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MOTOACTV smartwatch gets a $100 price cut


The MOTOACTV Android powered smartwatch may not be as successful as many had hoped, but that may be due to the high price point Motorola and others have been charging. We’re not sure if Motorola has seen the error of its ways or is simply trying to clear out some inventory, but you can now purchase the MOTOACTV Android smartwatch for $100 less.

The price of the 8GB model has been cut to $149.99 while the 16GB model will cost you a cool $199.99. At $299.99, the Multi-Sport Edition is still pretty pricey, but it’s a significantly better deal than the $399.99 Motorola was charging just yesterday.

Is $149.99 a compelling price for the MOTOACTV or are you waiting to see what the second generation of Android powered smartwatches are able to do?

Source: Motorola

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  • shadhussain

    i’d wait. maybe googorola will come out with a watch that’ll let me slip in my sim card when im out for a run/workout and let me stream my play store content via 3G/4G, WITHOUT having to carry around my phone. now that, i’d buy.

  • yungcutt

    Interesting. I was just comparing the Motoactv and the SonySmart watch this morning. Was leaning towards the sony since it was cheaper. Now I think ill go with the Motoactv

    • Jeb Johnston

      I’ve already invest in a Pebble, but if I didn’t choose it, I might stick with the Motoactv. It looks better as a exercise device.

  • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

    The MOTOACTV is definitely a better device than the SONY Smartwatch since it’s running a pull version of Android, has a faster processor and internal GPS and a variety of sensors. If they could manage to get the price to $99, they could sell millions of these things.

  • Louis A

    I am might actually consider buying this now. Just to get a good running watch with gps and heart monitor is >$149

  • txbluesman

    That price makes it a little more inviting. I still like the pebble, but it will be a while before they start shipping.

  • paula

    I never see that motoacv , need more information about that.

  • Gadgety

    I’ve used BT watches for over six years. The MotoACTV is really amazing and despite troubles, Motorola has actively supported it with no less than 6 software updates, new watch faces, new functions, etc., which is more than can be said for any Sony Smartwatch/Liveview. The MotoACTV just misses one crucial feature for me, vibrating alert. So here’s hoping for a Gen II watch.

  • dutrak

    Still not good enough