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Video: Nexus 7 unboxing montage


As we all patiently await the delivery of our Nexus 7 tablets from Google and ASUS, what better way to kill the time than by watching a Nexus 7 unboxing montage. The following video is making its way around the internets at the moment, and it’s frankly hilarious to watch. We’re having a good old time watching folks struggle to get the Nexus 7 out of a tightly-packaged box, and we thought you might enjoy it as well.

Anyone out there gotten their hands on the Nexus 7 yet? Let us know how you’re enjoying it by leaving a comment below.

Is this the best damn video you’ll watch today? Probably.

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  • spazby

    hahaha, very funny, should try this on my own tomorrow according to UPS…

  • Perry

    That was great, thanks for the laugh. Hopefully I’ll get to fight my way into one soon as my card was finally charged this morning. No shipping info yet but I’m hopeful….

  • fletchtb

    Can’t wait to try it on mine…now if only that shipping notice would arrive in my inbox!

  • westy

    Mine will get here tomorrow :)

  • nivekkev

    No charge, no shipping notice, no nothing arrrrrrggggghhhh. My first pre-order experience is driving me crazy. Just charge my card already so I know I am good…

  • halo0

    Mine’s arriving Tuesday. Tracking info finally updated this morning after being blank all weekend long.

  • masterpfa

    Still waiting for something to happen here, no charge, no notifications, guys I’ll hope something happens tomorrow.

  • skugern

    What not to bring to an unboxing: a dull piece of plastic.

  • Prince77

    LOL, I needed that laugh big time. You should always have a knife or something sharp to cut the tape and a butter knife to loosen up the box

  • nomad68

    I got the E-mail on Friday but wasn’t able to get the tracking number to work til this morning. It’s suppose to be here by the end of day Tuesday.

  • DroidRocka

    I have another tablet but would like to try this so anyone would like to have their package redirected to the ups store for me I can pick it up and try it out…Don’t worry I will review it and I will let you play with it when I’m not using it. :)

    You see the way my bank account works is I have a checking and a savings all my money is in the savings

  • Prabhu

    Good this will reduce one lawsuit charges from fruity company
    crapple. Ha ha.

    • duffguy123

      Apple is working on the patent for crappy packaging so they can go after Google for that too haha

  • DroidRocka

    Box y, u no open lol…dude has a big size dishsoap in the background

  • Bpear96

    Anyone want a transformer prime lol? I think I want a Nexus 7 :D

    • dVyper

      Me too :(

  • eazyean1

    SHake and BAKE !

  • droilfade

    hehehe…….rofl…..Sorry that wasn’t even on film…oh! that’s screwed….hahaha

    Obviously they couldn’t open it without saying the magic word…”Honey, Where’s the knife?”

  • Taylor

    Tempted to do a slick, get-it-right-on-the-first-try unboxing video myself. Nobody owns an x-acto knife?

  • txbluesman

    Gotta love the Big Ass Unboxing Knife……lol.

  • Dylan

    got mine today, had no trouble opening the box

  • WlfHart

    That was hilarious!

  • Noor811

    Just barely got my Nexus 7!! Almost bought it from CL last night for $290 (16GB) since it was supposedly sold out everywhere, did some more Google searching and found 10 in stock in Microcenter (Tustin, CA), researched/drooled over it a little more, then decided to buy it the next morning and went to bed thinking the 10 availability wasn’t gonna change much. Some reason woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep thinking about the Nexus 7, then around 7am something told me I should just buy it online and pick it up at the store before going to work when it opens at 10am. Checked online again on Microcenter’s website and shockingly it said Availability: 1 !!!!! That put me in a mixed panic/sad/FML mood, LOL. Thinking it was probably the display model, I hesitated to buy their last one in stock, but I got up from bed and made the purchase online for $249+tax (16GB). Then checked availability and said it was unavailable, so that told me their database is real-time. Got ready for work, grabbed a banana, got to the store 40 minutes early, waited in the parking lot in my car while I ate my banana and watch a few dudes pull up and wait in their cars for the store to up open up. Store opened exactly at 10am, wasn’t much of a line, just some dudes standing around the entrance with me being the second person entering lol, went straight to the pick-up center, lady asked my last name, saw her grab a box sitting by itself, showed her my ID, she gave me my new Nexus 7, looked new and sealed, she gave me my receipt, I said thank you and left to work! Now I’m at work without a wifi connection trying to logon to my device without sucesses, but still happy to GET THE LAST ONE IN STORES!! The device is nice and solid, screen looks amazing, can’t wait to go home now for lunch to use my home wifi and play wiht it some more.
    :D :D :D :D