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Google Wallet drops Citi exclusivity, now supports all credit cards

google wallet

The Google Wallet service has just gotten an update, and it’s the most important update yet.

When Wallet originally launched, users could only add a Google Prepaid Card or Citi MasterCard for NFC payment, leaving basically everyone else in the dust. Of course, you could add funds to your Google Prepaid Card with whatever card you liked, but that was often viewed as complicated or defeated the purpose of a truly-integrated wallet.

Today, Google has announced on its Wallet site that users of the Wallet app could now add any Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Card to use for mobile payments. The move obviously is huge as it allows any phone with NFC and access to the Wallet app the ability to replace all the credit cards in your wallet at all retailers that support NFC.

The updated Google Wallet also moves security to the cloud as opposed to local device storage, allowing for synced preferred payment methods and a single online management hub for all online and in-store payments from your Google Wallet account. The update also allows you to disable Wallet on individual devices, should you lose or sell your Android phone.

Here’s hoping Google is actively working on bringing support for Google Wallet to more devices. Will you actually be using Google Wallet more now that it supports all major credit cards? Sound off in the comments.


Via: Phandroid

Source: Google Commerce Blog

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  • oddball

    Nice and now to see if I can load the new hybrid app on my Galaxy S 3 thanks Verizon for blocking the app direct from the play store

    • Anthony Domanico

      carriers are silly

      • Jon Garrett

        yep, what difference does it make how many cards are accepted if there’s only one or two devices that can run the damn app !!

    • mostlyDigital

      Now that there are more reasons to want GW Verizon has to hurry and release a (very) competitive product or earn the hate of their customers with high-end phones. We know where Nexus owners stand but now they have all those new Galaxy S3 customers to deal with.

      Gotta go. Time to email Verizon.

      • LukeT32

        I have had GW on my Gnex since they released the app un-official on XDA. I use it every once and awhile..

        • ben dover

          Yeah I had to hack it onto my Verizon gnex but I work at MasterCard so I use Google wallet almost daily down in the cafeteria and on soda machines. This is a huge update!

  • halo0

    This is flipping awesome! Now we just need more merchants to get NFC pay stations and for the ones that do have them to make sure they actually work. :/

    • R.S

      I think with the iPhone finally (allegedly) having NFC, we should see a lot more merchants jumping on the NFC payment bandwagon.

      As for the question ” Will you actually be using Google Wallet more now that it supports all major credit cards?” I have to (sadly) say NO.

      Not because I don’t want to but because it still isn’t compatible with my phone; Galaxy S II (T989)

    • Angel garcia

      google wallet. Le clos and agnel faster than phelps. Hes too slow since he began smoking weed.

  • Jamrockjones

    That’s amazing! I’m glad I can load my Visa on the app now.

    • walt

      Glad it works with all cards, but its just a workaround from the card issuers. Other than Citi, the other cards still go through a “virtual card” which show up on the statement as a “google*****” purchase. Totally not conducive towards expenditure/budget tracking.

      • Fresh360

        But Google Wallet itself keeps track of purcahses (with location) in the app, so that should help with budgeting/expenditures.

  • nateysmith

    This is what I was waiting for. I can’t wait to actually use this app on my Galaxy Nexus that has just been sitting there on my phone for the longest time.

  • RSXBiker

    I read about SD Cards with built in NFC chips a few months back. Anyone heard of any development on those as that would bring NFC to the masses. That is something I’m willing to bet banks would be willing to give away to customers at least to those in good standings.

  • TomT

    What good is it when you own. International Version of the Samsung Galaxy S3. (GT-i9300) and is used in the US on the AT&T Network… And Google in their infinite wisdom keeps saying: DEVICE NOT SUPPORTED – SO LAME, what a waste of $800

    • Leo209

      So you say your $800 purchase was a waste… did you buy it just to download use google wallet? Trololol

      • Leo209

        download and* use

    • Angelica

      The iPhone version works flawlessly. Thats why we got an iPhone.

      • Dags -

        NFC – there’s no app for that.

        Stupid – there’s clearly an app for that.

  • fletchtb

    Even though I just added another $20 on my pre-paid card this is great news! No more selecting my goods in the store and then loading google wallet to add funds prior to getting up to the register!

    Best news of the day.

    Now we just need some more merchants.

  • jerkyjones

    I like that it integrates with your Google Wallet account so that any cards that are on there can be activated for NFC purchases. Plus the remote Wallet kill switch is exactly what this needs.

    What is interesting (to me, at least) is that Google is mapping each card in your account to what it is calling a Virtual MasterCard. There isn’t a full and direct connection like you’d expect.

  • BJ Beier

    Google, thank you for finally fixing Wallet to make it would it really should be! I’ve been using the Prepaid card on my Gnex for sometime, and it always irritated me to have to reload it and especially not to be able to see my purchases via the web. This update is fantastic all around! Now, add more NFC pay stations and NFC capabilities to more phones, and I can get rid of a few things in my wallet.

  • WlfHart


  • Scott

    Good start, but they didn’t address reward programs well enough. A lot of reward programs rely on merchants to identify purchase categories, but Google does not pass along this merchant information to the credit card company. This obviously won’t apply to everyone, but if I am not getting correct rewards, it makes it harder to switch to Google Wallet.

    It seems like this info would be easy enough to pass along, but there might be credit card rules that prevent one retailer (Google) from passing multiple category types across transactions.

  • justreboot


  • Christian

    FINALLY I can use my Visa card!!

  • Nate B.

    The only thing I don’t like about it is since the update, my Google reward card now only has $2.00 left. I never used it since Google Wallet was introduced, and I had $15.00 at first. What’s up wit that?

  • Nate B.

    I also, love Google’s commercials. They’re always so creative and simple. Just makes Android fun.

  • Lexcyn

    This needs to be available in Canada, like, yesterday.

    Sucks I can get a Google pre-paid card, but if I try and add my Visa or MasterCard, it makes me change my billing address to a US based address.

    Sad face.

    • jon

      Well I guess its time to get out of Canada you hoser. A

  • guyb99

    The most overused term this decade but frankly appropriate in this case – GAMECHANGER

  • LukeT32

    Just pushed the Google Wallet download to my VZW Gnex from clicking the link above and signing into google. It let me send the download without saying my device is not compatible…. strange, but not [email protected]!!!1

    • raichleb

      Just tried the same thing. No luck. Oh, well.

    • thekaz

      it worked for me (from the web, not the phone). I already had it installed – don’t know if that contributed or not.

      The other nice thing is that it automatically pulled in the cards I had associated with my Google account for purchases.

  • Homncruse

    Maybe now it’ll gain some traction.

  • spazby

    I am in…. more of an amex kind of guy so i wasn’t using it much as it really is a hassle to transfer $s to prepaid… hopefully this will make merchants add this system.

  • Johnathan Prochaska

    Can’t get this app on Samsung Galaxy S2 on AT&T… anyone else having luck or would I have to do a special ROM or something. Never have done anything like that yet.

    • LukeT32

      I don’t believe S2 has NFC?

  • anders breivik

    Not in europe, google fail!!!!
    Apple has more money to do this.

  • JB

    So I went with a new one s a week ago thinking it not having NFC was no big deal seeing as it didn’t support my cards…. I’m still looking the one s but NFC would have made it complete.

  • walt

    I wonder if Google could write & licence a specialty app for a “business edition” Nexus (7, galaxy, what have you) that could be used as the “cash register”, say at a restaurant table or so, or checkout counters.

  • izzo

    cant wait, till this gets hacked,