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Android has a new flagship adventure game and we want to give you the best Tegra 3 tablet to experience it on. Today Phosphor Games released their highly anticipated game Horn to the Google Play store. Their previous title Dark Meadow featured the best graphics we have ever seen on Android, so we have really been looking forward to this new game that some are comparing to Zelda.

The Trailer

Phosphor Games describes the title: “Horn is a revolutionary third-person action adventure game where anyone can fully explore and enjoy a beautiful and engaging console-style world, all controllable by touch gestures.  Inspired by the endearing character-based console games, Horn takes the richness of intricate worlds to explore, entertaining characters, thought-provoking puzzles, the excitement of combat, and memorable extraordinary situations — and makes them accessible for everyone to pick up and play.

Based loosely on the Old English tales of King Horn, you play as a young blacksmith’s apprentice named Horn who wakes up to finds your village and lands over run by large fantastic, and sometimes humorous, monsters. It is revealed these creatures are actually the people and animals from your village transformed by a curse, and you alone have the power to free them. On your incredible adventure you carry the loud-mouthed head of one such fantastic creature with you – a somewhat uncooperative and ill-tempered but grudgingly helpful sidekick. Along with this new companion you must use your sword, crossbow, trusty musical horn, and wits to explore the lands, defeat the enemies, and solve puzzles in your quest to undo the curse that engulfs your homeland.”

The Download


The Reviews

We just received our copy of Horn within the last 24 hours, so we haven’t had a chance to complete the game yet and review it. However, the iOS version has been available for a couple of weeks and the early reviews are pretty amazing.

  • IGN: “Horn is the real deal. It looks, sounds and plays great. The adventure may a little too linear and repetitive, but it’s still a blast exploring this gorgeous and riveting world. The exploration, puzzle-solving and combat combine to create an enthralling adventure.”
  • iLounge: “The fact that Horn can be discussed in the same breath as vaunted Legend of Zelda titles is non-trivial, and between its graphics and audio, the game engine here is more impressive than anything Nintendo has put forward on any handheld console to date.
  • 148apps: “As a fan of both the Legend of Zelda series on Nintendo consoles and the Infinity Blade franchise on iOS, I welcomed Horn with open arms. Believe it or not it delivers on both counts.”
  • Pocket-lint: “This is an app you want to show off your phone with: it has cutting-edge graphics, intuitive controls and more than enough gameplay to get stuck into.”

Benefits of Tegra 3

Horn will be featured in TegraZone as it is optimized for Tegra 3 devices to include enhanced physics and additional physically simulated particle systems that respond to the player. You’ll also notice cloth simulation on a number of the characters, dynamic water simulations, and enhanced shadows.

The Prize: Win a Transformer Pad Infinity with dock!

The ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity is the best Android tablet on the market period. It has the highest resolution display, fastest processor, longest battery life (with dock), and largest internal storage. We thought this was the best device to experience Horn and that’s why we are giving it away. Thank you @NVIDIATegra for supplying the prize!

How to Play: Leave a Comment

We are going to make it super easy for you to enter the giveaway. Just leave a comment below and tell us why you want the Transformer Pad Infinity. We normally allow anonymous comments, but for this contest you will need to be a registered user to leave a comment. Not signed up? It only takes seconds to join.

Multiple comments are allowed on this post, but each user will only be counted once. The winner will be chosen at random, so don’t bother downvoting each other.

Contest Rules

This contest is open to residents of any country. Entries will be accepted for one week after the contest goes live. We’ll announce the winner on this page and on our Twitter account as soon as we draw.

The Winner

Congratulations to Cwalden21 for winning the ASUS Transformer Infinity Pad.

Via: Phosphor Games Studio

Source: Horn The Game

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  • n25philly

    I want it because my original transformer is due for a replacement as the speakers have stopped working. It would be nice to have a tablet I could use without a bluetooth headset.

  • smalljacks

    Obviously I want/need the Transformer Infinity because it is the premiere tablet available.

  • mitch8995

    Would love an infinity pad with the dock!

  • lhopki01

    I want it so that I can give my sister my Transformer Prime because she keeps stealing it all the time.

  • thezood

    I want a transpaddy!

  • epps720

    Better question is why wouldn’t I want the best tablet out there!

  • ArKay

    I’d love the Transformer Pad Infinity so I can :
    1) wave it around in front of my apple-centric friends and show them how cool Android can be

    2) Be able to set my Nexus 7 up for my friend kids to use so they can see there is more to fun & games than iOS

    3) Then I might not have to get a Windows 8 tablet to use at work.
    Walking around my store to do inventory would be made so much easier with a tablet that works for something beyond videos and games.

  • kenbr1960

    Who wouldn’t need an Infinity Pad???

  • Grave

    I’d like a Transformer Infinity because

    a) it’s free (c’mon! you’re all thinking it!) and

    b) because my Transformer TF101 is getting really dated

    I have a Galaxy Nexus and a Nexus 7. All I need is a fast 10″ tablet to complete the trifecta!

  • Jon Shiflett

    This would be great for work. I could look like I’m taking notes during an important meeting, but playing this game or Riptide instead. Assuming I didn’t have to tilt it around. “Sure Bossman, I’m listening dilligently.” “No, tilting my tablet helps me to listen better.” “Yes, I have special needs, don’t make me call HR.”

  • Co1e

    I have yet to purchase a tablet and this would be perfect for me. Love the flexibility of android and having the dock is a big plus as well. Pus, Horn looks AAMAAYYYZIIING!

  • sand

    I would love this tablet!
    I want it.

  • bellken

    it looks to be a great tablet, who wouldn’t want to win one?

  • sand

    I would love an inifnity.

  • Jeremy Sheehan

    I’d love that tablet! I’ll take it! Thanks

  • jwier

    I’ve really been wanting to try out some of the new android games on a Tegra 3 device of this size and specs! Just say yes and make me a happy gamer again :)

  • Fiasko

    If I won this I would game of course. Looking at the comparison screenshots you guys provided makes me sad to not own a Tegra 3 device. The differences are extreme!

  • adwin

    2 reasons:
    - it’s a powerhouse which is just waiting to be exploited with respect to android development
    - finally a platform which is slowly dissolving the barrier between console & handheld gaming.

  • aufan1

    I’d like to have the Transformer for the KB docking abilities. Of course I’ve been told that I’d rarely use the KB.

  • Ric1511

    I would love a Transformer Prime to try out Dead Trigger, Dark Meadow, & Horn the way they are meant to be played. Not to mention everything else that comes with a superior tablet!

  • Greg117

    This would be awesome! I feel like this tablet actually has the right specs for proper gaming and getting things done.

  • Robert Jakiel

    Transformer Infinity would make my mobile workspace and life so much easier. Not to mention I can play Horn!

  • bdub

    An Infinity would be great for all the travel i’m doing these days for work. To be able to skip getting the laptop out for email/browsing would be a perk!


    Android gaming is getting serious! What better tablet to experience it on than the best one out there?

  • Jason Toering

    Awesome! Thanks NVIDIA!!!

  • HunterOrHunted

    I love the transformer series for their functionality with the keyboard dock. I’m probably getting one for school!

  • GMStark

    I am writing this comment on an iPad, need I say more ;). Free me from the evil empire with a transformer!

  • impulse101

    I bought this game for my Galaxy Tab 10.1 but I would love to see this game on a brand new Nexus 7!!!

  • DroidPower

    awesome giveaway! i want to win it so i can be cool. g’luck everyone!

  • J-Man

    I’d love to have the Infinity as I’m about to embark to Uni yet again, and having one would redefine my note-taking!

  • gtex

    Asus, Android, Nvidia it’s a powerful team like avengers ;)

  • bjhedges

    So I can retire my Windoz laptop.

  • godnikeboy

    To infinity and beyond!

  • jafunk

    I would love you have a Transformer Infinity. I have come close to ordering one several times, Free would be awesome

  • Zamx

    Hope I get it, good luck everyone

  • mcluskyist

    My laptop is dying so this would be an amazing replacement! Also, I can’t keep waiting for Ouya to release for gaming so the Asus Transformer Infinity would be perfect.

  • justfish

    I’ve been waiting for a game like this.

  • CrCross

    This game looks really good makes think on Shadow of Colossus and ICO at the same time wonder if those titles is what the devs were thinking before they made this game

  • hachigoro

    I am a video game designer for a medium size studio, and we are making a game for android tablets. I think our game is going to be something really big, but the only problem is that I don’t have an android tablet myself, only the ones on the studio. It would be great to get this awesome Asus tablet so I can keep researching game mechanics when I’m out of the office.

    It’s awesome that you keep giving away these amazing prizes, keep the good work androidandme :)

  • auronblue

    I want this so I can go up to all my friends and say na-na-na-boo-boo, stick your head in doo-doo.

  • Zeratoda1

    well my reason for wanting a tablet is more of a want than anything. I currently dont have enough for a high spec’d tablet since i pay for my tuition out of my own pocket and the same goes for the books and supplies. It would be great to have a tablet and help me kill time between classes, plus if that game is included i will definitely give it a go. so with that said good luck everyone i wish we all could win the tablet but like the Highlander there can only be 1.

  • luis maldonado

    i would love this tablet so i can shut my mom up about how “awesome” her new ipad is! i can show her and my friends what a real tablet is meant to do!

  • kabos

    this Transformer Pad would be great not only for gaming but its better than this P.O.S ipad thingy

  • cmarker1

    I would love to win this machine. It looks like a great game that would be awesome on this machine.

  • rockosolido

    Dear god, yes! For both the Transformer and Horn.

  • Roger Rabbi

    I have the Transformer Prime, and it blows (wifi). I’ll gladly donate it to the charity of your choice for the infinity!

  • Brandon Henley

    I would LOVE to have a Transformer Pad Infinity! I have no tablet and this one is at the TOP of my wish list! I’m about to graduate college and this would be an awesome gift. #TeamAndroid

    • Brandon Henley

      Wow. I was the 666th comment.creepy.

  • Kaote

    Playing through this game currently on my TF101, would love to try it on a newer system. The game so for has been fun and easy enough to pick up the controls.

  • Cypher

    Had a TF-101 and it was amazing up until the battery died… but would love a new tablet to replace my old one =)

  • Sainttaz

    Would love to have to replace my Xoom with a tablet with better graphics.

  • Tommy Range

    I’d love to win this for my son. He and I love the Zelda games, and all like them. We both have older Samsung devices that can’t even run Horn!

  • paul0r3nz0

    I’d love to get one, I don’t think this’d ever be available for sale where I’m from!

  • phri

    HORN looks very good! And the combination with a Transformer Infinity looks a lot better! So, i hope to win! :)

  • jrizk07

    Would love to win this Asus Pad! Been dying for a tablet and having one with a tegra 3? I could leave console games behind FOR-EV-AR!! (Ok maybe not, but still would be awesome to have an option)

  • pablo1215

    Come on I really gotta win one of these!!

  • zeepzorp

    Sweet! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • havoc3d

    I would like to go to there. I could use something like this for work instead of my aging tx2 laptop

  • blazin_blue

    I want the Transformer Pad Infinity because it makes games look better

  • Derrick

    I absolutely love the Tranformer line. The Transformer Pad Infinity is definitely a nice piece of equipment. I would love to get my hands on one.

  • AndroiX

    I’m sure everyone wants it :) I want it a bit more than anyone else, because it would help me to start developing games for Android.

    Thanks ;)

  • elmcitizen

    Great tablet. Looking forward to winning :)

  • David

    So I can play Horn… Obviously.

  • douglaslin

    need an all around solution and the transformer is the best on the market!

  • pduthoy

    I want it because it is sleek, and my wife’s laptop just broke.

  • eldenW

    I want to play Horn and all the other great tegra games

  • bumpysig

    So I can finally have an Android Tablet.

  • turdbogls

    Just dying to get my hands on one of these…my kindle fire is not the best device to dev on and I just sold it.

  • jbcooley

    The Transformer Infinitiy is a nice, well supported tablet, and comes with a keyboard to boot.

  • belong

    Nice. Reminds me of ICO too.
    Would love to replace my eu Xoom with an Infinity.

  • atul0002

    I want one well cuz its an Awsome device, powered by a beast that is Tegra 3.

  • querty

    Awesome, i want it!:D

  • shadowfangx

    I originally was an early adopter of the Motorola Xoom wifi, as a Google experience device It gets constant upgrades. But I now am starting to see the limits of tegra 2. The ASUS transformer line has gotten my attention, and with tegra 3 and a FHD(1080p) screen, this is a deal I cannot refuse. Please pick me.

  • mortodestructo

    GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMME. My Xoom is starting to feel a bit long in the tooth.

  • matte00

    why I want IT? Of course beacuse i’m the best! :D uaz uaz… :P

  • 01davrm

    How can one not want a device with a Tegra 3??? A tablet and a keyboard? That’s an incredible prize, would love to get my hands on that.

  • Borissow

    I want to win this table because it’s awesomeness is TO DAMN HIGH!!!

  • ASUDave

    I need an Android tablet so I can get rid of this stinkin’ iPad!! I’ve been wanting a Transformer tablet since the original. There just is no substitute for the best.

  • allexinnoalexys

    I want to win this tablet because i don’t have a tablet!

  • Barry Coleman

    Transformer Pad Infinity = Awesome would love to have a tablet that could view this game the way it was meant to.

  • damz

    Hell of a tablet, just need it !

  • abstinenceman


  • dgoodrich

    I bought my wife a Toshiba Thrive for Christmas last year. I have been jealous ever since and would really like a top-notch tablet of my own. The ASUS tabs are fantastic!

  • Dsim91

    I would love to win this tablet my last tablet got broken recently I never knew how much I would miss having one and this would be a great replacement

  • argeu

    I would love to have at least one fancy thing, for I’m just a poor boy from a poor family here in Brazil.

  • Laurentiu V.

    Who doesn’t want to win the best android tablet?

  • bryanizmir

    I want it for my sick ailing cat who loves to watch videos of other cats on youtube.

    • clocinnorcal

      ^^ Winner!

  • NeoJesus

    I don’t even own a tablet yet! I’ve been wanted the Asus Transformer + keyboard dock for ages of infinity!!!

    What the hell does that even mean? I dunno, but I hope I win one!

    Thanks for this promo A&M, you guys are really growing!

  • mmaxmtbc

    i will love to win this because i’m huge android fan but till now i didn’t buy android device because i dont want crappy device i want super device bu ahhhhhh the budget …………….thnx

  • Bilal7DMK

    No seriously…I’ve never won anything,a big fandroid…So hoping for the best!

  • androidaw

    What a great tablet to have a chance to win. Tons of features, portable, and great for gaming.

  • Lion_King

    Winning this tablet would be amazing, since it would be of tremendous help with my studies! not to mention the gaming part, which after all is part of studying as well :)

  • reddragonman

    Need this to continue to spread the joys of android around the world, and show just what it can do. Been wanting a transformer for a while now, why not show of the newest and best.

  • Androidcrazed6

    I want a n asus because ive never really experinced andoid yet and i reaally want to but cant affrod it right now

  • Primed

    Horn looks like such an great game! The detail the developers put into it is amazing. I really hope I win the Transformer Pad Infinity. I really would like a device to keep up with things, and I can’t afford a new tablet since our house just got foreclosed upon. But if I don’t win, congratulations to the person that does!

  • wollac11

    I would love one of these for playing games while I’m on the go and for doing work on. It would be also be a great test platform as I’m just starting to get into Android app development. Definitely the gadget I most desire at the moment but as a student sadly I just can’t afford one, so if I won I would be very happy indeed.

  • Bondless

    I could use an upgrade from my OG Transformer

  • HenryCalibre

    I want this Transformer Pad Infinity as I will be he first among my friends to have one.

  • mindcircus

    Asus’ products I always have trusted over many. This tablet seems no different as it offers something fresh and with the high standards like their other products. Wouldn’t mind it to join rest of my line ASUS products :) pretty please :D

  • melissab

    would love to win this im sure my son would steal it from me though

  • Nolerltw

    Because I drive a stair car around and I get hop ons.

  • dannel50

    I love it !

  • Leeran7742

    Would love to win this tablet. Could do some serious development with it. Plus it would be fun.

  • clocinnorcal

    I would love to win the Transformer Infinity, well because I have yet to own any tablet, and my 6 year old HP laptop has fizzled out. Since 2008, my wife and I have had to go back to college and need a notebook type device. Also, I would play with it a lot too!

  • LAefj

    Transformer Pad Infinity, I need…bc I don’t wanna buy an iPad.

  • fartyarty

    It would be awesome to win an ASUS Transformer Prime Infinity tablet because this would be my first tablet and what better way to enjoy the Android experience then with this bad boy!

  • antonio14reyes

    It would be amazing to game on this!

  • noblelord

    I would love to win this prize because it’s sleek, cool, and fast!

  • fabdn

    i wanna use it to view all of my college pdfs!

  • rites

    fairly new to the android community, i have a Huawei Ascend (cm7), Huawei Mercury (ICS-unofficial), and HTC Evo3D (just now installed MIUI, previously Paranaoid Android)

    i want a transformer prime so that i no longer have to use my aged desktop, thats it

  • myandroid99

    i want the transformer prime so i can use it on the go and for travel

  • uzunoff

    infinite prime will be a nice upgrade for my transformer prime

  • CTown

    I want a tablet to play these games!

  • mjrdad

    Have an Asus tower already, IF I won the tablet it would go to a young man that is just starting his second year of college and is a gaming fanatic. Would make a HUGE ‘present’ for him to start his year off with.

  • LucenNox

    It would be great to have an updated device, rather than my old itouch 2g.

  • Sythe

    I’ve been toying with the idea of a 10″ tablet for a long time now, and seeing how this is the best one out there, and also free, this seems like a win win.

  • FireflyBebop

    This is it. THE tablet. the one one I’ve been trying to convince myself I don’t need even though I really really want it. All because I’ve been trying to decide whether to replace my old (read 5 years old) laptop with a new one or the ASUS Transformer.

  • Chrism

    This is the best tablet EVER. In the history of tablets. I

  • Elliot Powell

    Asus/Nvidia comba makes for some great devices

  • Bryan Stoner

    I represent part of the Android community. How can a guy, who promotes android, go around using old technology? It’s gotta be the latest, the most bleeding edge technology that I harbor for my endeavors. Which device would be the one to make the cut? None other than the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity! WIth Asus’ fast track record for updates, their solid build quality, more than excellent set of bundle apps, and a killer price/component/performance ratio; I will be the king of the town! [email protected]@~

    Only the bravest hero and the mightiest companion can free the people from this evil curse!

  • Luke Haviland

    I am starting school soon! I got accept to my dream school, i worked very hard to get where i am.
    but now i will be a banana slug in the fall UC Santa Cruz here I come!
    but i do not have a laptop or a tablet and this would help me so much!
    with school work AND gaming!
    thank you for the contests!

  • talonstone

    Too many reasons to list! Games on top. And really who wouldn’t want it?

    • bozotheclown

      love the givewaay!

  • Marcos Soler

    I would definitely love an Asus Transformer Pad Infinity. Seeing as I’ve never had a tablet before, I’d love to jump into the experience with a strong contender.

    In terms of portability, I just have an older HP laptop from 2007 and its age and weight are really starting to become a serious pain in my back. Quite literally. Being that I’m a college student, I think something like this tablet would definitely allow for the best amount of performance-to-weight-to-battery-life ratio I’ve ever seen.

    Here’s hoping!

  • sivart79

    I would love an Infinity for my work productivity and my boys to be able to play on.

  • Bakeman

    I’d love to win this. In July I made a switch from the iphone 4s to the galaxy s3. While having the iphone I heard of this game and was eagerly waiting its release. I also always wanted an iPad, but never could afford one. Now that I have an android phone, it would be great to be able to get the best tablet on the market and get to play Horn the right way.

  • cb2000a

    It’s fast and full of awesomness (is that a word?).

  • ipostforfun

    The high-resolution display, the versatility of the keyboard, sheer power of the processor, and slim design make the Transformer Pad Infinity the tablet of my dreams.

  • fnoodle

    Excellent devices from ASUS. Would love to win!

  • Alex Belko

    Wow so many comments! everybody want a gaming tablet)

  • clarkeblaise

    Would love a Transformer Prime so I won’t have to lug my old, decrepit laptop to school!

  • shesheero

    Day dreaming about it!

  • Repartee

    The Transformer Infinity? It’s just one of the best tablets out and it looks awesome with better than average specs

  • 1966CAH

    I love my Nexus 7, but a bigger screen and keyboard dock would be an awesome addition to my Android family! Also, this contest finally got me off my butt to register rather than just commenting as a guest :)

  • bambang

    i’d like have an ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity in side by side my htc Explorer & Upcoming (hopefully ) Xiaomi MI-Two….. so then will have an arsenal of Droid Gadget..:)

  • roswello

    I would love this for my 2 tenage boys for xmas, it would be the best present ever and they love their games and I have heard only good things about this tablet

  • sunwukong

    I would love to have this as my laptop is really old now and I could use a tablet as well for school, thank you!

  • Bilal7DMK

    I’ve always wanted to own a tablet,But couldn’t afford one…So it would be unbelievable if I get one for free,Because I’m a serious gamer…I’ve always had a sweet tooth for games

  • schizor

    Clearly the Android market is booming at high speed, and this machine, if not “the” most incredible tablet out there to date, then at least one of the best. Since the announcement of Horn i’ve craved to play it and realized TODAY that my phone doesn’t support the game. I’m a gamer by heart and it sure would be incredible to own a device able to play this fantastic game. If I’m not being chosen to recieve this tablet for free the saving up to buy the ASUS Transporter will begin very soon!

  • homerCOD

    It’s simple, I’ve always wanted to own a tablet, but don’t have money to by one.

  • kmarkos

    I’ve been jones’n for one of these Tegra 3 Transformers! ASUS makes some good gear.

  • cryptochrome

    Ok, so here is my comment. I want this new tablet because it seems to be the best one available right now.

  • elenarudaya

    I want this tablet because I love having the best

  • sharathvasishta

    I want to win this, I have not won anything ever

  • rickaustin

    Never had a device that was really powerful enough to use some of the leading edge games and would love to try.

  • andrporter

    play some games like Horn.

  • gamersam08

    This looks like a good game and good tablet. i would love to win this.

  • crashvoodoo

    Wow, tegra additional features are quite significant. Are the extra textures something a regular device couldn’t do ?

  • DroidDavi

    The tablet is just BA. I could game on this and take notes in class since im without a laptop now. Hope i win

  • blacho

    That would be great, thanks guys

  • njcoutinho

    Well i have been lugging around my heavy laptop for quite some time now and i am pretty sure i m going to end up like the hunchback of Notre dame. So i guess this would really take the weight of my shoulders. Oh Please let me have this tablet . Fingers and toes crossed :)

  • Fifth313ment

    I would love the new ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity! ASUS really knows how to make great products as I have been using their motherboards in my custom PC’s for years! I currently don’t have a tablet and Horn looks to be a killer game but I can’t play it on my EVO LTE as the Play store says it’s incompatible with all of my devices!? So I really need this tablet to actually play Horn, lol! Thank you for the opportunity.

  • AvantGuard

    I could use this in my classroom to replace my cheap pc and to entertain myself at the same time.

  • dcortright

    Not only could I be investing massive amounts of time into playing Horn! but I could also use the Transformer pad as a replacement for most of my college books that have to be lugged around!

  • Larkin Jackson

    I would love to use this tablet because i don’t have one.

  • naruses

    I would love to play horn on a brand new shiny Asus transformer pad infinity tablet

  • JackSilverburgh

    It should be me because my iPad was stolen last week :( and I’m done with Apple! Android is the right way.

  • tuxication

    Never own a tablet because the resolution was too low so I’ve been waiting for a Android alternative to the “retina display” iPad. Since I read a lot of scientific articles (yep I’m a student), this will be a handy tool in my day to day work. And of course, with the amazing chip NVIDIA design they can push games to another level with the Tegra 3, so I’m looking forward to try all theses new games.

  • wisebuffalo

    Becuz transformers rock

  • kie

    It is everything I have ever wanted a laptop computer to be. No bulk, amazing battery, and loads of content. I could finally get rid of my old Sony Vaio

  • flavioosh

    I would love to finally own an Android tablet, especially the Infinty. Count me in.

  • jjj026

    Win a Android tablet, I can quit carrying my laptop around

  • dustryhi

    I need to win a tablet because my wife won’t let me buy one.

  • aldrouin

    I would like to win this tablet because I’m a student in software engineering and it would be great to be able to develop some stuff on the most amazing hardware there is for android right now.

    Except for the internal memory speed. But Samsung is coming with 70MB/s R 20MB/s W micro sd this month, so everything should work out fine.

  • shri96

    WOW!!!! FIRST OF ALL, Thank you “Android and Me” and “SAY:TECH” for this contest!!!
    As Android is a Linux-based operating system which is suitable for many SmartPhones, Tablets, Phablets, TVs (WOW), Digital Cameras (another wow!), Personal Computers, Laptops, And many more ,………

    As ASUS transformer pad infinity is Superior choice for Pro gamers (like me), Android lover (ya I am!). As it is a mobile home theater!! With Quad core CPU running @1.6 GHz with Nvidia Tegra 3 giving you superior graphics.
    This small tablet with big power having HD Graphics, HD screen, HD Audio, HD camera, and many many more…
    If the system chooses me randomly I will be very Thankful. Hope for best fingers crossed!!


  • corvid

    I’d love the Transformer Infinity,
    To own it would be such divinity.
    The keyboard/dock,
    Would surely knock,
    My socks off with its sublimity.

  • kintu

    Would be happy to take is as my first tablet :)

  • grellanl

    Look at the non Tegra versus Terra 3 shots… amazing! I would love to win this tablet!

  • SmithDroid

    I think the longer battery life will keep the adventure going on and on….

  • Secondarykid

    I’ve would really like to win the tablet, ’cause my biggest screen is just 2.55″ big!

  • seventhseal1999

    As a huge fan of Android since the original Droid phone, and now my Galaxy Nexus, I would love to have the best Android powered tablet on the market! Whether it’s for reading comics, playing games, or viewing movies, I’d finally have the convenience of an Android tablet with POWER! ^_^

  • marlap

    I was waiting for a realy good tablet for a long time, winning this will be the best!

  • nivlazenaby

    I really love playing RPG games. I have tried playing Tegra games on the my friend’s Nexus 7 and it is super fast and the graphics is just awsome. You can even enhance the gaming experience if you play it on a wider tablet such as the Transformer Pad Infinity. iPad users will surely drool for this raw power.


    Sign me up. :-)

  • edmond1

    Pick me, pick me. Your next winner!!! Show me the money! It would be a dream come true and means a lot more to me than anyone else to win the prize. Starving artist here desperately needs the prize tablet to work and eat again. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list.

  • wexy

    Would love to have a Transformer Pad Infinity- please consider me in your contest! I could use some good luck!

  • allister32

    I want that device it look great.

  • Christopher Wueste

    I would love one of these to go with my Nexus 7.

  • marilyn70

    I would love to win this tablet for gaming. I would also share this wonderful tab with my family

  • stefaniegladden

    I’d love to win the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity because it is a lot more powerful & faster than the computer I have now, and it would be great to play games & watch movies on!!

  • Candroidian

    I’d like to win the Transformer Pad Infinity because I’ve never owned a tablet before, and why not start with the best? ;)

  • Garar

    I love Android gaming and would love to get my hands on a Tegra 3 tablet like the Asus Transformer. My phone is great but I’d love a tablet for these amazing games!

  • JhonnyQ

    I’d love to get one of those tablets for one very simple reason, to experience the best of the best!

  • bagarwa

    I want the Transformer ‘coz I’m still a tablet virgin. And after seeing the Nexus 7 low price blitz, hesitant to buy other ‘expensive’ tabs. Give me the Transformer so that I can see for myself that they have something more to offer than N7.

  • jithu83

    How Many Days do I have to depend on Desktops / Laptop do Play games in a full swing….. So I thought that This is the Right time to go With Tegra 3 tablet, So I will Play games Any time and Any Place…

  • NextTopDr

    I would love to win the Transformer Pad Infinity because as a pre-med student we now use ebooks and medical apps for our learning experience. Unfortunately, it requires a lot of money that I just don’t have at the moment. Heck, I don’t even have own or possess an iPad/tablet like other people.

  • Ahmad Abdel-Aziz

    I would love to win the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity
    It really is the best Android tablet on the market.
    Best graphics and rocking the best NVIDIA Tegra 3
    I have the HTC One X, and I am considering adding a tab to my gadgets :)

  • eminor9

    Win Asus, Play Horn, what could be more Badass than that?

  • -Dante-

    Men i need a tablet and this is THE best tablet at the moment.

  • NeoFugi

    Tegra 3 is reason enough!

  • marlap

    Obviously I want/need the Transformer Infinity because it is the premiere tablet available.

  • sherwood

    I badly want the Transformer Infinity because its ASUS

  • Vladimir Medvedev

    Asus Transformer series is greatest, and this top-of-the-range device is one I extremely need.

  • Omar Amassine

    This will be a good idea, thanks

  • Andrei

    I own the Transformer TF101 and its great, but I imagine the Infinity can only be better!

  • winnerlucky777

    The ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity is the best Android tablet on the market period.

  • krevedkoedko

    I am a musician amateur. This gadget will allow me to always have around VST. I think this gadget is very suitable for creative people.

  • emph

    I need to win this Pad, because I want to replace my laptop, which is not so mobile like ASUS Transformer. It helps me with work

  • cipbtro

    I hope to win

  • mellanhead

    I want to win a Transformer Pad Infinity so I can game on it

  • MountainMoment

    The Asus Transformer Infinity is my choice for a multi-function device. I have a Desktop PC at home and at work, a notebook I take back and forth, a Samsung Pad and a Droid X phone. My plan is to replace all these devices with the Asus Transformer Infinity. I plan on running Skype for phone access with my Bluetooth headset. I’ve read all the specs and think this will work. I’m looking forward to the Infinity.

  • Daniel Bolen

    I would love to own a Transformer from ASUS. I really want this tablet, my Galaxy Nexus is really starting to show its age I haven’t been able to play any of the newer games without my phone lagging behind. I would really like to get my hands on the tegra 3!

  • serif250

    I just want to play some sweet games on the Transformer, Other mobile gaming platforms have left me wanting more in the past, but this looks great.

  • JamTheMan

    I thought I already entered this, but can’t find the post.. So just making sure that I get it ;-)

  • SpencerAR

    I want to win this tablet so that I then have an excuse to go play Horn. ;-)

    That, and it would make a freaking SWEET setup to be my daily driver. :-D


  • Otark

    Nice images. Intersting to try game :)

  • Otark

    Nice images. Interesting to try game :)

  • Ulyssys

    A Transformer Infinity would be pretty cool. No lie.

  • johnnyb138

    A transformer prime infinity would be awesome to try out this new game!

  • zordoc

    I’m looking for my first tablet, and I want Android. The Transformer Prime appears to be the best choice. If I win it, I can save some money and get a great tablet.

  • bassowl

    I would love to make the transition from mobile phone gaming on my old HTC Desire to gaming on a tablet, and this combo may just be the thing that makes me do it!

  • brothersfan

    The transformer infinity looks to be the best tablet out of them all. I would be very lucky if I won.

  • NoZ

    I’m looking for a tool that would help me through medical school, and the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity would be amazing!!!

  • MightyMoogle

    I love the transformer series for its great functionality and the infinity is the best of the best… Of all tablets. Also Horn looks fantastic. Would be awesome for all the travel I do.

  • dueddums

    Asus makes elite product and I would love to have one.

  • dueddums

    Asus make elite product so getting my hands on one would be a plus

  • Anthropic

    I really love my wife’s Asus Transformer Prime and I am really really jealous!

    I want the Infinity really bad so I can get rid of my old Windows box :)

  • lilcledix

    i would love to have one because i love playing games and this would make the experience more fun.

  • wippyz

    i would love to win one because i never own a tablet before and the transformer infinity pad is a really awesome tablet!!

  • jhipolito

    i would love this tablet because i don’t own one and i’ve read that these are pretty good machines. good to carry around while watching my daughter.

  • jasonius

    Would love to win a tablet…with a dock! Reason for not getting a tablet (besides the obvious price) is having to type on a screen. Cool giveaway. Cool site.

  • homas

    I want the Infinity because quite frankly it is THE best tablet available made by ANY manufacturer!

    THE BEST!!!

  • cobakk

    The Transformer is simply awesome, is pretty awesome too!!!

  • solomad

    It looks fantastic!

  • Roha999

    I’d love a Transformer Pad Infinity – its awesome. Want to win

  • as_2k

    I really want to win Transformer Pad Infinity since September 8th is my birthday and it would be an amazing gift for me.

  • SpitFire

    Taking to the account I don’t have any PC tablet, I would be glad to win the Transformer Pad Infinity, cuz such device needs to be in my house:)

  • Riles89

    Besides the obvious and amazing specs, guts and aesthetics of the device. I’ve never owned a tablet, my ex stole my laptop and kicked me out of our apartment, my parents just told me they won’t help me with school Cruz I’m gay and that doesn’t work when your father is a Christian baptist missionary. I need some good luck my way. Lol

  • Roman Zapsha

    I want to have such device! It`s WOW effect))))

  • burunduk

    I want the device cause I like android

  • bb6o

    i want it. asus transformer is way better than my current tab.

  • moozl

    Great giveaway! I hope to win!

  • torooo

    it’s cool and I need a tablet for when I am commuting.

  • robotsforeveryone

    I really hope that the draw is random, because otherwise the probability of me being able to get one of these is 0 :D

  • anton.kzn

    I want, because I like android, but i have not this device.

  • agranom555

    I want it :)

  • dhodge1

    Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! Pick me!

  • rangel

    Would be cool if this tablet is able to entice me to finally start playing video games. At work I am surrounded by gamers and I am secretly afraid to play – what if I am not as good as them LOL…..

  • Bilal7DMK

    An HD tablet,with quad-core tegra 3 processor and a 10.1 inch screen…Forget PS3,THIS is the device for gaming

  • zehlon

    i have never tasted any android tablet . so if this one is the king of android tablets i like to taste it . and use it for reading my books and gaming and surfing the web .

  • Nolan Meilinger

    Sweet! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • jeffb34

    The Transformer Prime Infinity would be useful for class and also for a few gaming sessions every now and then.

  • Ahmad Abdel-Aziz

    I would love to win the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity
    This is the best tablet in terms of processing speed NVIDIA Tegra III and graphics :)

  • Paul89

    Nice game! Would like to play it on ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity.

  • ronin1701

    I’d love a Transformer Pad Infinity because I don’t have *any* tablet. At all :(

  • James Craig

    Sure, why not…. I’m throwing my hat in.

  • adrw.hong

    I’d love one because I never owned a tablet ever!

  • MarlowXIm

    I’d use it for viewing Xray analysis and diagnosis, while on the go, since I’m also a University student. I’m currently an Xray tech, and it’s always imperative to have a good display that shows all the subtle gradients with grays hence IPS is always my choice.

    The high resolution 1080p display of the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity would be the perfect tablet for me, due to the S-IPS display. I often have to remote in sometimes as well too help troubleshoot problems with our xray software with our techs and physicians. Getting lucky with this tablet would really shorten the extra steps I have to do.

    I wish it was at a lower price point, with higher tuition fees this premium is just simply out of reach for me :(

  • dwilson6

    The Transformer Pad Infinity is an amazing tablet, but I am a college student so it is outside my budget. I would use it for class notes, being organized for meetings for the student organizations I am involved in and to display guitar chords for my music.

  • awundrin

    I would use the Prime for everything! It would replace my aging laptop for sure.

  • ZR0ExX

    I would use the tablet for gaming and school. Buying the keyboard dock would be way cheaper then buying a new computer. I’m a college kid and im broke.

  • lostjuan

    Cause there cool!

  • alexandra.diana14

    I want this beast because I dream about it every night !

  • Ahmad Abdel-Aziz

    Hey !
    I wanna win this awesome NVIDIA Tegra 3 gadget
    I’m sure it’ll rock
    I know NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core performance on my HTC One X, I just need more :)

  • evil_wizard

    i’d like it because i am very greedy.

  • duckian

    I’d like to win this tablet so that i can watch full HD movies and play Horn. :)

  • Styper

    It’s the best tablet there is, not much to think about.

  • Astainhellbring

    I would love to win this tablet to work through citrix and play horn!

  • Balaram Vineeth Venugopal .P

    It’s beautiful on the inside as it’s on the outside.

  • traviscannon

    So I can play games and maybe do a little work from home

  • guynoirnpr

    I would love this. The only thing I have right now is a Touchpad with CM9.

  • GeauxLSU

    Is it too late to get in on this?

    • zehlon

      late is never

  • sachin_goral

    My craving for a tablet is justified cause there might be no one on earth having problems that I have, like: blue‛tooth’ pain, eyes craving for some rest through vibrant screen, fingers gone red trying to type a filthy old keypad, and worst of all: constantly plugged on charge trying to charge that bulged battery feels like overcharging my cooked brain. Well you could cure all those diseases of mine by just feeding me this mammoth TABLET.

  • TunedFish

    With high resolution and graphics, who wouldn’t want one of the tablets?

  • aarondood

    a legit gamer touch screen tablet? sick. entering in to win

  • Druski88

    I need this in my life!!!!! No seriously……..

  • fazewan

    Nothing comes after infinity

  • doctor_stew

    I want to win this tablet.

    Best wishes from Russa.

  • NegativeOne13

    Reason why I wouldn’t mind having an Asus Transformer is cause HP Touchpad. That pretty well sums it up.

  • aj34

    I want the transformer so I can game my heart out on this beautiful tablet

  • 3L_J3PH3

    Not only does this game look amazing and the specs on this tablet make me drool like a simpleton, but I think it may be an ancient alien relic that I need to get back to my home world. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Com’on bro, we have heard thousands of these ‘I need the ancient alien artifact to get back home stories’ so help me out” but I assure you mine is completely legit. I really think what you have there is the fabled Ytrewq tablet of the Wasdx that is said to have mystical powers or something (I read about it on Wikipedia). All I know is that my mom is going to kill me if I don’t get home soon. I tried phoning home, but that didn’t go so well. I got my friends in all kinds of crazy trouble with what I thought was the Feds, but it turned out to be the collections team from AT&T long distance. At first I thought they had guns, but then it appeared it was only flashlights and radios. It was CRAZY! So, could you guys help me out and pick me to win to I can get back home before I get into any more trouble than I already am.

  • joodaz

    Innovation + Excellent Performance + Top Brand = ASUS Transformers Infinity.

  • mernen

    I’ve long been eyeing Asus’ tablets, ever since the first Transformer reviews, remarkably positive. This would be a perfect opportunity to get a kick-ass product with a kick-ass game to boot!

  • Michael N

    I want to be convinced that a big beautiful Android tablet can take the place of my iPad 3. I’ve had Android phones since the beginning, but so far nothing has bested the iPad for tablets. I’d like to give this a shot, especially since it seems to replace a laptop as well.

  • vsual1

    Great tablet. It would be an amazing replacement for my CM nook color.

  • Bilal7DMK

    I currently have HTC Explorer,it does play HD games…but the screen is just 3.2″ and It doesn’t have the tegra graphics and it also doesn’t allows me use HDMI to connect it to my Tv…I’d love to switch to 10.1″ 1920×1200 HD tegra powered device

  • pepperonijack

    I need an Android tablet to develop for the tablet format (the emulator sucks), and the Pad Infinity is the best tablet there is.

  • melan26

    I like a tablet, but I really do prefer the feeling of typing out the words rather than tapping it on glass.

  • WritZ

    Hmmmmmmmm…..ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity………..and Horn…………….

    I want a tablet…… first tablet……….

    So, Please, Count me in……..

    This will be my first tablet……….as well as my first SMART Portable Device…..

  • darkStorm

    Replace a bulky laptop with netbook? How about an ultrabook? Nah, a tablet that I can do all my work on sounds great to me!

  • cl4bel23

    I want! Stay on bed without need laptop

  • bergwen

    I am all about technology and I could use this device to replace my Motorola Xoom for the gaming experiences.

  • jepp

    I’m liking the transformer line.

  • brower

    Never had an Android tablet before but that looks pretty cool.

  • troysyx

    I love ASUS products, i have the original Transformer tablet. I want the infinity pad because my first endeavor into rooting, I ended up doing something wrong and bricked said Transformer. now i have to sit back and watch my girlfriend play on the tablet that i bought her. I need a new one so so bad and i would absolutely love this :-D

  • Ophois

    I would absolutely love to have this, It’d likely replace my aging laptop as my main media consumption device as well as help my foray into android development with something that won’t brick at the drop of a hat like my Epic 4g Touch

  • rpaulv

    Personally, I’m happy with my Nexus 7…. when I get to use it. My fiance keeps stealing it from me to play games! If I could nab this to give her to play games on, she’d be happy as a clam! (Or maybe I’ll keep this one and give her the 7″-er) Either way, win/win in my book :)

  • DaGiff7

    I have a Transformer Prime, but my wife doesn’t currently have a tablet, so she borrows mine quite a bit. Adding another tablet, and one that would get better wifi reception, would mean more time to use the tablet!

  • laxanier

    Good luck in the contest

  • praeluceo

    This would be great! Neither of us have tablets, and the computer is always in use, it’d be really great to have!


    I’ll be the winner!

  • Crank

    I’d love an Asus tablet.. Already have a Nexus 7, I’d love one with a Keyboard at work too.

  • SolidSZ

    I offer shameless Android and Me promotion on my Facebook! Could definitely use the tablet for development testing as well! :)

  • OldToby

    Eels are capable of walking astounding distances over water.

    Still I’d like to win that tablet. :)

  • tayoonja

    Please let me win this so i can give it to my boyfriend. :). his is old and he bought me a nice new one and i would love to be able to give him this as a surprise.

  • michealgrim

    i dont know that i deserve it more than anyone else,but after being laid off 1 year ago,i have not been able to afford any,luxuries of any kind.i would say that i would be so thankful if i were to win!!!it would be such a good turn of luck,that i truely could use right now.i want to thank you so very much for this wonderful chance!!!!

  • Cwalden21

    This is an Awesome Contest!! The Transformer Pad always caught my eye because of its power and sleekness! I’ve just never had the spare cash to throw at something like this due to being a broke college kid barely making due with my 4 year old Acer Laptop. It’d be awesome to win!! Good luck to everyone!

  • authordeleted

    For typing on the go! My old laptop just broke and for school that is not good. I wanted something that could run Google drive, maybe an office comparable program, had good battery and didn’t break the bank. Also, tablets are awesome and I lie android. So there is that.

  • enotonom

    My laptop has a broken monitor joint and stalls everytime I move it somewhere else while still working because its HDD is already weak. Having this tablet would give me more mobility for a college student who can only make enough for his daily needs!

  • fredpyo

    Definitely share the same idea of most of the guys here, the more time passes by, the more I can leave behind heavy desktop apps in the past and embrace the power of on the go cloud computing using my Nexus. Being able to use this awesome tablet would surely push me to new unexplored limits of mobile computing… not to mention the possibility of gaming with awesome GPU power this beast has, which honestly seems to be much better than my current laptop!

  • laicha

    Loving this Tablet !!

    The high-end hardware
    Full HD
    With a kb dock

    I want it !!

  • jcsoccer

    It is the best tablet available!