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Speculation: T-Mobile to launch QWERTY equipped G3 in early Q4


It’s not often that I write a speculative article, but recent news about an upcoming HTC device for T-Mobile has managed to catch my attention and ignite a flicker of hope that we may see a QWERTY equipped T-Mobile G3 in the next few months.

The news

According to TmoNews, the HTC Era 42 will be heading to T-Mobile this fall. The handset name was spotted in an image of a T-Mobile computer system with a date of September 26th. No additional details regarding form factor, price or specifications are currently available.

The speculation

Based on what I have heard from several HTC and T-Mobile sources, the HTC Era 42 may in fact launch as the T-Mobile G3 – featuring a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, stock Android and specifications which will rival the HTC One series.

The evidence

As stated above, the T-Mobile G3 is pure speculation at this point, but there are a few pieces of evidence that can be used to stitch a more cohesive picture together. As David from TmoNews pointed out, the original T-Mobile G1 has a connection with the Era moniker. While most of us came to know the phone as the G1 or HTC Dream, it was known as the HTC Era G1 in Poland and several other eastern European countries.

Since launch dates are a moving target, it’s impossible to know if the September 26th date associated with the HTC Era 42 is when T-Mobile plans on releasing the phone. One thing we do know is that a late September or early October launch will line up closely with the two year anniversary of the T-Mobile G2′s October 6th launch date.

Final thoughts

If you think this post is lacking any hard evidence, you are right. Based on hard evidence, all we really know is that T-Mobile may be planning to launch an HTC handset this fall. There are plenty of Android fans out there who would love to get their hands on a QWERTY equipped G series device which runs on stock Android, but it’s up to T-Mobile to decide if a handset that fits that bill is worth an investment. HTC announced that QWERTY devices were not going to be a main focus for the company in the future, but they do realize that “the [QWERTY] market’s there, the sort of the die hard community, they keep wanting it, there’s definitely still a market for it.”

What are your thoughts on the current evidence and the possibility of a T-Mobile G3 for this fall? Would you be interested in buying a QWERTY equipped Android device running an unskinned version of Jelly Bean?

Via: HTC Source

Source: TmoNews

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  • dVyper

    I only ever bought Android phones with keyboards before my One X and I must admit I don’t actually miss the keyboard (except when I feel like playing on the SNES and Megadrive emulators). If it’s absolutely amazing (which is doubtful cos the One is pretty amazing itself) I might consider it…

  • Mike V

    I, for one, would love to get another HTC phone with a qwerty keyboard. I’m typing from my Desire Z. I hope it will be a pentaband phone that works on any network. and seriously… ditch the z hinge.. it sucks.. proper strong slider please. (i had to modify my phone with stronger springs)

    • curt peterson

      My g2 still rocks and the keyboard is indespensible . Using the screen to type if u are sweaty working out or in weather is impossible. Having both options is still ideal.I’ve been holding out for the next model hope it doesn’t disappoint.

  • Nate B.

    It feels good to hear rumors again.

  • OnIn2

    Once you go Swype, you never go back.

    • Tangent

      Worked that way for me. That’s why my MyTouch 3G Slide was replaced with a Sensation 4G. On the other hand my wife is a diehard physical keyboard user; her Slide 3G was replaced with a Slide 4G…

    • herbivore83

      Honestly, I hardly ever used Swype. I tried it for a month or so on my G1 and it just wasn’t as impressive to me. I have since switched to SwiftKey, which is hands down the best keyboard available on any mobile device.

      Swype does help me sell smartphones to old people, though.

      • pjax

        try typing an academic paper with all the jargons and proper names on Swype and tell me how it goes. try typing in a foreign (native) language. with concatenations.

        SwiftKey solves this problem by learning from your text messages. and it’s been really great. But for a very popular app, I expect it to be flawless. It’s there’s still no option to remove a space after a period (try typing a website or an IP address)
        It doesn’t even have an option to disable when a physical keyboard is out
        coding that should take 5 minutes

        PS: SwiftKey is my primary keyboard

    • c1liu

      I’m asian = smaller hands = I can just use the default keyboard.

    • rixie

      Swype is great for quick one handed texts and I use it all the time for that. However, I also use my phone for work. Typing out a professional email on anything other than an actual keyboard just doesn’t work – at least not for me. And I really really don’t want a blackberry….

    • Rylai

      I opposed! Swype is only useful on english dialect. What about others having native languages?

  • LukeT32

    Went from the OG Droid to the Gnex…. There are a few times I miss the keyboard, but on a whole I don’t need it.

    There are probably a few diehard keyboard folks out there that will enjoy it though.

  • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

    I went from the G1 to the G2 and the One S. It’s nice to have a slim device, but I really miss having a dedicated QWERTY. Swype has always served me well (even on my G2), but I write so much on my phone that it just feels better then there are physical keys to press.

  • trees247

    still rockn the G2 and up for a new phone this year and yes i would get it cause of it being stock i dont use keyboard now..just wish the phone didnt weigh so much. Plus my phone look so much better than anything I’ve seen lately…oh a bigger screen would be nice too

  • BP

    I’m a QWERTY addict (currently using a G2) and this sounds like my next phone, if it comes to be. I text a lot and even Swype slows me down.

    • herbivore83

      People need to stop pretending that Swype is the best touchscreen keyboard. There’s a reason SwiftKey is one of the top paid apps on the Play Store.

      • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

        There’s also a reason why Swype is making million by having their keyboard pre-installed on millions on devices. If Swype was on Google Play, it would probably be one of the top paid apps.

        • ihatefanboys

          SWYPE sucks. If i have to look down at the keyboard to use it, its uncomfortable and difficult, the default keyboard on the ONE S in landscape mode is the best on screen keyboard ive ever used.

      • pjax

        One of the reason SwiftKey is one of the top paid apps is because they took advantage of the 10 cent app promo.

    • jonny steele

      I’m with you, started with a sidekick, then G1, then G2…have been waiting for the G3…hope it kicks ASS!

  • McLovin

    Great news/rumours for the G2 crowd. There’s still a little hope left. But for a die hard keyboarder like me I’ve already given up. G1 -> G2 -> Samsung Galaxy S iii. HTC’s announcement earlier this year about moving away from QWERTY keyboard phones was the nail in the coffin for me with HTC.

    • ihatefanboys

      HTC never, ever said they were not making QWERTY devices anymore, just that they were not going to “focus” on them. So there is a great chance the G3 will have a physical keyboard.

  • rantmo

    I wouldn’t have much use for a QWERTY phone at this point, but I do want to see good QWERTY phones, particularly ones with minimal UI overlays, because of my father. His vision isn’t quite good enough for touch keyboards, but physical keyboards work well enough. Plus it would keep him from switching to an iPhone.

  • Gary

    I dont care about QWERTY as much anymore, but if this has stock Jellybean and the camera from the One S then I am all in.

  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    This is good news for my wife (she refuses to give up her keyboard unless she absolutely must)! Got her a MT4GS since that’s really the best keyboard option. This will give her an upgrade option as well. :-)

  • lxgeorge

    Please let this rumour be true. I had lost all hope of continuing my G series trend until I saw this post. At least the phone names match up. HTC Dream, HTC Vision, HTC Era? A Dream and a Vision can produce a new Era?

    • ihatefanboys

      The reason ERA is significant is that the G1 and G2 were both coded ERA in the TMO database prior to launch. Dream and Vision were the code names from HTC, theyre unrelated to ERA.

  • Newmexican

    Count me in. I went from G1 to G2 and if the G3 will be HTC made, stock Android with keyboard like the Gn devices are supposed to be ;-) that is my next phone

  • Max.Steel

    I was always a G-series fan. Got the first Android phone the G1 when it came out then upgraded to a G2. However, the sweet priced GNex on the Play Store was just too sweet to pass up so I bought it a few months ago. I didn’t think I would ever like a touchscreen keyboard or even get used to one but it’s not so bad and I’m actually proficient and fast enough with it now. Plus, I enjoy the lack of bulkiness and how slim it is. I’m glad they’re making a G3 though.

  • Logan

    G1, Nexus S, and Galaxy SII owner. All I ask for is a high end stock android phone with a QWERTY keyboard. I was hoping Google was going to announce one at the end of this year, as I prefer Google handle updates rather than the carriers. If they only announce on screen keyboards, something like the G3 would be very welcome.

    • Logan

      Oh, and Swype sucks for those of us who are bad spellers. Swype doesn’t handle pausing to consider the next letter in a word very well. Currently using Swiftkey 3 and it’s ok. You can’t beat keys you can feel under your finger tips.

      • ihatefanboys

        yea SWYPE is horrible, i use the default keyboard on ICS on my ONE S, it works perfectly.

  • G2 Fanatic

    I don’t think it necessarily has to be qwerty (G2x). I’m hoping the G4x rumor turn out to be true because that would a great addition to the G-series.

    • ihatefanboys

      The G2X was a horrible glitch filled phone, i hope they never make another, LG should stay out of the phone business and stick to what theyre good at, TVs , just as SAMsuck should. HTC is the only company that produces high quality, beautiful phones, and their 2 G series phones, the ONLY G series phones ever made, were the best. Besides G4X is a horrible name…..physical keyboard, HTC, and the name “G3″ is perfect.

  • Brian

    My wife and i are both G1 -> G2 users. While a keyboard is very important to me, device support (OS upgrades) will be the deciding factor when choosing my next device, which means it will be a nexus purchased from the play store. I am holding out til the end of the year hoping that Google announces either a QWERTY nexus or a Nexus with a better camera and 2 GB RAM. Ive almost bought the GNex a few times but I want a device that will keep me happy for 2 years and I am not sure the GNex will cut it.

    • ryaninc

      That’s my issue, too. I went from G1 to G2 and now have a MyTouch 4G Slide (rooted, running ICS). I’m so spoiled by the camera on this phone that I just can’t downgrade with the Galaxy Nexus. That, and I just really love hardware keyboards. I considered the unlocked GNex from the Play Store, but that camera…I can’t do it.

      So…here’s hoping the G3 rumors prove true, or that Google releases a new Nexus with a better camera.

  • Defiantbeast

    There was a rumor a few months back that the HTC ONE X was comming to tmobile in the guise of the G4X with stock Android. I think that is more likely than Tmobile releasing a qwerty htc phone especially since the last full qwerty high end phone they released was the mytouch 4g slide, almost a year ago. I think that keyboards have slid down to mid and low tier due to the sheer size of phone screens now. I mean if you have a 4.3+ screen there really is no point in a keyboard, at least thats how handset makers are looking at it now. I know that having a keyboard is a feature that some miss/need but for the high end its all about slim and sleek and thats not possible with a keyboard. Im personally betting it will be the One X with stock. Cant WAIT!!!!!

  • Nathan D.

    What I think is, if this is true, then this would be an awesome device if it really did go to T-Mobile and with specs that rival the HTC One line would be sweet to have.

  • octavio h.

    I rocked a G2 for almost two years, finally jumped onto the galaxy nexus with jelly bean and im not looking back. Typing on a 4.65″ screen is much easier than i imagined. and although i kinda miss the physical click of the buttons, i do not miss the weight.

  • MoSDeeb

    It will be interesting to see if HTC can produce a beautiful qwerty device following the one x’s design

  • QDOG8

    I love keyboards, but android doesn’t officially support it anymore. This explains all the home screen redraw I’m currently getting on my G2 with lot of widgets and apps on the screen.

  • Greg Bulmash

    I hate the keyboard on my MyTouch 4G Slide and this one looks way too much like it. Moto and Sammy do much better keyboards.

    Plus, it looks like T-Mo and HTC won’t be upgrading the MyTouch 4G slide to ICS, so I’m stuck on Gingerbread until my contract is up. I’m getting sick of carriers demanding a 2-year contract and then supporting a phone for maybe 9 months. If you sell a 2 year contract with ETF, you should be obligated to provide timely updates until all those contracts are concluded.

  • Zak Jones

    Ho-ly shit. I would jump ship with Sprint and my truly unlimited data (that I only use like, 600mb a month of but damnit, it’s truly unlimited!!) to buy this phone on release day. An HTC QWERTY with unskinned Jellybean? That’s the dream. Especially with specs comparable to the One line.

  • HTC G2

    I love HTC G2!! and I m so exciting about G3!!! This is HOT rumor!!!

    I wasn’t sure if this G3 will have QWERTY??? But Samsung Galaxy Blaze Q (full qwerty keyboard). It’s will coming out Aug 15th.. it’s not offically… just rumor, like G3..

    but T mobile will have 2 QWERTY.. HTC and Samsung???

    If G3 doesn’t come true for full QWERTY.. then I ll buy Samsung Galaxy Blaze Q.. this specs are so awesome!! Snapdragon S4 1.5Ghz, Ice Cream Sandwich!!! Check it out in Google!!!

  • izzo

    the g series died with LG, G should have been qwerty phones only

  • jeremy

    I will be preordering the G3 just like I did with the G2. It was nice to have the phone in my hand before it was in stores. And to the dude that went from a G1 to G2 to S-3, your a sellout!

    I am still using the G2 to this day, best phone I have ever used. My Z hinge has never had problems, works perfectly. The single core processor has not posed a problem either, but it will be nice to have a 4+ inch HD display and 4 cores, which is what the new G3 will have.

  • Samantha

    I’m still using My G2 but for months i’ve been looking for a Great replacement and I lost all hope until I saw this rumor! I love switching from swype to keyboard (especially when the message is lengthy) I really hope this is true because I would love to get it and I need it!

  • Andrew

    YES! HTC G3 FTW! Can’t beat the build quality of HTC and if its comparable to the One S or One X, we can finally buy a QWERTY without compromise! (I think that’s a pretty good slogan; “QWERTY Without Compromise!”)

  • dosmastr

    if you go qwerty why not go in for one with a dedicated number row like this one?


    I’m a member of this diehard qwerty market and I want a freaking number row!