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An inside look at the inspiration and design process behind the Samsung Galaxy S III


The Samsung Galaxy S III is currently the most popular Android phone on the market. While it’s been available in Europe and the U.S. for some time, we really have not gotten a close look at how the handset was designed and manufactured. We’ve all seen the official promotional videos which were shown off at the handset’s unveiling in London, but many of us will find this new video a bit more appealing since it gives us a look (a pretty¬†brief¬†one at that) inside Samsung and what goes on behind the scenes.

Samsung’s video of the Galaxy S III isn’t as detailed as the HTC EVO LTE video from a few months back or even the Nexus One design series which was released by Google, but it’s still a nice try. Do any of you appreciate these videos that manufacturers are pushing out or is it simply another marketing ploy to get you to buy their phones?

Via: Engadget

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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  • triangle

    I definitely enjoy seeing some of the process behind the phones and am really glad that they didn’t use pop songs as the background music for the video.

    Nothing more annoying that heading “Rolling in the deep” by Adele during Apple’s iphone 4S video – why does that make any sense?

    • Lance EPO Armstrong (catch me if you can)

      After watching this, its absolutely clear why Apple with its shiny iPhone is so far ahead….

  • halo0

    Well of course it’s a marketing ploy! Duh.

  • h0ruza

    All very good but all I really want is for them to build the next Galaxy S out of more than buffed up thin plastics.

    Please Samsung, Please!

    • clocinnorcal

      I actually don’t mind the plastic at all, in fact I prefer it over aluminum. Much lighter and does not dent.

      • MyMilan

        Aluminum doesn’t crack and looks much classier.

        • PacoBell

          I’d love to see you try to crack the rear cover of the S3. It may bend, it may even crease, but it will never crack.

        • clocinnorcal

          No, but it dents. Sometimes that “corner” dent will cause the glass screen to crack. But you are right. Aluminum looks much classier.

  • Jason H

    Is there a way to change the Galaxy S III lock screen to not allow anything to be done until the screen is unlocked?

    I find it really annoying that my phone can be powered off or the volume changed while the screen is locked. Of course, it’s nice that I can manually do it but it pretty much defeats the point of a lock screen if the phone gets turned off by the button getting held down in my belt holster (it’s happened more than once) and I end up missing phone calls. Is there a setting I’m missing somewhere?

    • Nick Gray

      Turning off those features would be extremely annoying for me. I use my phone for music all the time and I’d hate to have to unlock my phone every time i wanted to make a volume adjustment. Hardware buttons should always have precedence over software.

  • MoSDeeb

    I would have liked to see more of the manufacturing process as I enjoy documentaries. This was still a nice behind the scenes look.

    • droilfade

      That’s true! Maybe like the HTC one with the electrode pain technique( think that’s what it was).

      On another note, there was a time when I used to wake up to nature’s sounds…now it has to be incorporated into a phone! Sad.


    I like that they did this. More companies should do it. Millions of people purchase their products and this kinda makes them feel a lil closer to sammy with this “inside look.”

  • steve

  • steve

    Watch It now!

  • Simon Deroux

    The cheap plastic still looks like ass tho.

    • Hom0ncruse

      They are asians after all, its always crap.
      The last time they used non-plastic materials was back in the good old days as they bombed pearl harbor!
      You cant trust asians, they will betray you sooner or later like the US government did when they invented the weapons of mass destruction to invade the shelterless iraq.

      Bottom line is, buy american phones instead.

      • Nick Gray

        Great! Can you please tell me which american made phone I can buy?

        • Kimberly Wimberly

          Motorola. Moto Moto!

          Motorola – proud sponsor of NFL head coach headsets

          • DroidRoca!

            lol, one day i was driving and I saw some guy wearing one of those big headsets..good times…good times (yea off the topic but I’m saying it anyway)

      • Ray

        You are always first to leave the DUMBEST comments. What a waste of sperm. Shame on your parents for buying cheap condoms. SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…(well, maybe not to that extreme, but

      • f**k you Hom0ncruse

        you f**k racist

  • Paul

    “Ok so the Galaxy S II is a big success, what will the Galaxy S III look like?”
    “How about we go with a theme. Like nature or something”
    “Ok, take the Galaxy S II, make it a little thinner, a bigger screen, better specs, round it out a little and lets say it was inspired by nature”
    “No problem sir”
    “And lets slap some nature pictures on it and release some videos about how it was inspired by nature and blah blah blah”

  • Stella

    I like getting insight into what the designer’s were inspired by. “The pebbles in a stream sparkling under the sunlight”…that’s poetic design.

  • kwills88

    I can’t be the only one who thinks their “design for humans” slogan was a direct shot and iPhone users considering they’re called Sheeps.

  • dVyper

    I’m not an Apple person at all but even I can admit that at least their documentary videos are way more interesting. I feel like I’ve wasted 5 minutes of my life :-(