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While most of us are fussing over the new Samsung Galaxy S III or the HTC One series, MEIZU has released the MX 4-Core. As the name implies, the Android 4.0.3 handset features a quad-core processor – the same 1.4GHz Exynos Cortex A9 chipset found in the European version of the Samsung Galaxy S III. While the insides of the MEIZU MX 4-Core may be in step with the latest and greatest Android phones, the handset design is reminiscent of the iPhone with a single hardware button on the front of the device and a minimalistic flare which brings back memories of the iPhone 3G.

The first thing that stands out with the MEIZU MX 4-Core is its packaging. MEIZU has given the device a premium white box which reflects the handsets sophisticated feel. Inside the box, the phone is enclosed in a small booklet with several heavy pages which highlights the features of the handset. It’s definitely a step up from the packaging of most carrier-branded handsets and even puts Samsung and HTC’s unlocked handset packaging to shame.

As mentioned before, the MEIZU MX 4-Core’s hardware is reminiscent of the iPhone. While most of us at Android and Me are not huge fans of Apple’s flagship device, we’re sure you can agree that Apple does have a flare for elegant design which isn’t often seen on Android phones. The MX 4-Core is a two-toned device with a pure black panel surrounding the screen on the front and a removable white casing which wraps around the sides and back of the device. Underneath the back panel, users have access to the microSIM card, but the 1,700 mAh battery and 32GB of internal storage are not swappable. The MX 4-Core features three buttons (power button long the top edge, volume rocker on the left edge and a raised home which is located below the display. To the left and right of the home button are two capacitive buttons which are accentuated by LED lights which also serve as notification LEDs.

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Spec highlights on the MEIZU MX 4-Core include a 4-inch 640×960 display, Exynos 1.4GHz quad-core Cortex A9 processor, 1GB of RAM, 32GB or 64GB of internal storage 8MP camera with BSI sensor, 1080p video recording and a 1700 mAh battery which appears to hold enough of a charge to make it through a day of moderate use. having a good spec sheet is nice, but MEIZU has decided to beef the MX 4-Core up as much as possible by enabling 9 GSM frequency bands on the device (2G 850/900/1800/1900MHz 3G: 850/900/1700/1900/2100MHZ) making other global roaming enabled devices look like play toys. Testing the MEIZU MX 4-Core on T-Mobile and AT&T’s HSPA+ networks produced results averaging 1700kbps down with upload speeds reaching 500kbps on a good run.

  • Vellamo: 1424
  • Quadrant: 5218
  • NenaMark2: 58fps
  • AnTuTu: 12043

On the performance side, the MEIZU MX 4-Core doesn’t disappoint. The 1.4GHz quad-core Exynos Cortex A9 processor is paired with a Mali-400mp GPU, giving the handset enough power to breeze through multiple benchmarks. So far, we’ve used the MX 4-Core to play Final Fantasy III (which it handled without breaking a sweat), but we’ll do our best to find a few games to push it to its limits for our full review.

Though the look of the phone may be iPhone-ish, the MEIZU MX 4-Core is an Android device with its own unique personality. The MX 4-Core is the first device in MEIZU’s lineup to run Flyme, a custom skin which deviates significantly from stock Android. Those of you familiar with MIUI will notice a few similarities between the two UI’s since both do away with the application drawer and force users to actively manage and organize their applications within folders on multiple home screen panels. Having used MIUI ROMs on my T-Mobile G2 for nearly a year, the Flyme UI on the MEIZU MX 4-Core has not presented too many challenges for me.

The one quirk about the MX 4-Core which is taking a while to get used to is the 4-inch 640×960 display. The resolution and viewing angles are amazing, but the 14×9 aspect ratio just feels odd since most high-end Android devices have been using 16×9 setups for a few years now.

So far, the MEIZU MX 4-Core has been an impressive device. The quad-core Exynos processor keeps the OS nice and snappy, and network connectivity’s fast and reliable on AT&T and T-Mobile. The MEIZU MX 4-Core may not be  on most consumer’s radars, but it can certainly keep up with the latest flagship devices from HTC and Samsung. If you have any questions about something I didn’t cover, feel free to ask in the comments. I’ll hopefully be getting around to a full review of the MEIZU MX 4-Core in the next few weeks.

Would any of you consider buying the MX 4-Core?

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • Mix

    I thought that was an iPhone in the screen cap for the article.

    I wonder if the cease and desist from Apple is already in the mail?

    • NeedName

      Have to agree. . . that top and bottom bezel is just a little to iph-ish…..

    • R.S

      I really doubt Apple would waste their time or money. Unlike Samsung, MEIZU isn’t really much of a competitor.

      • Simon Pedersen

        Apple doesn’t really care about the size of the company, when it comes to their IPs (imaginary or otherwise) they will act when they take notice.

        There have been plenty cases regarding much smaller companies.

        • jonathan rung

          were they chinese companies? I have to side with R.S, apple probably isn’t going to do anything. they take legal action with ridiculous patent claims when they know a win is plausible and when it will hurt their competitor. but this? they aren’t likely to win, and it’s hardly worth fighting over.

          small chinese tech manufacturers make blatant knock-offs all of the time, including apple knock offs. If an american carrier sold this phone, then I definitely think it would get banned, but as a chinese import with completely negligible overseas market penetration, I doubt it. time will tell!

  • kwills88

    While i am no fan of apple, this phone has sue me written all over it.

    • cowboydroid

      This is a Chinese company. Going to to be very difficult for Apple to bring any case against them unless Meizu starts formally selling their device in the States through a carrier.

      And even if they did, you can’t patent something as simple as the “look” of a device. Sure, the front looks an awful lot like in iphone. But it’s really just a rectangular screen with two large bezels at the top and bottom. That’s not something that’s patentable.

      • RobBull75

        Are you kidding? The whole basis of the Galaxy Tab suit are the style similarities, which is completely idiotic. Judge Koh either has a spare chromosome or is on the take from Apple to approve that injunction. I do agree with your other point. I don’t think Apple with sue a Chinese company in China.

  • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

    Nice of you to review such a phone. Maybe you’ll get the other prototypes as well :)

  • omnom

    “The MX 4-Core is the first device in MEIZU’s lineup to run Flyme”

    I don’t believe its the first one to one Flyme I believe that would be the Meizu M8 (:

    • datagutt

      First with Flyme would be M9.

      • Jimmy_Jo

        Who cares??? LOL The MX 6-Core will the first to run Slyme with an exclusive Ghost Busters Skin

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      You are correct, several other MEIZU phones received updated in May and June with the new UI. The MX 4-Core is the first new device to ship with it pre-installed.

  • jalil

    BTW there was an option to change the text to English in the top dropsown box :/

  • Rovex

    The anti-plastic nazis are going to have a heart attack over this..

  • wpeoxn,vasdjmfpqweirpuij.zew

    Now why can’t apple ban this phone instead of the Nexus? As far as I know most android phones have universal search, not just the GNex

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      Apple isn’t banning this phone because it’s technically not being sold inside the United States. On the issue of the galaxy Nexus ban, apple is perusing other OEMs for the same patent infringement.

  • virexed

    All go, no show.
    Specs are great but why make it look like… you know…

  • Dags -

    The frequency bands are the same as the GSM Galaxy Nexus. Nothing special.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      Except that there are very few devices which support all those frequency bands. Most unlocked GSM handsets do not feature connectivity for T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network.

      • erikiksaz

        Because of the T-mobile support I think my GF might actually buy this phone.

        We looked it over while in hong kong and thought that it was actually fairly nice for the price. She wanted one, but at that time the current one didn’t support T-mobile’s 3g/4g.

        Thanks for the article, would never have known they added support.

  • http://a1.blogspot.com EwanRGR

    One thing that might help me decide… price? I presume to get one currently you have to go through an overseas reseller – so what would that cost? Or are you hoping they might find a US distributor so that sticker shock doesn’t cause an immediate recoil for most folks?

  • Nathan D.

    Nice phone, but it isn’t for me at least.

  • Jay555

    Ok…so are we going to ever actually see this phone in the states??? Are any carriers planning on offering it? I don’t mean to complain but I hate whenever I see a review for a phone that I’m never going to actually have a chance at owning unless if I’m willing to spend $600+ through some overseas retailer. And honestly, there’s no way I’ll ever spend that kind of money on a device unless if I can walk into an actual store and try it out in person. Just my 2 cents.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      Keep in mind that we have quite a few readers from Europe and Asia who read this site. While we focus a lot on devices that are sold in the U.S. market, it’s interesting to get a different perspective and see what other people around the globe may be using.

      Lets not forget that buying an unlocked phone from Europe or China for $500 is probably cheaper than getting a $200 phone from your carrier.

      • Jimmy_Jo

        That’s what’s up. I will probably never get this phone but it’s always better to know you options and make an informed decision.

  • Danielh

    Would never buy a phone that looked like an ugly iPhone. Hate the design and i think it looks old and dated, something i have thought since they first came out.

  • njren

    Prices for this phone in Hong Kong are more than reasonable: $400/32gb and $530/64gb, but ordering it through a 3rd party reseller is going to drastically alter that equation. The photos don’t show the lighted touch-sensitive keys flanking the home button, which add a bit of useful flair to the design. Beyond useful flair, the lights on the keys change according to the menu and rotate according to the orientation of the phone.

  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    I actually considered this phone over the SGS3 when ditching VZW to go to T-Mobile but I ruled it out for three reasons:

    1) Dev and accessory support just wouldn’t be the same as with the SGS3.
    2) I likes me my big screens and correspondingly high resolutions
    3) I didn’t think this phone supported T-Mobile’s bands.

    I was clearly wrong about point #3. Kudos to them for supporting so many different bands! I really would love to try this phone. That said, the other two points just can convince me to give up a SGS3 for this phone. Jealous of the quad core but not much else since it’s all a step behind the (dual core/2GB) SGS3 in pretty much every other category.

  • traye

    why didnt they make it compatible for 4G usage? most phones are 4g now so browsing speed on this device will began to seem extremely slow in a few months correct?

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      If you’re referring to LTE, MEIZU most likely didn’t include it because they would have had to use a different chip just like Samsung is doing for their U.S. bound SGSIII.

      • traye

        correct, i am referring to lte. well do you think its wortg getting being that it isnt going to be lte compatible? or do you think data speeds will still be very fast?

  • MoSDeeb

    I might put in an order for this phone as I have wanted to try a Meizu phone for quite some time.

  • Raptor

    How about we all from AndroidAndMe sue Meizu it if Apple will not.
    C’mon it’s your chance to be a millionaire!
    Should i find the lawyer? Let me know

  • aranea

    Spec’s look really good yet it looks too much like an iphone for my taste. I could overlook it if it came stock Android instead of a custom skin.

  • sando

    I’m using MX 2-core with AT&T. Well, at least in my hand it does not look like an iPhone, color, size, none.

  • bob lock

    I stopped reading after “640×960″

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      The display is actually really nice, it’s simply an odd aspect ratio for a screen of this size.

  • AWRYHaerh
  • j

    If they had this for Sprint CDMA, I would so buy it.

  • Matt

    I stopped reading at

    “but the 1,700 mAh battery and 32GB of internal storage are not swappable.”

  • dejay

    personally i dont see a need for more then 32gb of storage, especially with Google Drive, Pandora, Google Play Music, Dropbox and the countless other cloud storage solutions for those not on unlimited it may not always be the best option but really where not talking about our PCs a phone doesnt need 100gbs of storage, when most apps dont take up gbs of space, I could understand if this was like the Asus Padfone and the phone powered all of our other devices but come on now you dont need 30 gb of music or videos on your phone

  • Marcus

    where can i buy this in the uk?

  • OrientDeal

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