Phone. Microsoft may not have lost market share, but their 0.1% gain gives Windows Phone a mere 4% of the market overall.

As far as manufacturers go, smartphone platform market share is well reflected. When counting both phones and smartphones, Samsung owns 25.7% of the market. A 0.1% increase over last quarter. LG comes in second with 19.1% and Apple in third with 15%, but LG fell 0.3%, while Apple gained 1.5%.

With the way things are headed in the US, I wouldn’t expect these numbers to change too drastically before the end of the year. Apple may gobble up a bigger piece of the pie with the release of the iPhone 5 this fall, but demand for the Galaxy S III has been enormous. That combined with the highly anticipated Note II and whatever else HTC has up their sleeve should help balance things out.

Via: 9to5 Google

Source: ComScore

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  • aranea

    Here are the numbers showing why apple is sueing Android right and left. They are scared.

    • NeedName

      That is most likely true. . . however, the numbers also show that there is NO justification whatsoever for injunctive relief as clearly the ‘patent trolling fruit company’ is NOT losing sales. . . they are increasing.

      • spazby

        they are looking out in to the future and it doesn’t look good so they are trying to nip this asap… i doubt they are concerned with current sales…

    • jamal adam

      I think Siri would probably agree with your reasoning.

  • lxgeorge

    And, judging by the rate at which Android is progressing (just look at the tiny improvements in iOS 6 versus the huge awesome ones in Jelly Bean), with good reason.

    • lxgeorge

      Also, does anyone find it hilarious that Google made more improvements from 4.0 to 4.1 than Apple did from 5 to 6? XD

      • Dustin Earley

        Just imagine Android 5.

        • Chris Lewis

          dont even have jb yet but cant wait for some klp!

        • sebakl

          forget 5
          4.2 will be good enough to power hover cars.
          4.5 will make time travel possible, and this the time when someone goes back and burns the garage where Apple star its shop.

          4.6 first time fully feature to its potential android marvel, widely available in every country, without injunctions or bans. No patent violation pending cases, after that mysterious fire with 4.5 release, Apple became city sewage company.

  • Baller

    In these stats though, iOS is growing marketshare twice as fast as Android. I think that’s surprising considering no new iPhone has been released recently. It used to be Android was growing twice as fast as iOS.

    • Chris Lewis

      You are reading the chart for OEM, and referring to them as stats for a OS comparison. If you want to talk about the OS then the numbers are different, with Android gaining .8% and ios gaining only .%7.

      • Chris Lewis

        Edit *** .7%

      • Dustin Earley

        The platform chart says Google’s change is 0.8%. Apple’s is 1.7%. Therefore, in the last quarter, iOS’ market share grew twice as much Android’s.

        • Chris Lewis

          Son of a bitch… So, how about those edit buttons??

        • Lucius

          Despite Apple’s double digit growth of Android its highly unlikely that Apple with take all of the remaining 20% market share available. Android has reached an almost insurmountable lead in MS and each iteration of Android OS’s are evolving much faster than Apple is able to keep up with. It may end up in a similar market share position as it has within PC’s. Apple has its place in the consumer mind and its products provide a differentiating service but it seems Apple may be a niche player in all its product lines. Now that by no means is a knock on them, we only need look at their profits but the battle and loyalties among Droid folk and Apple peeps is unnecessary. I also don’t appreciate Apples strategy of litigating away natural convergences of technology and evolution in the market place. Eventually their focus on lawyering VS. innovating and product development will take its toll.

          • sebakl

            I think that already happened. I was very underwhelmed with the WWDC’s iOS6 presentation. The whole keynote, looked more like cashing in on sentiment of iphone’s and its past apps success, than presenting any substantial improvements or groundbreaking features. All I heard was “beautiful”, “amazing” and more “beautiful”. There really isn’t anything new. Beside the few new apps, which are not really new. For each, there is a better equivalents I have already seen on other platforms. And I think the most evident sign that iOS reached the dead end, was taking the piss at competitors, like a little moody, elementary school child, obviously putting them down to bring themselves up and overcompensate for very little to show for, on the WWDC 2012.

    • kazahani

      I can tell you exactly why this is happening: The iphone 4 is down to $50. Poor people can now get an iphone. It’s the only share of the market that Apple had not been able to penetrate.

      • kazahani

        $50 on contract, that is.

  • Adryan maldonado

    Duh!!! I could of told people that. OK maybe I couldn’t but I can really really well

    • Adryan maldonado

      Edit: “I can guess*

  • uknowme

    I can’t for the life of me figure how LG has higher numbers than HTC!

    • WlfHart

      That is odd…

    • omnom

      It includes feature phones + smartphones..
      I’m amazed LG can even sell that many feature phones :O

    • spazby

      non-smartphone is included…

  • Nathan D.

    I’m not really surprised by this at all, it not that hard to see why anyways.

  • thel0nerang3r

    Samsung can’t have the highest Android market share, just look at the comment’s, most everyone hates TouchWiz.
    Anyways, I”m looking forward to the rumor being true that multiple manufacturers will be selling Nexus devices at the same device.

    • kazahani

      Geeks like us hated TouchWiz. The average Galaxy S owner doesn’t even know what TouchWiz is.

      • sebakl

        So true :)

    • sebakl

      Have you seen the 7000 pages post (not comments, but pages) on XDA with people featuring their own custom designed screens with preferred launchers other than touchwiz ? Whoever didn’t like touchwiz, moved on to go launcher or Nova, and the reason more and more people buying Android, is this very ability. The rapid sales of S3 demonstrated that very well. One of the posts showed the stats, 3 weeks from launch, S3 sold more in UK, than iphone 3 best months ever of sales combined. I think it says something.

  • Mix

    Surprised to see that Apple rose more than double what Android did.

    Rim is a dying breed, only 1 month then I make the shift to Android from Rim!

  • BigCiX

    Samsung should own the market because they put out so many device. People should know why their updating process takes forever. So many damn phones!!!