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Injunction forces Google to pull the Galaxy Nexus from Google Play – update in the works to restore balance to the universe


The unthinkable has happened. Google has removed the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from the Play Store after Samsung lost its appeal to stop the injunction against the phone which was granted in Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung. The injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is based on Apple’s 8,086,604 patent which targets Android’s universal search capabilities.

The Court is persuaded by the evidence in the record that the '604 unified search functionality drives consumer demand in a way that affects substantial market share. Even accepting Samsung's argument that the intelligent voice-recognition aspect of Siri, as advertised, also contributes to consumer interest in the iPhone 4S, Apple has shown that the '604 Patented feature is core to Siri's functionality and is thus a but-for driver of demand for Siri. Accordingly, the Court finds that Apple has adequately established the requisite causal nexus between Samsung's alleged infringement of the '604 Patent and Apple's risk of suffering irreparable harm.Google

In order to make the injunction stick, Apple has posted a $95.6 million bond which will not be refunded if the final outcome of the patent dispute does not go in their favor.

While this is devastating news for most Android loyalists, it appears Google is already working on an update which would “fix” the issue and should allow sales of the handset to resume sometime next week. The update is expected to tweak Android’s search functionality by removing its local search capabilities. This would remove the handset’s abilities to search through contacts or applications on the device and will limit search functionality strictly to Google web searches.

Since the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was pulled from Google Play, the handset’s status has changed from “Coming soon” to “Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ (soon with Android 4.1, Jelly Bean)” which leads us to believe Google will be working overtime to incorporate the fix into Android 4.1 and make sure the phone is back on its virtual store shelves by next week.

For now, Verizon, Sprint and third-part retailers are still listing the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on their sites. Hopefully Google will be able to push out an OTA update which “fixes” the universal search functionality before the injunction has a negative effect on sales of the Galaxy Nexus. We’ll do our best to keep you updated on the issue as best we can.

Do you think Apple’s universal search patent (#8,086,604) will hold up in court? Personally, I could live without Android’s universal search capabilities, but I’m sure there are many who would hold a grudge against Apple for quite some time if they are granted this victory.

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  • Anthony

    I swear apple just seem like cry babies cause they lost market shares.

    • jonathan3579

      I’m a Nexus owner and there’s not a damn thing they could do that would ever count me as a point in their system. I’ve invested too much into Android. It’s my OS choice for life.

  • halo0

    Does Apple actually think this kind of BS is good for their image? In reality they come off as petulant children.

    • NeedName

      they are so lost in their own RDF that they actually believe their own BS these days – they actually think that they have truly invented something truly original – can’t seem to realize that everything they do is build on others’ IP. . . and generally just a knockoff of it with some extra design and a butt ton of marketing thrown in. Apparently they are all still very butt hurt over getting their asses kicked in the last OS war.

  • NeedName

    No, I don’t think the patent will ultimately hold up. It’s very very specific. . . .

    And from what I hear of the update Google might be pulling a boner. . . web search only. They just need to break the search box into two parts – Device & Web. Then the user can still search their device whenever they want or the web. After all, if I’m anything like the normal person, I know when I want to search the web Vs. my device.

    • bobchadwick

      This change would be a big deal for me. I basically use the search tool as a launcher for apps. I find it much easier to hit the search button, type the first couple letters of the app’s name, and launch the app, than to open up the app list in the launcher, then scroll through pages of apps. I also use it to search things like IMDB and Yelp.

      • grellanl

        Big time. If I want to search, I launch Chrome. I never use the launcher widget for a web search.

  • hurric

    #boycottapple has already been trending on G+. it’s ridiculous but they’re just following their “great leader’s” last wish.

    • 666

      Trending on G+? LOL. Its a Google service so what do you expect. Plus who cares about G+.

      • cb2000a

        I do…I like it better than Facebook.

      • Merle Reine

        Everyone hates facebook and everyone loves G+ so go suck an egg you isheep.

  • miguel

    it looks like apple ether don’t have money or they notice that 4.1 could take all their customers.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Ironic how google had to take the nexus down for a search patent :p. I already have my Nexus, so i;m good. Apple does need to cut this, they are stifling competition and innovation.

  • RobTheNext

    Question: Does this mean the only kind of searching you can use the phone for is Google Web Search? For instance, can we still go into the “Contacts” app and specifically search that? I wouldn’t think that would change. Also, Apple can go eat a big pile of $#!%!

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      Should still be able to use search within individual apps. The issue is search functionality which which searches through everything on the device and the web at the same time. Google could probably release an update which splits the two and be just fine.

  • Mix

    Apple: Litigate rather than innovate!

    • kazahani

      They made the smartphone better and profited heavily. Now they are playing hard and fast with the patent laws and abusing the court system to make sure that no one else can ever improve the smartphone. Fantastic.

      ESD Apple.

  • http://pixelswim.com Steve Heinrich

    I hate all of this patent crap. I am in the midst of selling off three phone so I can take advantage of the awesome price of the GN on Google Play. Something feels fundamentaly wrong when consumers are hurting due to patent laws.

  • inviolable

    This is exactly why the patient system is a joke, but I don’t know that anyone cares to fix it. They’re crippling competition just as much as Apple is. How ridiculous is it to grant a patent for universal search of items on your own device that you paid for. If it really mattered to Apple, they would be taking Google and Android to court, not just passing an injunction on the Galaxy Nexus. It just lends more credence to how petty they are.

  • Nick

    I was just about to buy one too :(

  • aranea

    I think google can search through your contacts if they are on your gmail account because they won’t be local but on the web. So if your app list is also kept on google play servers you should be able to search for that too. I think that’s the best work around.

    What I don’t understand it how can somebody grant a patent for searching your contacts and apps. It’s so obvious that a child can come up with it.

    • Seb

      Oups, sent my message without seeing you had had the same idea…

  • Seb

    The patent prevents search on the phone, right? What if Google searches for contacts directly from its servers (Gmail), the files directly from its servers (Drive), the music, books, apps directly from its servers (Google Play) ?

    • Max.Steel

      Costing consumers data over something that can be done on the device. Talk about a selling point for crApple. Not to mention what happens when there is no data.

  • LoveAndro

    Google can overcome the injunction by a simple tweak in their search functionality without hindering the user experience as the patent is utterly ridiculous :-

    Google can add an option in search which asks us “THE USER ” with three options in search

    a) Search locally within a device.
    b) Search online
    c) Search both locally and online.

    And really google should impose a injunction on apple for copying exactly the notification feature.

    Love From All the android Userssss..

    • Derek

      I believe they will, that’s why Apple is fighting so hard now. But the google notification bar patent hasnt been approved yet. They have filed for it, though. And it’s basically clear that Apple clearly copied the notification pull-down shade identically from Google. It should be a clear infringement. But maybe Apple is trying to force google to fall back on these issues and allow them to cross-license the pull-down once it’s approved.

  • binary

    Im glad I live in europe :)

  • Alec Waddelow

    And a royal middle finger to Apple!

  • cafli

    was hesitating… but now for sure will buy one.s

  • cb2000a

    Not to worry…this will be fixed in a few days and then Apple can find something else to litigate. I don’t own a single Apple product and will never buy one.

  • yankeesusa

    This is crazy. I use that type of search feature all the time. What is the point of having an awesome os if a bunch of the features that attracted me to it are all being taken away? This is not looking good for android.

  • Dee

    I’m beginning to wonder if Google has a plan and that plan is to empty Apples warchest. Does anyone find it interesting that they had a fix ready so quickly? In just a couple of days it’s fixed, boom just like that. I was wondering to myself last night if Google is actually just letting Apple sue them so they can see what Apple is going after, letting the courts decide, and if they side with apple the fix is done already and if they side with Google the patent is null.
    Am i the only one thinking of it this way?

    • http://facebook.com/jestertx2001 Jesse Moreno

      An interesting thought. It’s probably not like that but then again they did have an ace up their sleeve with the whole Googlerola scenario. Either way, I have faith.

  • David

    Ya right. What about holding a grudge against Samsung, a foreign company w cheap labor, making a cheap knockoff copy of everything Apple has done.

    They’ve modifiied Android to copy Apple’s screen, copied the packaging, even the power adapter. Copied the advertising, even using the same actor. They were even caught using Apple icons in a Samsung corporate store wallpaper. Oh yea, and their S voice or whatever they call it. Another blatant copy of Siri.

    Samsung needs to get a life and invent their own stuff rather than blatantly copy everything Apple comes out with.

    • ricecakes

      Samsung makes a ton of money selling components to Apple. It’s easy for foreign companies to copy Apple products when they are manufacturing Apple’s products.

      On the other hand, you can’t say Apple has never blatantly copied any features from others.

    • Trent

      Apple is also a foreign company (oh you thought everybody was american??). Apple also uses the cheapest labour possible and copies stuff others made. They just look outside US borders and steals stuff from other companies and goes back to US and gets the patent because US patent law does not consider prior art outside US. That is why Apple is having a hard time in courts in Europe – they tend to acknowledge the existence of prior art regardless of nationality.

      Two examples:
      1. The original clickwheel on the iPod. Stolen completely from B&O’s wireless phones, which existed long before the iPod. However Apple got the patent.

      2. Slide to unlock. Stolen from the swedish Neonode phone. However it is patented by Apple in the US. I the dutch courts the patent has been deem invalid because of the obvious prior art.

      • nick

        magnetic laptop plug – stolen from UL’s deep fat fryer safety cord

        osx – Linux

    • mihavit

      I hate it when apple fans talk trash and no nothing about there own product. First of all apple didn’t create Siri, Siri is not apple work. Siri is someone else hard work that was brought out by apple to put into here phones. Jesus ppl make it seem like apple invented everything an nobody else had a hand in it before they decided to buy out real: innovators to throw in there OS. Get a grip dude. Apple design was Nokia design originally which means stolen product.

  • kwills88

    Samsung= The largest electronics manufacturer in the world vs Apple= Largest tech Company in the world, yet some how apple always wins these things, if that alone doesn’t mean there is some apple based bias involved, idk what else will prove that cause..Judge Koh just seems to love apple, wont be surprised if she uses an iPhone and has an iPad in her office.

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

      Imagine if the court system was all Twitter-based. We might see this:

      @judge_koh I hereby grant Apple, Inc.’s motion of a temporary sales injunction of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, with a bond condition of $95.6 to be posted by Apple. Inc.

      Sent from my iPad.

  • MorphiusFaydal

    I agree, I dont actually use local search on my Android phone (or even the iPhone when I’m using one). But I believe we need major patent reform to stop frivolous suits like this. Software patents are wrong.

  • Derek

    This is utterly ridiculous. Like unified search wasnt around before Apple patented it. And the whole calling a phone number when you click on it. Geez that’s pretty much common sense. I dont see how these basic patents got issued. They arent real inventions, they’re common sense. Our USPTO is broken. They have taken the approach to issue every patent and let the lawyers and courts sort them all out because they are afraid of being sued themselves if they fail to grant a patent. System is broke and it needs fixing, badly!

    • ricecakes

      I always figured these features were around since at least the Treo phones. At least I remember using similar features back then. How is it that Apple can have patents on these features which pre-date the iPhone?

      • Dags -

        They filed the patents relevant to the Galaxy Nexus ban in 2000 and 2004, long before the iPhone. The patent relating to making phone numbers, email addresses and other data clickable is from 1998.

  • Gir

    When in doubt root!


    If Apple had a face and was walking down the street I would kick him in his nose

  • Williams

    Thats just a lot of BS… Android been having this feature since 1.6 “Donut”, you guys remember that?, press the search button the quick search box appeared letting you search contacts, app, the web etc. And if I am not mistaken it also had a voice search that did the same thing.. SIRI is a RIPOFF of Android innovation… All they did was add a name to it and market it… nothing new… When was the last time Apple brought anything new to the mobile market? The only thing i can think of is good battery life which to me is nothing…

  • Counsel Dew

    I haven’t read the patent… So excuse any ‘stupid’ question…

    How does this Apple patent differ from the search bar in windows that has been around for years?

  • Richard Yarrell

    Apple is horse ‘S’ this will end up in androids favor when this issue is over. Thanks for the 95.6 million after the loss.

    • snowbdr89

      Stfu douchebag dick

    • Division by Zero

      Apple gave you $95,600,000? I’m not an Apple fan, but you do realize that money like that isn’t even chump-change for Apple? Apple is worth more than a lot of countries. They have more expendable cash than the United States federal government. With an estimated value of over half a trillion dollars, it’s worth roughly 3 times as much as Google.
      Again, I’m not an Apple fan (I am a fan of money, however), but to say they’re “useless”, or “horse ‘S’” (whatever that is) is a pretty pointless comment.

    • redraider133

      95.6 million is chump change to apple. You honestly think if it was a substantial amount to apple they would risk losing all of it? Apple has billions in reserves, more than the US government so this tiny amount won’t even make a dent in their wallets. Win or not apple does not care if they lose this $$, they are just out to try and try to rid android from the marketplace, or make it as difficult for them as possible.

  • Nathan D.

    This is clearly a load of BS to me, like really, for something this small and they are throwing down 95.6 billion on this? Really, really, that to me seems like a waste of time and money to me and could be use in actually doing something that innovating for once. But knowing apple all they can do is fight in court since they seem like they don’t know how to do anything else.

  • William MacDougall

    Apple’s pretensions are becoming ridiculous, anti-competitive, and anti-progress. How can you have the nerve to claim a patent for universal search? Or their preposterous recent patent for a wedge shaped laptop? If this is their way of competing, why should anyone consider them “cool” any longer?

    • awundrin

      Couldn’t agree more with you on all points. For these reasons and more, I will never buy a product made by Apple. Never.

  • jamson

    I hope Google is now motivated to make sure the next Nexus phone absolutely blows away the iPhone and everything else out there.. Design and software wise

  • themost

    Apple’s OS simply can’t compete with the beast that is Android. All they can do is find backdoor pussy ways to “compete”. How admirable Apple…. -_-

  • Ralph

    Searching files/programs etc on my pc (smartphone) is an imperative feature. even a 3year old can have that idea.

    this whole patent bullshit just makes me sick to the bone.

    im sure google will think of something like a “search further” button.

    uh oh. i better get patenting this teriffic idea!

  • phor11

    How the hell is universal search even patent-able?
    Aren’t patents supposed to be granted for inventions that are “non-obvious”?
    Universal search is INCREDIBLY OBVIOUS.

    Seriously. What kind of idiots do we have working in the patent office???

  • Laurentiu V.

    “Apple’s 8,086,604 patent”

    Is just me or this huuuuge number of patents (one company patents!) show us that pantent thing is a total fiasco?

  • Gf1fanatic

    Judge Lucy must have been high on something to come up with such an insane ruling. What qualifies her to evaluate this kind of technology.?

  • joogleme16

    That’s interesting to see Apple pulling such a move although their claim has some truth to it. But I don’t really use the All Search as much as I thought I would when I first researched the Nexus line, getting the continuing to the Nexus S. I don’t feel I’d miss that feature if was then away (for a while, Good luck #Google! And I look forward to the next tasty treat Google has planned for us!

  • AWRYHaerh
  • AndroidBaum

    Forget the Apple injunction on quick search box for Samsung Nexus and Galaxy S III. This new app on GooglePlay does most of what was removed because of the injunction http://bit.ly/NG8y7b