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Samsung Galaxy S III clears the 10 million mark in just under two months


Given the massive number of pre-orders and constantly shifting U.S. release dates attributed to overwhelming demand it comes as no surprise that the Samsung Galaxy S III has managed to eclipse 10 million devices sold in just two months, fully three months faster than its predecessor.

The president of Samsung’s mobile communication division, Shin Jong-Kyun, confirmed that more than 10 million Galaxy S IIIs had been sold, but did not give an exact number or specify whether this was devices sold to consumers or retailers. Regardless it’s safe to say that the launch has been a rousing success. It’s also worth noting that the Olympics are starting next week and the Galaxy S III is due to get a lot of face time throughout which should lead to another sales boost worldwide.

As you can tell from our review of the Verizon variant we were pretty much blown away by every aspect of the device so it’s not shocking to see it doing so well with consumers.

For those of you that count yourselves among the 10 million that have picked up a Galaxy S III thus far what do you think of the device after having a little time with it now? And not to leave anyone out, if you haven’t picked up a Galaxy S III are you still thinking about it or is it missing something that you are holding out for?

Via: The Verge

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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  • triangle

    It’s an awesome phone. I think it’s the best out now with the only drawback being that it doesn’t have jelly bean yet.

    • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

      FYI, there are CM10 preview releases out already for most models.

  • Chris Lewis

    The majority of the 10 million people dont really care too much about getting jelly bean asap. I do care and I still bought this phone, so that shows how great it is IMO.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Samsung deserves all the love for this device. It’s just simply amazing all the software in this one device they really understood what it’s customers wanted and then some. It’s going to be a very long time before anyother manufacturer comes close to the Galaxy S3 from a software standpoint. The pop out player feature which I love to call picture in picture alone WHIPS ASS and no other device will be doing that anytime soon unless it is the Galaxy Note 2. All in all I can only hope that Samsung enjoys all it’s sales so they can bring us the GALAXY NOTE 2 in September/October and launch that on all carriers like they did the S3 then we all will be in heaven. Apple is just being BITCH SLAPPED left and right and I love it like that…..

  • Anthony Myles

    Love the phone. The only real problems I have is sometimes when I’m backing out of a text msg, my finger hits the two keyboard keys at the bottom right, causing a lot of Draft msgs. And before I changed the keyboard to SwiftKey I hit the “v” button when going for the space bar. Besides those things its been a joy of a phone, hopefully we get JB on here soon also.

  • Michael

    I’m really interested in the SGIII, just waiting until we know more about the Razr HD. I’m pretty torn though, as the Razr HD is seeming more and more mythical.

  • fletchtb

    This is great news for Samsung! It is no wonder that Apple is scared to death and trying to sue with every patent they have.

    Samsung has been delivering a variety of consistantly great products that consumers want to buy in all parts of the world. They are competing directly with Apple, not because Android phones are cheaper and carriers are pushing them, but because of the form and functionality they deliver.

  • Ardrid

    I have not purchased one yet. I haven’t had a chance to try one out yet but I don’t expect I’ll be buying one. The Captivate left a bad taste in my mouth and I honestly have little faith in Samsung.

    I’ll wait until Google announces the Galaxy Nexus successor.

  • Asif

    GS3 just rocks in every corner. I was GS2 user and liked everything of it except screen when using in the dark and at very dim light. Some how it didn’t look right. Anyway it was very minor and you would not even notice.

    And galaxy s3 doesn’t have that problem; Yahoo!!! I am thrilled with galaxy s3.

  • Maximus

    I currently have the GNEX

    I was tempted to buy the GS3 instead but im a Pure Google Guy at heart and Touch Wiz is always a DEAL BREAKER for me

  • Lane Chapman

    I have the GS3 and I love it! I purchased it a day after it came out to realize, coming from a rooted Nexus S, TouchWiz really was that bad. Five days later I had it rooted and as of tight now I am running CyanogenMod 10 (Jelly Bean) and it is running great! A few kinks are still in the works but it is for sure a daily driver for now. The screen size is just right. I actually like the physical home, too.

  • Max.Steel

    crApple is running scared.

  • WlfHart

    Props to Samsung. If their S III did this well, I can’t wait to see what the Note II does :D

  • HackNet

    I love my (at&t) SGS3. I’ve had it since the 5th of July and I cannot say how much GOODNESS I get out of this single device. Good Job Samsung!

    There is no device which can be compared to the Galaxy S3. iPhoney is no match.

  • Horaz

    I’m going to reserve one, my Milestone said “enough”, and I saw an early preview of CyanogenMod 10 running on it. I don’t want TouchWIZ (nor Sense, nor _the_thing_we_formerly_call_Blur), and in my country (Argentina) buy an GNex is too expensive.

  • Aldrick

    Got the GNote as soon as it was available in the Ph. Will grab the GNote 2 as soon as it comes. Was really tempted to get the SGS3 though. My original SGS still works great as my second phone and PMP (can’t find another device that matches the sound quality). I hope the GNote 2 will ditch the Yamaha sound chip.

  • Apo

    Honestly, I have it but it didn’t get me too excited because I had been running jelly bean on the nexus just before so I pretty much had everything.
    Now the battery is certainly amazing for me coming from the gnex but touchwiz is reallyy ugly and not practical coking from jb..
    Just waiting for the jb build to be bug less then this phone will be perfect.

  • w00x

    I chose the One X over the Galaxy S 3 2 months ago and I don’t think that I regret my decision. Software is not a big deal for me, since I am going to root in a few weeks anyway (just waiting a little more for defects to surface or for a way to revert the bootloader unlocking). What made me choose the One X was the better build quality and the better display. I am sick and tired of Samsung neglecting the build quality of their devices and it’s beyond me why people prefer the cheap-looking shiny plastic over every other device 3 years in a row.

    • ozzzy3z

      The “build quality” issue is a non-issue. The phone is light yet solid. Coming from a tank-like Droid X, I appreciate build quality. The S3 does not disappoint.

  • Nathan D.

    Dam, that took no time at all.

  • cb2000a

    Had a chance to look at one over the weekend. Much much better than anything out there at this point (including the iphone). Will still keep my Note as I like the larger screen.

  • kwills88

    It’s crazy how far Samsung has come in the smartphone world, it was almost as if ppl forgot they been around since the dominance of flip phones, now they’re top dogs in android with every right to be.

  • MoSDeeb

    Congrats to Samsung on achieving that milestone. It is a great device.

  • Liz Perez

    Have they resolved being able to receive group/mass text msgs in a single thread and Reply All? You’d think this would be built in all Androids; such a basic function. Having to use GroupMe and create specific groups (only) has been my only solution. But this doesn’t provide convenience of random members that change…

  • cwjones4

    i will be getting mine in a week. extremely excited for it, and no one I have talked with about the phone has had any problems.

  • nemi

    I love the gs3 but I’ve noticed that all the features don’t work alot of the time. Like the smart ttracker,

  • nemi

    I love the gs3 but I’ve noticed that all of the features don’t work a lot of the time. Like smart tracker, double tap to scroll up, voice answer, and, of course, s voice. And there is a lot of lag when you scroll through the home screens. And I still have 11.39 gb left. But I still love it.

  • jamal adam

    Samsung keeps on winning. Having the Galaxy S III on all major carriers was a great plan and it being an awesome smartphone in its own right makes it even more worth having, Now, if only HTC learned from Samsung and started to release their high end phones to all major carriers and market their phones.

    • Chaoz

      I agree. Launching the phone pretty much everywhere at the same time makes it so much easier . I upgraded from n1 to s3 and the phone is pure pr0n. One of the things i really like compared to my transformer prime tablet is how much more smooth the s3 feels.

  • Leo Young

    I got my S3 on release day and I couldn’t be happier with it. The phone just works.
    For some reason, they didn’t include Swype. No problem. Downloaded it and it’s great.
    The battery life is not bad. I usually make it through the day but I may consider a larger battery or at least the extra battery and charger option that Samsung has a little down the road.
    The touchwiz later seems to be mostly good stuff. I am happy with it.
    The camera is such am improvement over my previous phone and the photo gallery software is very nice.
    Over all, I am very impressed and very happy.

  • smeghead68

    I played with one that my relative bought. It blows sisters iphone4 out of the water. It is amazing how fluid everything on this phone. Definitely would get one.

  • Robert Medley

    One of the things that really amazes me is that Apple who has lower than results this quarter is trying to blame it on the market being down season etc but in the same time Samsung Galaxy SIII has put up awesome numbers from the minute it was released and that was at the start of Apples it is because the market is slow right now excuse.

  • RocketDroid

    I upgraded from a Droid X and absolutely love my SIII. I appear to be in the minority though and actually like some of the features of the TouchWiz interface, though I must admit I do not have much experience with stock ICS.

    One feature that I really like is having the toggles settings available on the drop down notification window.

    I also really like the missed message notifications on the lock screen and having the weather displayed.

    The smart stay feature (disables screen time out if your face is detected) is also very useful, although I am not sure if this is an ICS or TouchWiz feature.

    • thebearingedge

      I like Smart Stay a lot too. I’m on CyanogenMod 9 nightlies now and Smart Stay is the one TouchWiz/SGS3 feature I sort of miss. Being on stock TW for SGS3 for a couple of weeks made me forget that poking your phone every 30-60 seconds while reading is a thing!

      That said, I flash CM because of the overall improvements in tweakability & battery life. Downloading new launcher such as Apex would be enough for me if I wasn’t into the whole custom ROM thing. The latest version of TW did not make me throw up in my mouth and performance was surprisingly seamless out of the box.

  • FireAimReady

    I’m dying to buy the SIII, but whenever I try it out at the store it runs *really* hot. Is that just the display model’s problem or do people find their phone has temperature issues?

    • RocketDroid

      I have not seen any problems with heat under normal daily use.

    • thebearingedge

      On stock, mine ran very cool with good battery life. Sounds like a buggy display unit.

  • kenny Gee

    apple has to be scared samsung is selling millions of phones in a short amount of time. the iphone 5 is probably going to be the most prestigious phone that apple gonna put out . with samsung hitting home runs like this apple has to be scared they have to protect the bread and butter which is the iphone and ipad.

    • James

      Yeah, 68% of the tablet market…Apple must be terrified.

  • kenny Gee

    Oh..and I’m rocking a galaxy epic touch :)

  • Nadesha young

    I have a samsung Xcover an it works great.

  • LavanyaShah

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    This a quite a big competition to Whatsapp as its has more features which are amazing and those are animated! Thats awesome. But in India, there are more Whatsapp users compared to WeChat. But I think WeChat can take over Whatsapp users in India as its more easy with amazing features. What are your views?