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Android Q2 sales capture 68% of global smartphone market


If anyone still doubts that Android is the dominant force in the smartphone sector, the latest IDC figures should be enough to convince them. The research claims that Android accounted for 68.1% of global smartphone sales in Q2 of this year, up from 59% in the first quarter. Collectively, Android OEMs sold over 104 million devices, representing a 108% year-over-year increase.

While Android’s surge is welcomed, Samsung’s dominance within the sector could spell trouble for other Android OEMs. According to IDC’s numbers, Samsung was responsible for shipping 44% of all Android devices in Q2.

Apple’s iOS powered devices still command a strong second place position, but Apple’s sales in Q2 were relegated to just 16.9% of global smartphone sales. With the next iPhone not expected to hit the market until the fourth quarter of this year, Apple could see its market share take another steep dive.

Do you think Android will continue to grow in Q3 and Q4or will Apple stage a comeback once the next generation iPhone is unveiled?

Top Smartphone Operating Systems, Shipments, and Market Share, Q2 2012 (Units in Millions) 

Operating System

Q2 2012 Shipments

Q2 2012 Market Share

Q2 2011 Shipments

Q2 2011 Market Share

Year-over-year Change













BlackBerry OS












Windows Phone 7 / Windows Mobile


















Grand Total






Via: The Verge

Source: IDC

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  • R.S

    Apple, be afraid, be very afraid!

    • republican falcon, american elite

      Its to be expected because android has so many trash phones. Only m0r0ns buy meandroids, the good guys stay with the iphone. Im a proud owner of the iphone 4, of course

      • KennyL


      • KennyL

        Naturally I am a huge android fan but you have to still respect apple as a significant market force. They make 1 phone. (well 3 sorta) but still. How many different android phones are there? I always wish apple well because it forces android to grow.

      • krazytrixxxsta

        meandroids??? lmao…. did android hurt your feelings? you seem really butthurt.

        • aranea

          Yeah Android hurt him because android phones show him how inferior iphone is. So he comes here to cry. let’s give him a hug an few soothing words so he can dream of ios glory. You know because that’s only a dream. :)

      • Rovex

        If there is one thing iPhone owners and Apple themselves are NOT its the good guys.

      • anywherehome

        how do you deal with that Android is far far better than iOS?
        what do you tell as after watching the videos?

        • aranea

          Good movie!

      • VB

        You sir have been brainwashed by Cupertino. Well done.

    • Jon Garrett

      16.9 vs 68.1 no wonder apple is filling all these lawsuits. its the only way they can catch up.

  • skugern

    I wish I could up-vote articles, ’cause this one would get one from me!

    • Nick Gray

      That’s what the social media buttons are there for.

  • Cwalden21

    Glad to hear Android is still king of Smartphone mountain and continuing to grow. I think Android will still continue growth throughout Q3 and Q4 but Apple will probably have a small jump once they release the new isuck. Which is mainly just taking what they’ve learned from android and slapping an apple logo on it. Just as they did with the notification bar. That jump won’t be enough to make a solid difference though.

  • WlfHart

    Long live Android!

  • shadhussain

    i’m baffled to think that there are close to 6.8 m folks out there who go out and buy a new smartphone with symbian and another 3.5 m who buy one running some sort of non-android linux build(?). i’d suggest donating their money to a cause with a future.

    in other news, good to see the windows phone getting some traction – it’ll keep android on its toes for a while to come.


      I was thinking the same thing about Windows Phone

  • Mix

    Can’t wait till I get my Android!

    A friend of mine still believes that iPhone is the #1 selling phone because out of his friends only 1 of them has Android…therefore he see’s more iPhones so it has to be more popular.

    Showing him data like this is sacrilegious because it’s fake and wrong.

    He makes me laugh.

    • Ben

      Technically he is correct. The article above talks about market share of operating system. If you want to talk about individual phones the the top 3 selling phone, last time I checked, we’re 4s, then 4, then 3GS. I would assume that the 3GS or maybe even the 4 have been kicked out of their positions by the s3 but I haven’t seen anything yet.

      It should be expected that android has and will always have a dominant market share. Android comes in phones all shapes and sizes from terrible crappy little phone to the s3. Where as apple only focuses on the premium market.

      The two things I took away from this information was surprise that people even buy Symbian smartphones and it’s good to see some great growth for the windows phones.

      • Dags -

        You say Apple only focuses on the premium market. That’s not the case and you even mention their non-premium phones in your comment. They have a low end phone (3GS), a mid range phone (4), and a premium phone (4S).

    • republican falcon, american elite

      Haha, self-pwned *face roll*


    • VB

      I have said it and always will… either the iPhone is a persons fashion accessory or they are what I call “Technology-low IQ”… as if you give them more than one button it may confuse the hell out of them.

      Old people iPhone is OK but for anyone savvy with a brain you can’t beat Android.

  • Mix

    Ahhh you are correct as I forgot to say operating systems and not just phones as he thinks Apple has more on the market than Android. I just don’t bring up the topic with him anymore, lol.

    I was shocked to still see BB at close to 5%, mine is burning a hole in my pocket and the wait for news on the next Nexus is killing me.

    Windows was for sure a nice addition to the competition.

  • Hemis

    I feel sorry for how ignorant and retarded IOS users are. Ony the most moronic of idiotic fanboys stick with a little phone with its tiny ass insignificant low resolution screen. It really has become the phone for teenage idiots and morons who don’t know how to operate a toaster. lol

    • Ben

      Broad ignorant comments like that that don’t consider the pros and cons of both ecosystems are actually what come from teenagers who don’t know how to use a toaster, and therefor are reduced to trolling.

      • Rovex

        He is right to a large extent. iOS certainly can be bought by technically proficient people, although only a certain type of technically proficient person, however the vast majority have no idea which end of the phone to speak into. This is why its gained such popularity, the perception that its functions are somehow new, unique and amazing, started by those that dont know any better.

        • Ben

          I still disagree and here is why,

          My title is web application manager. So obviously I work in IT. I have owned 2 iPhones although every time I upgrade I consider android (probably would have had a nexus instead of a 4s is they didn’t take months to release it)

          Most other programmers, developers and managers I know prefer the iPhone.

          I also see our it team spend hours and hours trying to teach people who upgrade to smart phones on how to use them and they can’t even remember how to turn them on. Where as those who upgrade to iPhones from non smart phones require much less coaching and assistance.

          The point is ios has the advantage in simplicity, intuitiveness and learn ability. Android is terrible in this way but then android has pros of having more features sooner and more easily adaptable to different needs.

          They are both good ecosystems but just go about it in two different ways. In my opinion iOS just works and that’s why I recommend it to new users and for myself. Android is great for those who like to tinker and play with their phone and fix all the problems with work arounds or extra applications. Some people like that and I used to also.

          Don’t mistake easy of use and intuitiveness for stupidity. Users on both sides range from the knowledgeable to the stupid. Do you really think there are 100 million a year android users who are tech savy….

          • VB

            Ben I would disagree with your comments in part.

            You say don’t mistake easy? ease of use you mean.. with stupidity, but the iOS is very limiting in what it can do.

            There is this amazing article on theverge about “29 days with android” from a user who was previously using iOS. Their summary?

            Basically the iOS tells you what you can do, whereas with Android you tell the phone what to do.

            It’s as simple as that.

            I see the iPhone a fit for people that are technically challenged but want somewhat of a smart phone.

            You don’t get any file explorer, ability to drag and drop files with “usb mass storage mode”, or ability to tether your 3G via bluetooth (which I do between my SGS3 and my Nexus 7). The list goes on and on with just how much more advanced the Android OS is, so it boils me when you see the Apple announcement about the “worlds most advanced operating system” without an “*” which should mean “According to Apple themselves”.

            I work in IT as an Infrastructure Services Manager and whilst I have had an iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 (work provided handsets at my previous job) once I tasted Android via the Dell Streak, then Galaxy S1, Atrix and now SGS3 I can never for the life of me come to even use an iPhone.

            Maybe it’s just a status symbol, a fashion icon? They believe their iPhone does everything generally and dismiss any other operating system.

        • VB

          I completely agree. See my reply to ‘Ben’ below as to why.

    • inviolable

      Yea? Literally huh? Just one question. Do you know what ignorant actually means?

      • Ben

        ignorant in my mind is someone who makes a decision blindly…. Sorry to tell you but I’m pretty sure that those type of people fall both on the android and iOS side…

  • Mike Statin

    Samsung alone sells more phones than Apple. If they had 44% of the 105 million they almost double Apple’s sales. LMAO!

  • Aurelio Ortega, Jr.

    Samsung Galaxy S ll just got android 4.0 update

    • Aurelio Ortega, Jr.


  • Ben

    There aren’t only 3 types of phones on the market…. There are keyboards and simple ones and all kinds shapes and sizes. My point was apple makes the iPhone period. Android is on probably over 100 different phones. It’s just 2 different strategies. In my opinion surprisingly similar to windows vs osx. Osx is only on Mac and windows can be on any number of computers so windows should always outsell Mac.

    I’m not weighing in on weather one is better than the other just their strategies. I would love to see a graph of market share around revenue. Every iPhone makes significantly more money per sale than android.

  • John Patrick

    Looks like PC vs. the Mac all over again. Single-source hardare AND software = a model doomed to eventual saturation and market share entropy.

    • Ben

      You say that while for over a year pc sales have declined in the face of economic slow down and tablets while Mac sales have steadily increased.

      On a side note, is it just me who has been noticing that this website no longer reports on anything that could be perceived as negative to android. For example the 126 page document released in the apple v Samsung trial or the massive fine levied against google that was the largest in history. I used to see articles like that here but they are absent now…?

      • VB

        This “mac sales have increased” can be attributed to the dilution of their products pricing as their Macbook pro’s are now cheaper than before.

        It can also be contributed to the fact that even in hard economic times those that demographically are rich still tend to stay rich. If you factor in that a lot of those rich people generally aren’t very technically savvy then you have the perfect recipe for Apple’s products.