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Update: Samsung Galaxy Nexus sales ban lifted by temporary stay on the handset injunction


In an unexpected turn of events, Samsung has been granted a temporary stay on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus injunction which allows the device to be sold until July 12th. Judge Lucy Koh issued the temporary stay  as the courts awaits to hear “Apple’s response.” If you’re a bit confused, you’re not the only one. Details are still vague and it seems no one knows what Apple needs to respond about. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is still listed as “coming soon” on Google Play, but we could see the device reappear on the store before the handset’s Android 4.1 update is in place which is expected to remove the infringing universal search capability from the handset.

Update: We’ve just heard that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is now available on Google Play. While the handset can be purchased, the shipping estimate is listed at 1-2 weeks. It seems Google is still intent on having Android 4.1 installed on the Galaxy Nexus even though Samsung has been granted a temporary stay on the injunction.

Via: Engadget

Source: Bloomberg

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  • ElvisonD

    A Temporary Balance To The World Has Been Restored

    • lxgeorge

      Long ago, the four largest cell phone manufacturers lived in harmony. But everything changed when Apple attacked…..

      • Luis Lopez

        …… only the true OS can be ported into all the manufacturers phones and save the world.

        • NamelessTed

          But when the OS was needed most, it disappeared for a hundred years.

          • Gabe

            Haha! Too Funny… I love Avatar

    • Jabulani

      Is Android 5.0 code name really Kingschnitzel???

      • kazahani

        What? Um, no.

  • briguy2012

    did apple license this tech from palm? because they had a universal search wayyyyy back in the day I wonder if apples patent is before palms??

    • kazahani

      That doesn’t matter. U.S.A. is a first-to-file country. First person to patent an idea gets ownership.

      • aranea

        But the idea can’t be public. If palm’s idea was already public it shouldn’t be patent-able.

  • Ringo46

    whats the name of the upcoming android 5.0??? unknown?

    • Herb

      If the next version of Android is 5.0, it’ll be Key Lime Pie.

  • NeoJesus

    Google is so stupid, why didn’t they tell the judge that universal search was already available on Google Desktop and Windows Vista?

    I hope they know now to patent the shit out of Jelly Bean before they release it.

  • praveena

    thank u so much for ur cricial info
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus ban lifted in US’

  • WlfHart

    Oy, this entire thing is a circus…

  • Nathan D.

    Hopefully, Samsung/Google will win this and stick it to Apple.

    • 4n1m4l

      Unfortunatly they bent. If you look at the imm76q leaked update, it makes it so the search bar only searches the internet. “Nerfed” the people in xda call it. I never used that part of the search so i didn’t even notice a difference. Thankfully this all becomes moot in 4.1

  • octavio h.

    Just placed my order! upgrading from a G2 with cyanogen 9, and ready for some much needed os speed and fluidity. Ill probably end up selling it on amazon when the next nexus drops in November. Im really loving Google’s move selling directly from their website, and at $350, you can’t beat that price.

  • SMacSteve

    Yay! I’ve placed my order!


    Welcome to fragmentation!
    The new iPhone 5 will MAUL this $hitphone!!!!

    • Matt

      The iPhone now has some major fragmentation that iFanboys are, FOR SOME CRAZY REASON, happily ignoring. loliOS5lolsiriloliPhone4

    • octavio h.

      id rather have fragmentation in my os platform over the lack of innovation and stagnation in ios. essentially the same iteration of ios for the last five generations… that sir, is weak sauce. your sauce is weak….i would not enter that sauce into the county fair.

  • 4n1m4l

    no, they simply got a new judge.

    • Rovex

      No, same judge.

  • Happy iPhone elitist

    Who wants a scamsuck phone when the superior iPhone is available? iOS6 is around the corner while Android being stuck at 4.1 says it all!!

    • Jo


    • iamXiV92a

      Android has made leaps and bounds with each OS release… changes you can ACTUALLY see and functionality that is PROGRESSIVELY better.
      iOS6… looks the same as iOS4, functions exactly the same – there is little change except the “6″ crApple tags on end.

      So who’s the one who is REALLY superior?
      The OS that changes and actually gets better or one that doesn’t?? I want an OS that gets better, that’s why I sold my iPhone and will faithfully stick with Android!

      • aranea

        Let’s give credit where credit is due. Apple added major functionality too between ios versions such as COPY/PASTE and Notification Bar. Hmm wait aren’t they all stolen from others? :)

  • vishwa

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  • GeoDunn

    Finally! These patent cases are getting out of hand. But anyway, can’t wait to get this phone! I’m residing in Atlanta for some graphic design work, and i just ended my contract with Verizon. Soon i’ll have my hands on a GNex AND AT&T’s 4G LTE netwok. A potent combo indeed.

  • dutrak