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Google postpones Nexus Q launch, provides free units to the few people that pre-ordered


When Google placed the Nexus Q on sale last week, we joked that there would be no shortages because no one was going to order it. Several tech blogs reported that Google had sold out of the first batch of when the expected ship date was changed, but Google never released any details on how many units were sold.

Now we find out that the launch of the streaming media player has been postponed indefinitely as Google works on “making it even better.” The Nexus Q currently streams media from Google Play and YouTube (and that’s all), so Google won’t have much trouble improving the user experience.

For starters, Google could enable the full Android desktop experience on the device and add access to the Google Play store. I’d also love to see them support the Miracast wireless display standard, so users could beam their Android devices to their TV. On top of all that, the $299 price needs to be slashed in half.

Those customers who did pre-order the Nexus Q will receive the device for free. Google is now referring to the product as the “Nexus Q preview” since it is basically a half-baked beta experience.

No details were provided on when the Nexus Q might return in a new form, but users can give Google their email on the product page to receive future updates.

If I was in charge of the project, I’d just cancel the Nexus Q and focus all my resources on improving the Google TV experience (aka the product people are buying).

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Source: Google Play Store

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  • Max.Steel

    Price point was too high and in this age of wireless, 4 cables sticking out the back was just too much.

    • Chris Lewis

      So true, they need to make it wireless and drop the price below $200 for this thing to really take off.

      • Jimmy_Jo

        Wait…. the 4 cables I see are 3 for component video and 1 for power. So if you want a wireless experience do you mean you want wireless charging and a wireless video interface AND you want it below $200??? That just doesn’t seem reasonable to me. Get an HDMI cable and you’re down to 2 cables.

        I just think it needs more features not less cables.

        • Chad

          I agree. The cables it does use are essential to it’s productivity, you need power, you need HDMI. I mean this doesn’t have to be plugged up to a television, some people want it just for music and it does have an amp built-in so if you just use it for music. I guess they could have used a wireless solution for that but I haven’t yet heard (notice i said heard as in the quality of sound) a decent wireless solution for music yet that beats the beautiful sound of just a quality speaker such as a Triad or an BOSE plugged into a Banana jack speaker output. Sonos sound great but me being an music enthusiast sound quality is huge for me.

          • thomas sheridan

            I would plug this device in my navel (belly button) to see if it would work. E-mail me at [email protected]

        • Oscar

          It uses component cables??… It’s so obsolete! Te Apple TV uses WI-FI, it connects to your modem, computer and iOS devices that way and just needs a HDMI connector to your home theater, TV, dock speackers, etc. And it’s cheaper! And next generation Apple TV for this year 2013 is gonna use many new apps.

    • Eric Rossman

      It has Wifi (a,b,g,n). So you want wireless power + hdmi + speaker connections?

      Being a Google-TV consumer, I agree with Taylor that Google really needs to spend some effort on making Google-TV a better experience. Basically if Google-TV is both less-than-stellar and feels like a work in progress, then one would assume that Nexus Q “Play” services will be a less-than-stellar work in progress”.

      For Me: Google-TV works OK (I have the 300$ Sony NSZ-GT1), but everything is 2~3 seconds to respond after selecting anything. Chrome is choppy and slow (although it does eventually load pages in full desktop – like HBO-GO and Hulu+). There are less than 40 Google-TV apps total from the “play” store and 36 of those apps are absolute garbage; not to mention that Google Music and “play movies” are absent as well (although I can “very slowly” -ahem patiently access my Play account from the chrome browser, this restricts me to play music only). The Sony playstation network app is the most functional media player/browser on this thing, of course this can only accesses PSN content that is attached to your playstation account.
      I want the Google-TV Play experience to be Google’s focus. My GS2 and N7 tablet have shown me that Play services can be great.

  • Nate B.

    I love Google and all but the Nexus Q honestly does nothing. Okay, we can play music and YouTube videos through it… without having to take up space, we can install a single app that does all this. They’ll come up with something interesting though.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I should of pre-ordered one :/

  • Mix

    Make it more like the VIZIO co-star and my wallet and I will have a chat with you Google. Heck I doubt that Google could dodge the bills I would be throwing at them.

    • LukeT32

      Seems silly not to have a “nexus” version of Google TV……

      • Mix

        I just read August is when Google TV his Canada but it will probably 50% blocked from its full potential and content.

        Glad they are going back to the drawing board though!

      • Jimmy_Jo

        I agree. When everyone complains about the Nexus Q in comparison to Google TV I would if they forget how the Nexus line makes for the best customized products ever! These aren’t really consumer products. They’re developer devices. They’re built to be modified to reach the potential YOU have for them. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do.

        I do believe the price is too high. Besides with the Nexus 7, devices of this nature are always overpriced. But eventually the price goes down and the tweaks go up.

  • dcl

    I did have my doubts about the Q, but I was too curious and had a little too much money to burn and pre-ordered one… so I actually am getting one of these. And I am still looking forward to it.

    Nice surprise though…

  • jamal adam

    Glad they realized that this was still in pre-beta and needed some work.

  • Chad

    Pride would’ve stopped a ton of companies from admitting this.. let alone giving the product away to consumers who did preorder so I applaud Google on that decision. I actually bought mine on eBay for 150 brand new which I felt (for my pocket) was a fair price for what it could do I am glad that they will be going back to the drawing board with this. I’ll be expecting an OTA later this year hopefully with some updates to make this device what it truly should’ve been day 1. One thing I’ve noticed consistently about all Google Nexus devices is that they get better with time, and I expect the same from the Nexus Q.

  • halo0

    I pre-ordered it but cancelled the next day when I decided it was too expensive for what it was. FML.

  • guyb99

    If it incorporates Google TV then I’m on board

  • shadhussain

    sometimes it pays to be an early adopter. kicking myself …

  • spazby

    well i guess this pretty much confirms there were very very few pre-orders… I doubt google would be sending free q to too many people

  • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

    I seriously considered pre-ordering it when it was announced, but the more I heard about it, the more I couldn’t justify the price:features ratio. Congrats to everyone who pre-ordered.

  • gadgetandpc.com

    sometimes its hard to believe Google did sumtin like this..

    • thomas sheridan

      sometimes its hard to believe Google did SOMETHING LIKE THIS.

  • Kevin

    Google is a class act!

    • thomas sheridan


    • thomas sheridan


  • TwistedRat

    This is what I think the Nexus Q need to be a must have product and generate some real traction for Google as a complete entertainment platform:
    * Beefed up HW to support gaming and a silky smooth user experience (Something like Tegra 3 in the Nexus 7)
    * Better support for wireless gamepads
    * Out of the box support for Miracast (without the ability to block the mirroring via the API or HBO Go will block it…)
    * Google TV (change the ID of Google TV so it is the same as any android phone, or content suppliers can choose to block Google TV without loosing any of the android phone users)
    * A price point of 200$ or less

    If there things are added the Nexus 7 suddenly make allot more sense to buy as well with the ability to stream screen to any TV via the Nexus Q. The Google products need to be top of the line to add to the Google brand in entertainment segment. :-)