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Nexus 7 a hit with consumers, selling out across the US


All across the web, from the most popular tech blogs online, to even the most devout Apple fans, the Nexus 7 is being hailed as a huge success. And real world sales show it.

Google, GameStop, Staples, Office Depot and Sam’s Club have all run out of Nexus 7s, and have posted one to three week delays on availability for the tablet.

The Google Play store lists the Nexus 7 as shipping soon, which could mean up to couple weeks. Staples, Sam’s Club and Office Depot show it as temporarily out of stock. And GameStop, who is currently offering up 30% extra in in-store credit for anyone trading in used games or hardware towards a Nexus 7, has come forward saying they don’t expect another shipment of the tablets until August 5th, for which they are taking pre-orders for now.

The size, design, high quality display and ultra fast processor in the Nexus 7 make for an excellent hardware experience. Thanks to Jelly Bean, and the addition of Google Now and Project Butter, the software on the Nexus 7 is the best on any Android device ever released. At $300, the Nexus 7 would be a good deal. At just $199, it’s a steal.

If you’re on the hunt for a Nexus 7, good luck. Apparently, you’re going to need it.

Source: Cnet

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  • triangle

    At $199/$249, it’s an amazing value. Can’t wait to get mine.

    • Rusty, TX

      I have an iPad 3 which is superior and more expensive
      (which is better, much better than a cheap android $hitablet)

      • marley fernandes

        I’ve got an iPhone and even i am buying this tablet and that doesn’t mean i’m poor… android is a better OS compared to shitty iOS which i’m now bored of looking at the same 4×5 row icon and besides Mac OS (iOS) is kinda Linux (android), maybe that’s the reason why it is cheap compared to Windows OS.

  • MoSDeeb

    I’m still awaiting notification of shipment which can’t come soon enough.

  • jamal adam

    I am thinking of getting one for myself. It will be my first Android device. We’ll see how things go.

    • Max.Steel

      You won’t regret it!

    • thaghost

      Wait a minute! You frequent this site enough to get a 93 rating but you dont have an android device? Lol. Im curious, why dont you have one and what makes you visit so often if you dont have one?

      • uknowme

        My thoughts exactly…

      • jamal adam

        I am on a family plan and as a result my uncle doesn’t want to pay for mobile data and I can’t afford an Android phone at full price. Also, I couldn’t possibly afford to be on a plan of my own, too much money and I am a college student and most of my money goes to tuition, etc.
        To answer your second question, I have always been a fan of Android since the G1 and Android and Me was one of the first sites that I visited for information on anything Android related. I personally think that this is one of my favorite sites to visit.

        • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

          You’re pretty hardcore, achieving a high rank (higher than me! I has a sad…) without even owning an Android device yourself. I mean, most of the news isn’t even directly relevant to you…

          Kudos, man. Kudos.

          • jamal adam


        • Voliam

          Your popularity (rating) is no doubt due to the fact that you post thoughtful, insightful comments. I bet you excel in college as well as life in general.
          Good for you my man. I wish you great success!

  • http://www.jeffkibuule.com Jeff

    Only the Google Play store will have the $199 8GB version.

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      not true. at all. most places accepting preorders have the 8GB version as “coming soon”

  • duffguy123

    I was ecstatic to see the confirmation e-mail that my unit is being shipped. This is the first tablet I’ve gotten. I won’t lie, the iPad was looking good but I just couldn’t afford it.

    When I heard of the Nexus 7 I was like $200 for a tablet? I’m down…Really never been this excited for any device, not even game consoles (I am an avid gamer).

  • Wouter

    Im going to the US next week till the 10th of August. I really hope to get the opportunity to buy one. Otherwise I will have to wait… till what? December? uuugh.

  • Mark

    Awesome! I think I’ll get one too!
    Oh, wait, I did order one. From the play store. Weeks ago. No word yet on shipping etc. Grrrrrrr. OK. I expressed my feelings l’m OK now. I hope you all enjoy yours… like SOMEDAY I will enjoy mine.
    It is a wicked cool bit-o-tech…I think.

  • Papucho

    Mine comes in tomorrow, can’t fn wait!!!

  • Christopher Wueste

    Got mine from Gamestop on Friday, after preordering on July the 3rd. I must say, this thing is incredible. I absolutely love the 7″ form factor and this thing is blazing fast and buttery smooth. I can’t speak highly enough. Google and Asus have hit a home run. I recommend it whole heartily. Cheers!!!!

    • Jimmy_Jo

      How’s the display? I’ve heard it’s subpar though this article says “high quality display”…

  • Shawn Clark

    Google made a tough decision by zero all profits on its sales and as it shows it paid off…Good job Google

  • DS

    Oh that’s so awesome.
    Yo, Google! Will I ever have a chance to use the one I had ordered from you minutes after presentation? Anytime before you’ll announce Nexus 8?

    • TheWhiteLotus

      Nexus 7 is not the 7th nexus. It is 7 inches long.

      • spazby

        that’s what she said

        • Max.Steel

          Ugh…these “she said” jokes are unoriginal and just annoying. Get your mind out of the gutter.

          • lala

            Thats hat sehen said. :D

  • http://www.brandonvfletcher.com Brandon V. Fletcher

    anyone know if orders being placed to day are shipping or is there a 1-2 week wait like it says on the play store?

  • Gir

    I pre-ordered it the first day, and today I saw that my credit card was charged! I can’t wait for it to finally be in my hands.

  • cwjones4

    I have been really on the fence about getting 1 of these or not. I guess I will have a nother few weeks or so to make up my mind

    • http://facebook.com/jestertx2001 Jesse Moreno

      I am right there with you. I have a 10″ tablet that I haven’t touched in months so I’m wondering if I need another tablet I’d just eventually stop using. But then again it doesn’t quite touch the Nexus 7. (It’s a Viewsonic GTablet. And yes, I know better now.)

  • magic mike

    I pre-ordered one on Friday at game stop, delivery is Thursday! Not a bad wait at all. Can’t wait!

  • txbluesman

    I can’t wait for mine to arrive. I ordered the day after the announcement. Got my email on Friday and account charged on Friday. UPS confirmation shows delivery for tomorrow. SWEET!!!!!!!! I’m ready to PLAY!

  • rockosolido

    I should be getting mine delivered by a grown ass man wearing little brown shorts tomorrow. If I don’t? Heaven will burn.

  • chondo

    I bought two of them on Saturday from Sam’s Club in Southern California. They had them right there in stock for $246.84 for 16gig model. SCORE!

    • Silvertomb

      Wish we had Sam’s club up here in Ottawa. Thats a great price!
      Was considering new surface Windows tablet. But now really keen on the Nexus


  • Clarence

    I’m kind of upset that this is actually cheaper than a Galaxy Nexus

  • ezMaverick

    I’m getting my tomorrow!!!

  • http://no stokis

    after using my oled tab 7.7 for 3 months i understand that 7 inches is too small for me.. i bought last week ipad 3, and will never go to 7 inches back!

    • hmm


    • Jimmy_Jo

      I can respect that. Personal opinion is just that personal. If it works for you then use it.

  • jayant25

    After seeing all the reviews and videos on Nexus 7 I really wanna buy it ! :D

    But I am living in Dubai and i don’t think it will here for another 3-5months -__-

    But does anyone have any idea if this device is coming to UK, so that i can buy it from there when i will be going back for my 2nd year ??

  • dVyper

    I want one…

  • JH

    &/%¤%&##! :(
    We want it in Europe too!!!

  • Prince77

    I don’t need it right now, so I will pre-order it and just wait until they get some in. But I am getting it.

  • dbdb

    i ordered mine in the UK through the play store on the 29th June, but haven’t received any shipping notification yet! hurry up google!!

  • VS

    Preordered thru the Play Store hours after the announcement. I was a little ticked off that retailers got first dibs with a Friday release, but it just allowed me to study over the weekend. Nexus 7 will be delivered to the office today by a buddy that works at UPS…cant wait!

  • uknowme

    Happy to hear that it blew up like it did. Also happy for everyone that got and are awaiting delivery. I’m patiently waiting for Transformer Infinity. I need the extra memory because I plan on keeping it for awhile.

  • Gir

    Update on my order, Google has upgraded my shipping to one day for free! So I will be getting it today so happy can’t wait.

  • http://willoughbyjunction.com Jayson Olson

    Ugh…Just checked my Google Play pre-order status from June 27th….still nothing :(

    • nivekkev

      I am in the same boat, preordered on day one, card still not charged, yet I read that there are those who ordered after the first day and theirs is on the way. Thought it was said that they were being shipped out in the order that the orders were received.

      • http://willoughbyjunction.com Jayson Olson

        Well, just checked Play and my bank acct. Google charged me today, so it must be shipping!!

        • nivekkev

          Me too, so glad, when I got home from work, checked my account and it was empty, what a site for sore eyes :-) got the “what’s happening” email, now just waiting for the shipping email, hopefully in the morning so it will be here the day after. Would love a nice surprise tomorrow when I get home but now I know either way, it won’t be long now and I should have it by the end of the week…

          • http://willoughbyjunction.com Jayson Olson


            Got my email late last night that it shipped out. Supplied with my UPS tracking number, and as of this morning, it is scheduled for delivery today!! Yay!

          • nivekkev


            Same here, Should be there when I get home today, Double YaY!!!
            Can’t get home soon enough…

          • nivekkev

            Well, dissappointment, did not come today, UPS first said out for delivery this morning, then it said it was in Mexico??? Well should be here by end of the day tomorrow (Thurs) What a let down… :-(

  • KPeter0314

    I see a present for my wife….She is fed up with the tiny screen on her i-blah device. Reading, recipes, Internet, etc… and probably big enough that she won’t be tied to the desk to play her solitaire and other card games. Bigger screen than a nook and more flexible.

  • Jayant

    Just checked at Currys Digital and they are selling it for 200GBP for a 16GB one :/


  • GeauxLSU

    I’m holding out for the Nexus 10, and hoping the price is right on it. Running ICS on a Nook Color, and haven’t felt the need to upgrade yet.

  • Kevs87

    In Puerto Rico is selling well… Gamestop was on the 4th preorder batch…

  • carlosB_

    I ordered my nexus 7 on Saturday and I still haven’t got an email or nothing on the shipping, I’m currently dissapointed

  • carlosB_

    I ordered my nexus 7 on Saturday and I still haven’t got an email or nothing on the shipping, I’m currently dissapointed

  • kinderdm

    I wont lie that this device is looking pretty good and blows my KF away but for what i want a 7″ tablet for the KF will do, cant justify buying something new so soon. On the other hand though make a 10″ version of exactly this for under $300 and I’m all over it.

  • txbluesman

    I haven’t received mine yet, and my daughter is already wanting to play on it. Told her to get back and use the Kindle Fire you got for Christmas. LOL!

  • mrbigglesworth0

    Too bad I already have a Kindle Fire or I would for sure be buying one. If they release a Nexus 10 then i am all for it. Apple better watch out!

  • RobBull75

    I can’t wait to see how one of these performs in person. Jelly Bean breathed new life into my Xoom. I can honestly say it runs faster than any other Android tablet I’ve played around with. The improved hardware with JB should scream.

  • MitchRapp81

    Oh Oh, Apple is going to produce a copy now… I bet they’ll sue Google before realizing it’s not the first 7″ tablet heh (Playbook, Galaxy, etc…)

  • Dirge

    I’m hoping the Nexus 7 is a sort of guinea pig device for Google. They want to see how well a Nexus branded tablet would sell and depending on the results, they would plan to release a 10″ model(with beefier hardware, of course).

    Alas, this is just wishful thinking.

  • Oliver Manson

    It is almost perfect, if it had a SD card slot i would buy one in a minute…Too bad

  • Daniel

    I’d like to have one,but the fact that it does not have a rear camera and no memory card slot made me think of buying the Samsung Galaxy tab 2 7.0 wifi+3g.
    I am sure I will buy Googlés tab someday when they release one with thse features.

  • shnuffle

    still waiting for that moment when the Swiss play store starts selling devices…. :(

  • mojomoney

    Mine came yesterday and so far I’m super satisfied with my purchase. The biggest con I see so far is that it makes my Samsung Captivate look like an antiquated piece of garbage.

  • Porter

    I just received my Google Nexus 7 pre-order yesterday. I love it. It is quick, intuitive, sleek and light. It pales in comparison to my Amazon Kindle Fire. I will be getting rid of that asap.

    • Porter

      Rather, the Kindle Fire pales in comparison to the Nexus 7.

      • Rusty, TX

        everything pales in comparison to the world market leader iPad!!

  • Deeds

    Can’t wait for my preorder to ship

  • roamdeus

    ordered mine a few days ago still saying 1-2 weeks cant wait to get my jellybean treat

  • A.Woodbury

    CANNOT wait for this. A Nexus tablet straight from Google is a techie’s dream come true

  • Ody

    I expected nothing less really. It will fly off the shelves so fast it’ll make the competition’s head Spin

  • McLovin

    Found mine on the doorstep yesterday. Saweeet!

  • TAN5150

    Just purchased one at my local Sam’s Club. I must say I am very impressed with this tablet. My family members love their iPads, ( they are wonderful product) but this thing is perfect for me.
    The Sam’s club ran out day one and just received 3 in today. Having the 8 addtional Gig’s will help as I love music.
    Apple OS6 better bring it on is all I can say. Love the heated competition, its good for all of us.

  • acostaisasmendi

    I think I’ll wait until the iPad Mini is released.. Well, not to buy it actually, but to see what other Android manufacturers release after it (If apple raises the bar a little bit, android manufacturers will have to raise it even further), and I want something with 3G.

    • Rusty, TX

      The iPad mini will blow the cheap meandroid $hitablets out of the water

  • Mix

    I want to rush out and buy this but I also want to wait and see if something like this is released with added storage….ARGGGG!

  • sdude

    Got mine and haven’t even put it down yet it is so cool and dead trigger looks great

  • Scott

    Got my last Tuesday and LOVE IT. It’s so much faster than ICS and overall the UI is incredible. Google Now has a lot of future potential and is very slick and nicely integrated. I couldn’t be happier. Google has a winner with the Nexus 7.

    • Rusty, TX

      What a mistake. The new iPad mini ships soon. The inferior nexus 7 is already obsolete.
      You better return it ASAP

      • Sol

        Seriously, why are you letting this f*cktard post here?
        It would be okay if it was constructive criticism, but he’s obviously just trolling.

  • sdude

    My local store sold out in half an hour but I managed to reserve one and it is amazing.

  • TAN5150

    Day 6 and still loving my Nexus 7… My wife has an iPad and used my Nexus last night. She was very surprised how it performs. She made a comment I never thought a Apple fan girls would make. “it just works, better”

    • Rusty, TX

      Did you tell her about the fragmentation?

      • Brett

        Hey Rusty have you used a Nexus 7 yet? Because if you did you would realize that this is a steal for $500 let alone $200, the parts may not be the most expensive but they didn’t skimp on anything sans the MicroSD card slot, and are selling this tablet at a loss. You would also realize that fragmentation is a non issue as this is a Google tablet and thus will see constant updates directly from Google for the foreseeable future.

      • TAN5150

        I will frag your tation Buddy :-)

  • Yo Android

    My wife and I received ours this past Sunday at Gamestop. It was actually in last Tuesday, but we were on vaca so we couldn’t pick it up. The guy was almost about to sell them because he had 5 pre-orders waiting with our two sitting for almost a week.

    This thing is amazing! My first tablet ever, and I think I made an excellent first choice. Jellybean is buttery smooth and responsive. Google Now is awesome too.

  • Noel

    Was very fortunate to grab one at Staples two weeks ago..was gonna put in my pre order and was astonished when the guy told me they had it, they just had a shipment. The next day they were all gone. The problem is Google originally asked for a first installment of under a million tablets…guess I read 600.000 units. Guess they are surprised by the huge success and demand and must be scrambling with ASUS to ramp up production. That’s a lot of money left on the table..hope they speed things up and scoop all that cash$$$ b4 other competitive tablets are released. By the way the N7 is awesome and the price with pure JB= pure sweetness. I wish Google/ASUS will decide and make a 32GB model with micro SD card expansion hopefully w/a 5Mpx cam and price it between $300 to $350

  • juno23

    WELL exited!

    • CaptainDoug

      I’m exited too! ;D