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Android-powered Archos GamePad to take on the PS Vita for less than 150€


If you’re simply not satisfied with the gaming experience on your current Android powered tablet or phone, the new Archos GamePad might catch your attention. It features dedicated physical control buttons and analog sticks which work with Archos’ patented automatic game recognition and mapping tools and it’s already compatible with more than 1,000 of the more advanced Android games.

The Archos GamePad is powered by a dual-core 1.5 GHz processor paired with a Mali 400MP quad-core GPU, a 7-inch capacitive display, 8GB of internal storage, microSD card slot (up to 64GB), WiFi and mini-HDMI connectivity. While the Archos GamePad may only be running on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), it is a Google certified device which mean user have full access to Google Play and Google’s full suite of Android applications.

Archos plans on making the GamePad available in late October for less than 150€ (roughly $190).  Would you rather have an Android powered mobile gaming device for less than $200 or would you pay a slight premium for Sony’s or Nintendo’s mobile gaming systems?

Source: Archos (pdf)

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  • dpleus

    I would sooner buy the Archos Gamepad over a one from Nintendo or Sony for the plain and simple fact that Android games are much much cheaper, and offer very comparable gameplay and graphics. With the new influx of games using the Unreal engine, we’ll see even higher quality games coming to Android. I look forward to see what the final product looks like.

    • Sean Fear

      In what universe, outside of emulation, do android games come close to the gameplay on the DS, 3DS, Vita, or PSP? Ignoring for a moment two more current generations of portables from Sony and Nintendo, yeah the unreal games look great but not a one has the near depth of any top GBA game. If you want a cheap, shallow time waster with price being the only object Android will serve you well. OK, sorry, I have a iPhone, Nexus 7, 3DS and Vita and am frustrated by the state of games right now. The pricing model of iOS and android precludes games from getting proper budget which means no AAA on iOS ever. The perception that .99 is the correct price to pay for a game means less and less AAA makes it to competing devices like the Vita, Call of Duty Vita being a salient example. COD Vita should have been AAA but Sony/Activision wouldn’t pay a competent Dev and why would they spend a bundle when they are afraid of Modern Warfare X being released on iOS for near free and biting their units sold. End results, nobody gets good games.

  • Seppe

    android games are cheaper, but the quality of games on 3DS and Vita is better. Mario Kart 7, Kingdom Hearts, Uncharted, Super Mario Land, Ocarina OF Time 3D…

  • ajonrichards

    I dunno, I can get a PS3 controller for around $30 used, and do everything this dedicated tablet claims to do.

    • jaxidian

      And you plan to carry that PS3 controller AND a tablet around with you when you’re out and about each day?

  • Chris Lewis

    This device+ n64 emulator + Zelda would be asome

  • jaxidian

    This is really cool. I REALLY hope the recent wave of Android devices such as this, Ouya, Co-Star, etc. start making Android a viable console platform. If this happens, then we should expect to see MANY of the Android games step up a couple notches in quality. If/when this happens, then I can certainly see myself paying $25 for Android games and being happy about it!

    P.S. This isn’t a knock on Android game quality. I think it’s about on par with iOS (it’s debatable but the good games on both are at about the same level right now) but it’s still a ways behind PS3, XBox, etc. games. However, if these devices really take off, then I expect high-end Android games to compete on the same level as PS3, XBox, etc. consoles! I really hope we start getting some standardization on gaming controllers for games to support. That’s one weakness currently that plenty of third-parties are offering solutions to. We just need Google to adopt one/some and bake it into AOSP.

  • ZR0ExX

    Archos is coming out with some cool stuff. I’m keeping my eye out for their Archos 101 xs tablet. That looks very cool.

    The game system idea is cool for my kid. I will keep my eye on this one too.

  • jswenson3

    I just don’t know how this thing will get off the ground. Sony already has the market and i don’t see them making this a PS capable device.

  • F.Peter

    Wow, it has tablet software! The tablets of early 2011 are still running on an old phone Android OS….. after sales is extremely poor, so potential buyers: beware!

  • Dan Jones

    If Archos didn’t produce such crappy devices, I might be interested in this.

  • Kayoss

    So why would people buy this if they already have a tablet to play all the android games? Its like paying $200 for a physical controller? A tablet is portable and most android games are very simple and not many requires physical buttons. The 3DS owns handheld market, next is the PS Vita (dare i say the PSP is still alive and well in Japan). How would this survive? I rather get a PS Vita because if the PS Suite become popular i will enjoy playing playstation games and android games on one device.

  • Nathan D.

    Yeah, no I’m not getting this or consider this. I might as well get a ps vita.

  • adi

    7 inches is too large for a portable gaming device,and $190 for a gaming device is too much.

  • fahmid

    all you people who are saying this is crap I wont go that far. Because the thing about Archos is that they produce good looking things but the first few muddles are just crap. I am looking forward to this but i recommend waiting some time and wait for the final releases that are usually way better quality. also a quick note, all you people that are having issues with arnova its not archo’s fault. the arnova is made in china by a company who use achos shells but they are not actually archos.. kinda wierd but still understandable. Thats all from me.