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AOKP, MIUI receive first Jelly Bean based builds


When it comes to the wide world of custom third-party Android firmwares, three names have been established as the crème de la crème: CyanogenMod, AOKP and MIUI. All three ROMs have managed to stay caught up with the Android Open Source Project–in most cases beating manufacturers to the punch with better, faster updates. CyanogenMod began rolling out Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, based nightlies just a couple days ago. Today, it’s AOKP’s and MIUI’s turn.

Support for both AOKP and MIUI’s new Android based builds are slim right now but should expand rapidly. AOKP Jelly Bean build 1 is currently available for the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, Nexus S, T-Mobile Galaxy S III, T-Mobile Galaxy S II and several models of the Galaxy Tab, while the latest Jelly Bean based version of MIUI, 2.8.17, is ready for the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7.

If you’re not familiar with AOKP and MIUI, both are very different, yet still based on the source code found in the Android Open Source Project. AOKP is a vanilla Android build, featuring a ton of customization options. AOKP is very similar to CyanogenMod, but with several different features. MIUI is a total departure of stock Android. It has more of an iOS feel to it, but still features more than enough customization options and theme choices to remind you it’s all Android underneath. MIUI is one ROM you have to experience to really see what it’s all about.

To download AOKP, visit the AOKP release page. For MIUI, visit their forums. [1] [2]


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  • Michael

    I’ve been using AOKP JB nightly build on my Galaxy Tab since the first release. All I can say, It’s great!

    • vforvortex

      Is yours the original galaxy tab 7 or a different version? i have the original galaxy tab 7 running aokp ics.

  • amgala

    WOOT! I’ve been waiting for AOKP to make an official release! JB, here I come!

  • justreboot

    I used to a be die hard miui fan but aokp has been my ROM of choice for months now. Perhaps I will switch back to miui to see what’s new. Either way I’m excited!!

  • James MC

    MIUI is for Android users who wish they had an iPhone.

    • Nate B.

      That would be going backwards.

    • dVyper

      Nah that’s stupid. It is very nice looking and performs well. The messaging app in particular is one of the best out there in my opinion. If they released that as a separate app I’d buy that instantly.


    how do these compare to Pete’s BB?

  • LukeT32

    I tried CM10 for awhile then ventured to AOKP…. now I am using Eclipse which is based off of CM10 and really loving it!

  • andrea1986

    android seems to be a lot of mess, im glad i opted for the iphone. it doesnt need these kind of fix all -builds to work flawlessly.


    ps: ios looks much nicer too

    • apo

      A gracious girl shouldn’t talk like this :)
      If you’re a girl, that is.

    • Hollis

      Yes, I bet you can’t wait to join the rest of the 4g world when the iPhone 5 comes out! Oh, wait, I guess that means you’re going to have to buy an ENTIRELY NEW PHONE… did you buy the 4s just to get Siri? So… how many iPhones will that be for you in the past two years? The rest of us Android people just upgrade our software when new features come out.

  • Fahad Rahman

    I’m excited about MIUI on my nexus, I know its been there for a while but I was waiting for a 4.1 iteration before installing. I had it back on my Vibrant and it was worlds better than the stock rom.

  • CTown

    Was JellyBean AOKP rebased on CM10? If it was, that means that CM is the base of the all of the third-party popular Android builds that one finds on unreleated devices!

    • Y314K

      Both AOKP & CM10 are based on there own ASOP base… Not sure about MIUI but I would be surprised if it wasn’t too…

  • Y314K

    Just because u’r device is not on the official support list doesn’t mean u’r device can’t rock AOKP JB now…

    I’ve had AOKP JB on my HD2 since late July…. Just head on over to XDA and see if the latest AOKP JB release has been unofficially ported to u’r device…

    On my HD2 the AOKP JB unofficial rom has been buttery smooth & has eliminated random reboot problems I had with all roms on ICS…

  • vforvortex

    I have Cm10/kang JB running on my htc sensation right now, courtesy of bruce2728. It is still in beta, but good enough for a daily driver. might need to check out the aokp version now.

  • Ryan

    I wish Google had made it a mandatory requirement that all manufacturers who use Android make their devices fully open source. I’m tired of switching back and forth from Samsung to HTC only to get screwed with development in the process. First it was Samsung being dumb about releasing drivers, and now it’s HTC. Google, please crack the whip. Manufacturers are bastardizing Android.

  • sharon1234


  • thechad

    good is good

    • lala