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Top 10 Android app updates: Flipboard, Instagram, MixBooth


Welcome back to the return of our weekly Top 10 Android App Updates column, where we take a look at the most upgraded apps for the week. I’ve found that one of the best ways to discover useful apps is to look at what people are actually updating, and not focus on which apps have the most installs.

To find the most updated apps, I turn to AppAware. It’s a great tool that shows me which apps have active support from their developers and sometimes reminds me of an old app that I might have removed long ago. Make sure to install it so your activity can help determine our weekly top 10 list.

As in the past, we are going to filter out minor updates for the super popular apps that have over 10 million installs, but I’m going to make an exception for apps that had significant updates. I hope you enjoy this weekly feature and discover some apps that you might find useful.

Flipboard – Version 1.9.6


What’s new in this version:

  • Improved navigation within sections, visible when you tap on section’s name
  • Easier access to Google Reader feeds and folders
  • In-app hints that expose helpful functionality
  • New shopping cart features (Gilt Taste section)
  • Improved performance and bug fixes

I’ll admit I have never used Flipboard, but everyone who does seems to love it. Call me old fashioned, but I just read my news through RSS feeds. And when it comes to “social news”, I turn to This latest update to Flipboard includes improved access to Google Reader feeds and tips for new users, so I’m downloading it right now.

Instagram – Version 3.0.4


What’s new in this version:

  • Introducing Photo Maps! A fun, new way of browsing photos on a map
  • New design for user profiles and many other parts of Instagram
  • It’s now easier to write longer captions when sharing photos

I’m obsessed with sharing pics on Instagram so I was excited to see this new update. Verion 3.0 introduces a new feature called Photo Maps that lets you browse photos on a map. Over 10 million Android fans have already installed Instagram since it was released earlier this year, so it’s worth installing it if you have been holding out.

Photo Grid HD – Version 3.95


What’s new in this version:

  • Yes! HD version is here for you now, thanks a lot for your patient and support.
  • This is a beta version, HD output only support Grid mode now, we will HD other modes(long wide free) in following version.
  • Support 320×240 device.

Speaking of Instagram, Photo Grid HD is a great companion app to the photo sharing service. It allows you to easily arrange groups of photos into a grid layout. If your Instagram stream is looking stale, try Photo Grid to spice things up.

MixBooth – Version 1.1


What’s new in this version:

  • Various improvements

From the creators of FatBooth and BaldBooth comes Mix Booth. This update is fairly minor, but MixBooth is a fun app to play with if you want to see what happens if your friends mated.

Swiftkey 3 – Version


What’s new in this version:

  • Smart Space – fixes typos even if you miss spaces as you type
  • New look – two beautiful new themes for your keyboard
  • Easier layout – larger space bar, quick punctuation key and other tweaks
  • New languages – seven new languages for our international friends
  • Improved prediction – the words you want, more of the time

I’m never giving up the stock Android keyboard, but there are plenty of phones out there that don’t ship with the stock keyboard. If you are a fan of alternative keyboards, then you might want to check out Swiftkey 3. It has a completely new look and improvements to the layout and text prediction.

AppAware – Version 3.1.7


What’s new in this version:

  • Fast access to your profile (click on user image)
  • Personalize your home screen
  • Speed improvements for the home screen
  • Show which users likes an app (instead of who recently installed)
  • Improved profile settings and privacy configuration
  • Bug fixes

If you are still reading this post you might be an app addict, which means AppAware deserves a place on your device. We have been big supporters of these guys and it’s still my favorite service for keeping up with the latest apps and games. The new update allows you to customize the home screen and includes speed improvements.

AirDroid – Version 1.1.0


What’s new in this version:

  • Fixed bug causing login failure
  • Added 5 new languages: Suomi,Hrvatski,Bahasa Indonesia,Dansk,Română

It’s been a couple months since we mentioned AirDroid, so I thought it was time to give them another shout out. This app lets you wirelessly manage your Android from your favorite browser, and it’s pure awesome. The latest update includes various bug fixes and adds five new languages.

Easy Uninstaller & History Eraser – Version varies with device



What’s new in this version:

  • Added various language support

The number one problem with older Android phones seems to their limited internal storage. If you have a friend with a device that keeps getting a low space warning, then you might want to check out this pair of apps from Infolife. Easy Uninstaller allows batch removal of apps and History Eraser helps you free storage with one tap.

Elixir 2 – Version 2.23.1


What’s new in this version:

  • NFC toggle (opens the settings screen)
  • Lock toggle can work with pin/password protection (admin add-on is needed)
  • Software info screen: new accessibility, drm and media effects rows; rows can be hidden
  • Uninstall and Add-ons screens are merged
  • Profiles: enable/disable application action (works only on rooted devices)
  • Support of Relative humidity sensor
  • Displays new information available from ICS
  • Other small changes and bugfixes (gps toggle)

Do you want to know everything about your device? Elixir 2 displays information for just about everything related to your Android device. The latest update adds a ton of new features, so head over to the Play Store to check it out.

Firefox Beta – Version 15.0


What’s new in this version:

  • New added tablet interface and support!
  • Find in page
  • Request desktop site feature
  • Added text selection
  • Performance improvements
  • New start page
  • On phones, Flash support
  • Updated minimum system requirements to Android 2.2+ for optimized experience

I am one of the many people who gave up on Firefox and moved over to Chrome, but the Mozilla team is still hard at work on improving their Android browser. The latest beta version supports tablets and includes desktop toggle, so it might be worth another look.

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    Google and Mozilla should fuse to create “Chrome Firefox” that would be badass. more visually though..dunno about browser wise.

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    It’s been a while, I really missed your Top 10 updates, as before and always nice post.

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    Hadn’t heard of AirDroid … amazing app! Need something just like this.

    • DroidPower

      been using it for a while now, beats the Samsung Kies Air by a long shot!

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    I too missed the top 10 app update stories. I know plenty of people that can benefit from Easy Uninstaller and History Eraser. Thanks!

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    I don’t care if it’s in a top 10 list, but give me pictures and QR codes and I’m there! Informative post as always.

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    Интересно, прикольно, супер

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    I think Google Currents is on par with flip board, although it is fun to ‘flip’ through pages. Hopefully they can add more magazines and websites to its list.

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    You know what will be great? When tablets and phones are fast enough to do really good video editing and play AAA games. That day is approaching fast.

  • amgala

    I love the Top 10 threads! It seems like there are always an app or two which I didn’t know about and want to try out after reading these threads.

  • sharon

    Would like to know when they plan on updating to 4.0 or to the jellybean 4.1 for the androids phones, i have a HTC Inspire but now some of the software updated to HTC Sense which is pretty cool.

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    Flipboard and instagram, my favourites :P

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    instagram is great