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Fix your mom’s Android phone with TeamViewer QuickSupport


If you are a hardcore Android fan, then chances are you have converted several of your friends and family members to your favorite mobile OS. That means you have probably taken a few support calls from people looking for help with their new Android device. Some issues can be solved with a quick phone call, but others require a little more effort.

This week TeamViewer released a new Android app that aims to make remote support a breeze. The new TeamViewer QuickSupport lets you provide remote technical support to colleagues, friends, and family who need assistance with their Android device. Friends just need to install the free app from the Google Play store and then provide you with a QuickSupport ID that allows you to establish a connection with the device.

Highlights of TeamViewer QuickSupport include:

  • Access Samsung mobile devices from any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer with TeamViewer.
  • IT departments can help employees resolve any support questions with their Samsung mobile device quickly and easily
  • Conveniently control the mobile device from your computer to edit text messages, check email account settings, or troubleshoot other apps etc.
  • Secured connection with 256 Bit AES Session Encoding
  • The app is compatible with Samsung mobile devices running original Samsung Android firmware (Android 2.3 or later).
  • The app is free!

As someone who use to provide remote desktop support, I’m really excited to see this service come to Android. Unfortunately, it looks like the TeamViewer QuickSupport app only works with Samsung devices at the moment. I’m not sure if this is an exclusive promotion, but hopefully it comes to more devices soon.


Via: TeamViewer

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  • Marvin

    So does it work with the (Samsung) Galaxy Nexus?

    • Lane

      My guess is no since the GNex doesn’t have a regular framebuffer like every other f—ing Android device and most Linux distros. :-(

      • Lane

        Not sure why I’m being voted down. Just google “galaxy nexus framebuffer” and you’ll see where people started thinking Google was blocking the ScreenCast app but it affects all screen sharing apos because they grab images from the framebuffer as they are pushed to the screen but on all the Galaxy Nexus phones the framebuffer is always empty. This has been a known issue since at least January.

        • fayaz

          so now what we shoul to do ?

        • Homncruse

          Upvote for technical background. I wasn’t aware of the issue (much less the cause), but I’ll tell you why you were downvoted: you posted a negative about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. You’re dealing with Samsung *and* Nexus fanboys. Make any negative statement (no matter how true) about a popular brand, and you’re bound to get downvoted.

        • Lane

          Also ironic because my wife and I both use Gnex as our primary phones.

  • Derek

    this is cool, but why only for Samsung devices?? Shouldnt this be available for all?

  • alxrock

    Awesome! Lucky thing that my mom has the GS2. It’ll make troubleshooting a lot easier.

  • Jorge Vieira

    This is pretty epic! Hopefully it’s only just exclusive for a little while.

  • carlie

    My mom has an iphone4 like me and could not be happier! Apple is the best!

    • Matt

      Yes, the iphone is absolute best, if you don’t mind not having LTE, a screen capable of displaying text without zooming in, a functional OS, NFC, good battery life, descent radios to make calls or self respect then yes you definitely have the best phone. I had an iphone years ago and looking back now I just laugh that I thought that was a smart phone, of course at the time I was pretty uneducated on the subject much like yourself. I will let market share speak for what is the best and what people want. in less than 5 years the iphone will either be gone or will be the basic smartphone for kids and grandparents (free on contract). Android and WM will be the top competitors because their OS’s actually are capable of being more than an app drawer. At the end of the day like and use whatever fits your needs, you sound like a simple person so a simple phone should be perfect for you, but I work in the IT world and I need a device that can keep up and handle my day to day life, for the time being that is Android. p.s. Stop trolling Android sites if you like iOS, making comments like this just make you look like a fool. Its also well known that people that troll android sites like yourself are generally dissatisfied with their device and want others to feel the same way you do it hopes to make you feel better about your own purchase. To clear things up for you, everyone that has carried an iPhone that is now on Android is laughing at you, all of us. We know how cool you think the word iPhone is but in the real world it is just a joke. Good day

      • Max.Steel

        Matt, that “carlie” person is a troll. He constantly posts about iPhones under a different moniker on many articles. Do like we all do. Neg vote and keep moving.

        • Matt

          That shouldn’t be a problem, I said what I needed to get out. I wish I had that much free time in my life that I could spend it trolling random sites. Sad

      • domi1k


    • Vance

      It’s good to know you’re as tech savvy as your Mom. Bravo.

  • Simon

    Now bring it to HTC so I can help my mom with hers HTC Sensation

  • alexanderharri3

    This is overall a great product idea. Where has this been all this time?

    …Now this only has to clear away from Samsung only to be able to help out more phones….so, XDA?

  • kinderdm

    I love TeamViewer, too bad my first Android phone is going to be a galaxy nexus. I would love to have this ability even just to use on my own phone from time to time.

  • Max.Steel

    Too bad this is only for Samsung phones. WTF?

  • fayaz

    it,s too bad because this application should be able for each phone

  • fayaz

    narrow painy big idea but why only sumsung phones if we don,t have sumsung phones then it,s not for us it,s so disapointed
    And sumsung phones are too expensive to buy


    Im a hardcore Android fan but was not able to convince my family to switch to android, even tho every phone i get is better than theirs. I have 2 brothers, 3 sisters, a brother in law and a step brother who all have iPhones, lol. I was able to find a sweet young lady and switch her over to Android and now she hates Apple so I made her my girlfriend. LOL

  • Nathan D.

    This would be perfect for my grandmother or any one for that matter since most ppl come to me for phone help.

  • pesti

    Oh you poor android people, always in need to fix something…

  • jswenson3

    once this gets opened up to all OEMs I’ll definitely be giving it a try!

  • Varnika

    Hi Teamviewer team. Please develop this type of app for entry level android phones too. I have samsung galaxy ace duos and if I want to fix my mom’s phone which is another samsung phone, I just can’t do it. I also don’t want to root the phones. So please do solve this problem.

  • hemant chhajer

    pls make it compatible for samsung tab 2 310 4.1 jelly bean bcs till now it is not compatible for that although it is ready for jelly bean. pls make changes asap. pls pls pls it is not compatible with my samsung tab 2 310 jelly bean, when i m installing this it shows me not compatible with your device. pls help

  • HRM

    Why is it only for samsung? Please hurry and make it for all android phones! My grandma needs you!

  • dan

    plss help me i cant find my id numer, on the phone says the id numebr is 0…but i think is wrong…on setting in version menu the same Number id : 0 , why ?

  • cody

    I can remote in to my computer from my phone but not vise versa, I get an error that says, “No connection to partner! Partner did not connect to router. Error Code: WaitforConnectFailed”

    Can anyone please help me?

  • Sven Schubert

    This only works for teamviewer license holders on the PC end of the support scenario. This is by no means a way to support your Mom’s Android device, unless you are forking out $$$ for the commercial Teamviewer license and QS add-on.

    Nice idea, useless in a non-commercial setting. Disappointing actually, the article raised my hopes.

  • Robert S.

    OK, here is the problem…. I downloaded Teamviewer Quicksupport on my Laptop which has windows 7 and I downloaded the same on my Andoid Sony Xperia Z1 >> It works!! brilliant.

    I also downloaded the same on my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tabpro tablet and >> It works BUT I cannot see the remote option tab on the left upper corner, so I cannot get access to the screen

    What can this be?