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Google begins shipping Nexus 7 preorders


Good news, everyone. Those of you who preordered the Nexus 7 tablet from the Google Play Store should be receiving shipping notices over the next few days. Google runs an automated message on their Play Store customer service line, and today the message changed over to announce that the tablets will be shipped out to customers today, Monday, and Tuesday in the order in which they were received.

Further, in true Dr. Seuss fashion, Google took to the Twitters to confirm that they have indeed begun shipping out tablets today, where the following rhyming tweet was issued.

The moved sparked cheers of glee over at XDA and Reddit, where users have 500+ page forums dedicated to posts like “When the #[email protected]! is my Nexus 7 shipping?!?” Assuming the latest shipping date is Tuesday, and Google forced preorders into 2-day shipping, the latest these tablets should arrive on doorsteps is July 20th. Yep, Google’s made good on its promise of a mid-July delivery.

We know several of you readers preordered the Nexus 7, and I guarantee that mine can’t come soon enough! Anyone lucky enough to get a hand on one yet? Sound off below.

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  • spazby

    I keep checking my gmail but no shipping notice yet…

    • txbluesman

      Me too!

    • spazby

      my amex just got charged, must be shipping today but no email yet

    • spazby

      on nexus 7 or phone?

      • spazby

        oh nevermind, nexus 7 ships with 4.1

    • jonathan3579

      I got my Jelly Bean update (Galaxy Nexus) yesterday while driving to the mall. I walked inside and hopped on their slow WiFi and made my girlfriend wait to go to her work party til it was done, lol.

    • nomad68

      I got my tracking number early Friday evening but didn’t get charged til a little while ago. The tracking number doesn’t have any info at this time though but I expect it to arrive on Tuesday. I’ll be very surprised if I get it before then.

      • nomad68

        There is still no tracking info when I check. When I got the E-mail it said it may take up to 24 hours for any info to show up but it’s already been over 48 hours. Maybe it’s just because it got shipped on a weekend.

  • txbluesman

    I am sooooo ready! I keep checking my account to see if they have charged me yet. They did when I ordered it, but it disappeared a few days later. Come on!

  • TheTruthSquad

    I haven’t received a shipping notice but AMX just notified me by email that Google charged $279 to my card so I guess it is on the way.

  • skugern

    Ordered mine the same day of the announcement, no email or delivery yet, but I’m patient – it’ll come when it comes.

  • ZzX44

    • ZzX44

      I fail at posting

      I picked it up from GS today! Charging it up nao =D

    • MoSDeeb

      What are your first thoughts upon opening the box and how is the display

      • ZzX44

        The box itself felt incredibly light but the tablet itself feels kinda heavy idk how that worked out. This is my first tablet so I don’t have anything to compare it to other than my Epic 4G Touch (Now with Official ICS + Root (I’m still in disbelief, thanks Sprint)) Its about twice as heavy as my phone it seems which isn’t that bad.

        The build quality is fucking amazing. Its solid all the way through and the weight is distributed really well. I feel like if I drop it it won’t shatter. Appears to be built very well.

        Still charging =( So I haven’t turned it on yet to check out the screen and software yet. Will update later

      • ZzX44

        Display is great so far. Awesome viewing angles. Its my first IPS display, like it as much as the SAMOLED for the most part except SAMOLED has better darks and doesn’t light up blacks but other than that they are almost equal.

        Navigating the UI is so nice and smooth. No stuttering or hiccups. Overall its sexy

        • dVyper


          • masterpfa

            Can’t wait fro mine to be delivered.
            (Still annoyed that Google didn’t see fit to fulfil the Google Play pre-orders first and instead delivered to retail outlets!)

  • Scott

    Ordered mine before the thing was even announced at the conference. Still waiting on the shipping notification…

  • http://www.healthytiger.com Healthy

    saw that they charged my account within the last hour or so, hopefully that means that my order just after the keynote is in the first batch going out today. (now i just need to deal with the UPS shit on this end.)

    i was also able to force the JB update on my GSM Gnex.

    • DroidRocka

      UPS…man do I hate them they can pass your house twice and still drop it off before their shift ends

  • jpmist

    I got notice from my credit card that Google got their money an hour ago, so hopefully that means it’s shipping today. . .

  • Perry

    Ordered at the end of the announcement keynote but I’ve yet to receive a shipping announcement and they haven’t charged my credit card.

    I’m so glad I paid $14 to get it a week after people who are picking it up today in stores without paying a shipping fee. Google fails at pre-orders.

    • R.S

      People who order it from (brick and mortar) stores also get $25 credit for Google Play. At least the ones who order/purchase from Office Depot do (according to their ad).

      NEXUS 7 OWNERS: Is an actual card or code included or is the credit automatically added to your account when you register your tablet?

      I would love for Google to finally release an actual Google Play gift card.

      • Chris C

        Yeah, but people who pick it up from brick & mortar also pay sales tax. In Arizona, that’s nearly 10% so…

        • NT_

          I was charged sales tax ordering from Google online in Georgia. Nonetheless, I will only have to briefly go to that evil place they call “outside” to pick it up off my front porch. ;)

      • qwerty

        I picked mine up on Friday (Game Stop pre-order) but didn’t really get to mess with it until Sunday. The $25 credit is applied to your account after you give them your credit card info. On it, ready for download, is the Transformers movie, the Bourne book (I don’t have it in front of me or I’d tell you the title), some magazine issues (Conde Nast Traveler, Food Network, Esquire, one or two more that I can’t remember)

  • amgala

    I WANT MY NEXUS 7!!! But my card hasn’t been charged yet… :(

    • amgala

      My card has been charged!

  • rantmo

    I too have been charged for it but I have not received anything from Google about it. Nothing useful in my Play purchase history either. At least I’ve got plenty of company for the agony of waiting.

    • rantmo

      Finally got my shipping confirmation! UPS doesn’t have the info yet, but the damned thing has FINALLY shipped!

      • Minaxi

        Hey that’s great. when did you order yours? Still waiting on mine :(

  • MoSDeeb

    I haven’t received any notification from Google Play yet :(

    This can’t come soon enough

  • iamXiV92a

    Ha ha, it rhymed. Nice job Google!

  • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

    Am I the only one who read the intro to the article in Professor Farnsworth’s voice?

    • leganzish

      You are not alone my friend.

  • duffguy123

    Well, I just check my credit card and it wasn’t billed earlier but within the last hour it was billed. No e-mail yet.

    I pre-ordered mine the day after the Nexus announcement since I had to make room on my card lol. You see the way my bank account works is (insert Kevin Hart joke here).

    If Google is sending out the tablets in the order they are received, everyone who ordered it the day of the announcement should already have theirs on their way if I’m getting it (hopefully).

    • DroidRocka

      LOL nice… you see the way my bank account works is I have a checking and a saving all my money is in the saving

  • dlefevre

    I have been charged.

    Happy dance.

  • bob0mb

    i pre-ordered from the GameStop i work at the day after I/O, and took my new baby home today!!

  • Moebius

    Waaaaaiiiiitingggggg, ppppfffffff. I ordered it the day of the announcement. I haven’t been charged yet. I wish tomorrow was Monday :-p

  • Mike

    “the latest these tablets should arrive on doorsteps is July 20th”

    What about the rest of the world? I assume this date is US customers only. Here in Australia I suspect we still have a long time to wait, even though many of us pre-ordered in June.

    Does anyone know for sure?


  • Chris C

    Ordered on I/O day from Play store, received shipped notice from Google this evening. Nothing on the tracking number yet though, guessing I’ll see it on Tuesday unless they surprise me. Just in time for my birthday!

    • Chris C

      Also, not for nothing, but this is 1000 times less painful than the horror that was the Verizon Galaxy Nexus launch date speculation bullshit. That was absurd. Two months of rampant speculation and false rumors/hope.

      • Minaxi

        I ordered mine late, on the 11th, due to issues with my Google Wallet.. Really hoping it doesn’t get back logged and arrives in time for my birthday, 31st.

  • seabass978

    Damn, hurry up google and charge my account, that way I know mine’s will be shipping soon. I check every day but at least July 20th is the latest I’ll receive, too bad I’m at white mountain camping!! Nooooo, I gotta sneak back home and make sure my precious nexus 7 is in my hands…

  • MoSDeeb

    No notification still :(

  • Prince77

    I wasn’t able to pre order me one, but I will certainly put a purchase in this coming Friday. Hopefully they won’t be on back order by the time that day comes.

  • masterpfa

    No notification yet. Has anyone from the UK received any notification or had their card charged?

  • dgsdg

    part 2 watch?v=xjkCX5MmH3s
    part 1 watch?v=r6XewpDKgwA

  • seabass978

    Nothing yet today, still no charge to my account yet..


    do you like buy things in China Store ?

  • Nate B.

    I can’t wait to hear rumors on the next Nexus.

  • Mani
  • Luke

    I have had literally nothing from them apart from the fact that they have received my request for the purchase of the nexus 7, I think need to communicate more with customers, last thing from them was the 5th of July, nothing taken out of bank yet, no shipping details and no tracking number, I though i was gonna get the headstart on everyone else buying this but oh no, Google screwed it up..thanks

    • NegativeOne13

      It’s first come, first serve. I ordered mine on June 27th, and I got a shipping notification yesterday. It’s what you should expect when you do a preorder. They are not going to call you everyday saying, “Oh, it hasn’t shipped yet.” Patience is a virtue.

      • GrumpyBunny

        Actually in this case it really is not first come, first served. Like all of you I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo keen to get my hands on one of these. I’ve been trawling the internet to see what is going on with the shipping. On one forum I visited they have the date each individual ordered, who from, which country, if they have a shipping notice and when/if it arrives. The shipping dates do not match up with the dates people are ordering from Play. There are people who pre ordered weeks ago from Play US who are still waiting whilst others who only ordered the other day either have their baby now, or have a shipping notice. How is this fair. I agree it should be first come first served, but Play obviously don’t agree. And don’t get me started on the lack of delivery from Play UK. Am not a happy bunny.

  • Joshua

    I hope they have enough in stock to fill the initial orders. I ordered mine about a week later because Google gave me the run around with my Google wallet and changing a billing address for them is murder!!! Oh well, i’m hoping since I purchased the 16gb they had less in sales of that and my order isn’t put on back order. If it is i’ll be pissed because they should not have allowed a pre order for it in the first place. Guess we will see what happens. I still have to have it shipped to me overseas once the thing shows up to my sister in law’s address anyway. It’s still going to be a longer wait for me…

    • Minaxi

      I too had to order late. keep us informed if you hear from Google. I’ll be pissed too if our pre-orders go on back order, ridiculous. fingers crossed

  • Rutts

    Living in Melbourne, I got charged two days after I preordered, which was almost three weeks ago now – I feel like I’ve been taken advantage of and I don’t like it one bit. Plus, every message I have sent to Google Asia Pacific via Google Wallet has been completely ignored.
    Like someone else said above, Google sucks at pre-orders. My experience has been Very disappointing so far…

    • Daniel

      Google makes a pre-auth on your credit card when you order it to ensure that your account is good for the amount of the item. Then they let that pre-auth release until they are ready to ship. Then they charge it for real.

      FWIW, I’m in Australia and I ordered mine on 4th July and my credit card has been charged this morning.

      I assume that means it should be here within 2-3 days.

  • fletchtb

    I ordered mine while the keynote announcement was in progress. My credit card was charged on 7/12, yet I still don’t have a shipping notice. I would really love to know the order they are processing these things in.

    Like many, I too am a little upset that I have not received before (or at least at the same time) as those who ordered from third party vendors. I paid tax and shipping to google, when I could have just paid tax to Gamestop and had my device already.

    The only silver lining was that I was on a family camping trip this weekend and at least I wasn’t distracted by the hotness that is the Nexus 7.

    With a new week starting, I just hope I hear something soon!

  • donk

    Got confirmation it shipped Friday, shows it will arrive Tuesday. Kinda sucks since they made me pay for two day shipping. And the supervisor responsible for shipping should be suspended. He clearly shipped the orders backwards. Play store pre-orders should have been shipped last Wednesday and delivered Friday.(2 day shipping we paid for) And the rest on Tuesday the 17th. But oh well, live & learn. 1st time shame on me.

  • seabass978

    Calling customer service but I’m just put on hold, (We are experiencing high traffic volume) and the music they have on doesn’t really help. I know you people are calling them too, hurry up so it will be my turn to talk to a special agent to find what’s going on with my purchase.

  • shadhussain

    I ordered my N7 from the Play Store a week ago when it said 2-3 weeks shipping. As far as I’m concerned I’ll be happy to get it anytime before. I order online for the convenience and the guarantee that Google will honor our deal. The fact that Gamestop has released it beforehand doesn’t bother me much; it does however, make me feel a little more impatient and excited.

    My regret now isn’t that I ordered from the Play Store, more so that I ordered only one.