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The Nexus 7 is one tough little tablet


If you can’t possibly stand to watch the Nexus 7 thrown on the ground, pushed off a ledge and dunked in a bathtub, avert your eyes.

In their latest famous drop test video, SquareTrade is pitting the Nexus 7 against the new iPad in an epic battle to see who can withstand the most abuse. Spoiler alert: the Nexus 7 wins every single one.

Both when dropped from chest level and pushed off a ledge, the Nexus 7 sustained far less damage than the new iPad. The Nexus 7 saw minimal to moderate markings on its back from the falls onto the cement, while the iPad’s display was cracked and shattered. When dropped into a bathtub full of water, the iPad and Nexus 7 both appeared to have fully functional displays, but only the Nexus 7 still had functioning audio.

Is this a perfect simulation of what would happen were you to mishandle an iPad or Nexus 7 in the real world? Not necessarily. But it does showcase the durability of the Nexus 7, or should I say, clumsy people everywhere’s new tablet of choice.

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  • halo0

    As if it’s a surprise! Apple clearly designs their products with little or no thought to durability because they know their customers will just buy another!

    • halo0

      In fact, a friend of mine just told me yesterday that his young son has dropped and shattered two iPads already, his and his mom’s. Sad.

    • Chad

      Okay, Apple is a pretty crappy company and all, but you’re delusional to think that the products aren’t well built.

      • clocinnorcal

        He didn’t say that their products weren’t well built, he said they put little to no thought in to the durability of the design. That is pretty much a universal fact. Everyone knows that high quality materials are used in Apples products, but that does not help durability at all. Glass on both sides of the phone? Aluminum is nice, but it dents, and that is obviously a major contributing factor to the cracked glass on the iPad’s in this video.
        When people gawk and jeer at all of Samsung’s plastic phones I just laugh and wonder how many times they had to replace their trendy aluminum/glass phones in the last year.

        • thel0nerang3r

          Gorilla glass has been around for a while, but for some reason Apple chooses not to use. Aluminum can be made strong, but that’s not what they choose to use.
          TL:DR version, yup, durability is not a priority for them.

          • Daniel

            What? This is absurd. The iPhone has been using Gorilla Glass since the very first one, in 2007. They just don’t tell what components they use.

        • Thomas’

          I second this.

          The alu unibody on my MacBook Pro looks really nice and has a high quality – but each small bump with anything (for instance, a drinking glass) leaves a clearly visible dent on it.

  • shadhussain

    this is terrible news! my transformation into a nexus fanboy is getting faster by the minute! some get me a free iDevice or something to counter this.

    • Prince77


  • Stephen Feehily

    As lovely as this demo is, it sickens me a little that while I am still awaiting delivery of my pre-ordered Nexus 7, these guys are destroying them!

    • rpras

      They tried, but didn’t succeed. :-)

  • txbluesman

    Wow! Ouch! That is hard to watch. I am glad I purchased the Nexus 7 for all my personal use.

  • Rob Abby

    So hard to watch three perfectly good tablets get destroyed. or should I say three perfectly good iPads get destroyed…

    I’m buying a Nexus!

  • spazby

    i felt sick watching it…

  • duffguy123

    Did anyone else try reaching out and trying to grab the nexus 7 before it fell?……….yeah……me neither (shifty eyes)

  • Martin

    If i walk trough my city, I can see a few shop with a gigantic amount of broken iPhone displays. It’s a shop for replacing glass only. I think this says enough.

  • jayant25

    I am buying this baby !

    Don’t mess with Gorilla Glass :P

  • Max.Steel

    Why did Steve Jobs live his last moments in regret?

    They say your life flashes before your eyes just before you die. Unfortunately for Steve Jobs, his iPhone 4S didn’t have a Flash player installed!

    • clocinnorcal


  • snowbdr89

    I wonder if apple will try an sue for being a better tablet

  • Chris

    In all seriousness, this is possibly the least important element when picking which to buy.

    OS and screen size are significantly more important factors to determine the best product. Obviously, more durable is not a bad thing to hear.

    • thel0nerang3r

      Durability is not in most people’s mind, until they drop a device. The difference between “man, I got a scratch now” and “What? You want to charge me how much to replace the glass?”

  • Ironzey Lewis

    I hate to be “that guy” but these “tests” are hardly scientific. I stopped watching at around a minute, just after the chest heights drop. Clearly the iPad hit the ground on the corner and the Nexus hit more with the back first. This ain’t the same drop.

    I’m sure the iPad just isn’t as durable as the Nexus but this is just sensational “comparison” that looks good but is good for anything but watching devices get smashed. These guys do this with a lot of different devices and every time it is the same haphazard “testing” looks good but really doesn’t mean much.

    • Chris

      That itself is an issue with the iPad. I’ve seen various tests and even tried it on a bed with a friend’s iPad, the iPad is VERY front heavy. Pretty much no matter how you drop it, it will always land screen down, unless it doesn’t make it all the way around, in which case it lands on the corner and destroys the screen anyway. Making a large glass screen, without using any kind of protective glass and making it so front heavy that it always lands on its most vulnerable area isn’t a very good design choice.

  • kungpaodragon

    Seen plenty of iPhones and iPads with cracked screens. Yet the FanBoys keep buying them.

    • dVyper

      Apple’s hypnosis

  • ayocuz

    The water test was fair . hands down nexus 7 is more durable

  • Shawn Clark

    Aluminum and Glass might give a light feel n the hand and be attractive n shit like that…but it clearly isnt durable under severe situations…My assumption is Apple must think people really cherish their merchandise n cant imagine it broken…such asses

  • Kevs87

    Wow!!! the nexus 7 really is a everyday tablet….

  • Thomas’

    +1 for moderating while sitting on the crapper (1:47) ;-)

  • Stella

    I enjoyed watching this durability test. It makes owning a Nexus 7 a better overall decision.

  • dan


  • ndarvishev

    I was ordering one for my birthday but my uncle in US is coming back tomorrow. He wouldn’t have been able to get it to his address if he had ordered. Tough tablet. Tough luck.

  • duckfeet

    I just spent $170 getting my nexus7 cracked screen repaired. As brief of a time period it has been out, these screens are cracking right and left. Nice tablet, but way too delicate for me: mine slid off bed onto a rug, landed flat on it’s back: screen was cracked in several places, and it didn’t work at all after that. I’d had it over a month, so google–tho very friendly–could not help me, and I was doomed to dealing with ASUS and sending tablet in, and paying the price: $85 for parts, $65 for labor.

    I’d google ‘cracked screens’ and ‘nexus7′ before presuming too much about these: this is getting all too common

  • klcow92

    nexus 7 all the way!!! :D

  • kittycatface

    Pssshh. I got one for Christmas, and after about a week I managed to drop it about 2 feet and my screen is shattered (but still on) and the touch screen that doesn’t work at all.