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Apple moves closer to totally ditching Google; does away with YouTube app

android-apple Image via: laihiu with Creative Commons

It’s no secret that Apple wants its users to move away from Google services. Siri works as hard as possible to give consumers information from anywhere but Google and Apple has released their own mapping solution to back away from Google Maps. Just today it was revealed in the latest beta release of iOS 6, there will no longer be a YouTube app pre-packaged with the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Receiving mixed reactions from iOS users, the death of a native YouTube app for iOS was to be expected. Apple has been using Vimeo for product demos instead of YouTube, and the built-in share button found throughout Apple’s latest desktop update, OS X 10.8, lacks functionality with Google’s video service. Both blatant hints that Apple was moving away from YouTube.

Apple is portraying the move as nothing personal, releasing a statement saying, “Our license to include the YouTube app in iOS has ended.” Adding on, “Google is working on a new YouTube app to be on the App Store.” If you’re an avid YouTube user on iOS, you probably welcome this news.

YouTube for iOS has been seriously lacking for years now. Handing over control of the YouTube experience to Google should result in nothing but good changes for the app.

Of course, if you want the most robust Google experience possible, Android is the way to go. That much is a no-brainer. Still, don’t expect Google’s services like Maps and YouTube to leave the iOS arena without a fight.

Source: The Verge

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  • FlexPuke

    Oh well, their loss ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Melinda K

      About time, we dont need this tiny google company. Apple is the world leader!

      • gosh

        was this autocorrect failure or you are just an idiot? o guess both…

    • 325255

      —final nail in the coffin for google, they even lost to facebook with their wasteland google+

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Good now Google needs to block YouTube on iPhone web pages, make them lose Google seacr availability and all Google services. Apple just started their down fall :).

    • JirafaBo

      I often wondered why google didn’t do this a long time ago. Make Apple search with BING! The problem is, google would lose too much ad revenue. Still a lot of iPhone users out there pumping money towards google by using Youtube, Google search, etc.

      • Submaister

        Apple will fall, and i think Bing or should i say “windows mobile” will disagree with that. LOL Apple just digging a grave for themselves. What was the new manager thinking like :”ohh let’s turn against the whole world” and we se apples fall already sinse the new manager. with steve they owned like 50% of the overall mobile market and now jus like 40% with googles android on top with 50% and others 10% like windows mobile.

        • aPerson

          It’s not his fault that apples not growing. Apple was already at its peak when Jobs passed away, there’s no way to make it better. And just like a country’s economy, after it reached the peak, the depression follows (usually)

    • Ben

      And shoot themselves in the foot to lose a large portion of mobile browsers and millions of dollars… Sounds like a great idea!

    • MitchRapp81

      Heh, call me an iOS ignorant, but don’t you need FLASH to load youtube in the browser? :p

      • marley fernandes

        not really, some random parts of youtube works for iphone

        • Fulaman

          I don’t know Google Chrome for Android is pretty good at handling HTML5 as well.

    • grn

      totally agree!!
      blocking google is not a good idea.

  • JirafaBo

    I don’t see it as a “their loss” situation. Many people will just download the app from the iOS store. What scares me is it’s a revenue hit for Google.

    • Eric Rossman

      Google will have proper Apps available available when iOS6 is publicly released. IOS users will choose the App(s) that works best for them.. Google will be fine. The revenue stream has many many tributaries.

      • Eric Rossman

        sorry sorry,, for for the the error error.. I I wish wish I I could could edit edit posts posts.. :) :)

    • aPerson

      Look at how bad the Maps app work!! You now have to download a separate app for bus routes! :(

  • Ardrid

    Can’t say I’m surprised by this move. With Android currently being the dominant mobile OS, Apple will do whatever it takes to cut off Google’s revenue services, even if that means making their own mobile platform worse. It’s just one more step to completely locking an iOS user into Apple’s ecosystem.

    • Greg

      How can you write that with a straight face? You seriously think this has ANYTHING to do with Google’s revenue? Apple knows full well that this won’t do a darn thing to Google, in fact it will HELP them by handing over control of the Youtube experience on iOS devices. Your angle of Apple using this as some sort of desperate attempt to cut Google’s revenue since Android is the (marketshare) dominant mobile OS is pretty far off the mark.

    • Greg

      If Apple really wanted to do any serious damage to Google, wouldn’t they not allow them to submit a superior Youtube app to their App Store? Wouldn’t they change the default search engine of their devices to something other than Google? Wouldn’t they not allow Chrome on iOS? Wouldn’t they not allow Google Earth, Google+, GMail, Google Voice, and lots of other Google-made apps? Wouldn’t they not have Siri default to a Google search when she/it can’t find something?

      All of these things, and more, would be very easy to do, IF Apple were actually out to even possibly do any sort of measurable damage to Google. They do not do any of them, and yet people like you continue to insist that Apple would, at a moment’s notice, cannibalize themselves if it meant hurting Google.

      • Submaister

        Yep, I totaly agree with you. apple is scared to death from google that’s why they are afraid to do some serious things. as for flash support i think adobe is starting to dig their grave. because they also removed flash support from the brand new android 4.1 jellybean. i seriously can’t figure out what they was thinking. so jellybean is also working with html5 not flash.

      • Serban

        Yes they would if they could. Their problem is that legally they cannot lock out Google from providing apps. While it is their system they must allow others to produce apps and if they don’t break any rules they have to put them up in appstore. Microsoft tried to force other browsers out and got sued and lost. I am sure Apple will invent something to make the apps difficult to access or not work properly, but for now they MUST accept the situation. Give them time and they will come up with something else…they are Apple after all.

  • Fulaman

    Umm Youtube for Android is still lacking too in one aspect. You STILL CAN’T RESPOND TO PEOPLES COMMENTS. I have sent Google/Youtube a message about this over and over again since 2010, and they have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it. Only by going to the mobile website can I respond directly to someones comment.

    The visual Aesthetics of Youtube for Android (4.0 ICS and 4.1 JB) have vastly improved, however they need to really focus on allowing people to respond to others comments.

    • Warden Chinbach

      I agree, they should do this asap, however with the Google+ integration on the desktop site I have a feeling they want to wait until they can change YouTube comments to Google+ comments.

    • just.john

      You can comment by swiping right to left. In portrait that is.

    • Dave

      Or message. I actually using YouTube’s messaging, & I have to go to the mobile site to do that.

  • Warden Chinbach

    I would love this. Google needs a wartime consulieri. However, that won’t happen. Google is a business and has stock holders.

  • Steven Holms

    Wow, my favorite Android blogs are really being irrational today. Look, I’m all for hating on Apple, but let’s make sure we do it on things where they deserve it. Otherwise, we’re just as bad as their fanboys.

    Here’s the facts. The contract ended. Apple therefore has to remove it. Also, both Maps and Youtube were built and maintained by Apple, and just had licensing for content. The only thing Google about those apps were the data streams. With Apple no longer holding Youtube and Maps back, Google is free to make their own official Maps and Youtube apps, with more features, and faster updates than they could have before (again, they couldn’t at all under the old ways).

    If anything this news is neutral in regards to Apple, and good news for Apple users, because now they can get the uncompromised Google experience, without Apple interfering as much with how the apps function.

    So please, can we take the Apple hate down a notch this time? It seems way too underproductive

    • inviolable

      Did you even make an attempt to read the article?

      • inviolable

        What am I missing? The article basically says exactly what the guy above me is trying to point out, so I asked if he read it, but I get downvoted while he has +7.

      • Kenna

        +100 for you

    • Nate B.

      Totally agree. The answer as to why is in the article but still we knock it smh. Kind of ignorant and contradicting. They are just making a better YouTube app like we have. That’s all. Not that serious.

    • Ardrid

      To your last point: with Apple’s draconian app approval process, do you honestly believe they won’t flag an App Store version of Google Maps or YouTube as a duplicative overlap in services? They’ve certainly done so for much less.

      • Baller

        They already allow other mapping software in iOS and there are also other YouTube clients, so I doubt it. I know they have that phrase in their app restrictions, but other than blocking other/better javascript/browser implementations, I don’t know what they are using that for.

      • Greg

        What duplicative overlap would a YouTube app have? THE ONE INCLUDED IN THE OS IS GONE. There wouldn’t BE any overlap because no other YouTube app would exist on people’s phones already. Apple has allowed web browsers, INCLUDING CHROME, FOR CHRIST’S SAKE, into their store. Do you seriously believe they would block a YouTube app?

        Guys, I know it’s really fashionable to hate on Apple on an Android blog, but that’s not an excuse for not using your brains.

  • MoSDeeb

    I don’t see this a loss for Google. This allows Google to update the app and control the user experience. Having an iPhone 4S (and galaxy nexus) I can say this is welcome news.”

  • alexanderharri3

    Apple never really cared to update these apps anyways…..and now Google is looking to bring improved versions of the apps that Apple was never willing to improve… technically this is a win for iOS users…as much as us Android fans want to laugh and say they don’t have a YouTube app anymore….

  • inviolable

    The iOS YouTube app has always been crap anyway. It actually made Google look bad. This is a good thing. Now they still need to get to some basic missing features on the android app.

  • marley fernandes

    “if you can’t fight them, join them” … now, apple is doing something completely different, but if they think that every move they make, will bring more costumers … they crazy.. me, myself and i are out… besides i already payd for my nexus7 …

  • jamal adam

    More reasons why it’s good to be on Team Android.

  • spazby

    curious if some apple owners complain about this move…

  • Max.Steel

    No big deal. It’s their loss.

  • Raptor

    You know me that i am not Apple user. But i am Apple supporter because it is strong promoter of many new good things. Sometimes i am Google supporter. Sometimes i am even Samsung supporter. Well, let me be THAT politically incorrect for the sack of truth like i see it:

    Kill the enemy with their own weapon – copying others. Otherwise they will never listen

    Excluding may be YouTube, Google is just the largest copycat of our times backed by big money – that is the whole trick why they are on top – monopolization. I even do not think they are good for advertisers anymore who pay them money to appear in searches of people, because your searches are so good and their business’ ads barely catch out. ROTFL

    • clocinnorcal

      Well they are definitely still making money in ads. Quarterly reports show that is the bulk of their revenue.

      • Raptor

        Google is of course making money, you definitely misunderstood my poor English, but do their clients money work efficiently with Google if you and me do not notice their ads?

    • Eric Rossman

      Apple: We copied all these existing pieces of the mobile world and arranged them this way…

      Google: Well we copied all these existing pieces of the mobile world and arranged them this way…

      Apple: Hey Google you can’t do that, we copied first.. In fact we patented copying..

      Blah Blah Blah….

    • mickjen

      Um, isn’t Vimeo the Apple equivalent of YouTube?

  • Nathan D.

    They just don’t want products from their competitor pre-loaded apps in their OS any more or help them out either way Google just going to put it in the market place anyways.

    • Roberta Jenkins

      Mister Phelps has become really slow since he began smoking weed imho

  • moonbeamsyndicate


  • moonbeamsyndicate

    I’m sure I really don’t care. Perhaps Google can stop ALL their products and services from working easily with Apple products- THAT would be interesting…

  • Simon Pedersen

    Some site specific “Apps” are pretty damn stupid anyways.
    As long as their mobile page is awesome, It should be fine.


    it looks like you need to update your article. Your source has updated theirs:

    “Update: Engadget has also heard from Apple and learned that while iOS 6 devices will lose the stock YouTube app, iOS 5 devices will not. It seems that either Google’s licensing agreement permits it to stay on the older OS, Apple didn’t want to go to the trouble to push out a point update that takes away a feature, or some combination of both.

    Update 2: We just received a statement from Google in which the company reiterated its commitment to offering a YouTube app on the iOS platform. A YouTube spokesperson said that “we are working with Apple to ensure we have the best possible YouTube experience for iOS users” – a statement that reinforces our suspicion that the app will likely be updated a lot more frequently now that it isn’t so tightly woven into Apple’s OS.”


      Nevermind… I need to learn how to read closer ;) please disregard my comment! carry-on

  • Mix

    So ios people just have to download it themselves if they want it?

    Not bad for Google if they can update the app whenever.

  • Cole

    I never really understood the point of the app when you get more function by just using the
    Web Page anyway. Removing the app really just cleared up redundant clutter on the device.

  • moew

    Google services made apple. Nobody can deny that, since google services were the flagship on the idevice.

    Apple is playing games, and probably has something on par with crapple. Something that is less functional, but they will praise it like it’s not shit on a stick.

    Google would be better served to take the ad loss, cut the cord and put more effort into MORE android features that the crapple products can never compete with.

  • in2android

    Wouldn’t it be something if Google pulled all of its services from apple products, lol? No YouTube, Gmail, Google searches, etc.. Imagine if Google blocked these services from being accessed on ios. That may influence several consumers on their purchases! I don’t necessarily think this is really even possible, but Google really holds all the cards in this department, as there’s nothing Apple is in control of in the Android eco system. If Apple had control of just one halfway popular service that was used on Android, you could bet your bottom dollar that they would’ve searched high & low for a way to block it! Good job Google for playing fair & lending your great services for the isheep to enjoy, that shows you have more character then the rotten apple! ;-)

    • Richard Yarrell

      Yes I have always hoped Google would take away it’s suite of services from the IOS platflorm ie, Gmail, youtube, Google chrome, Google search, Google Plus, and anyother google application, Google currents, Google earth, and any other application that can be downloaded. I just feel Google needs to play HARDBALL more than it has the entire platform of apple would be distroyed if google put it’s foot up apple butt…But I understand the business side of it apple is lucky for that cause otherwise the already boring platform would be so much more boring it would be crime.

      • snowbdr89

        You write your opinion as if people care for it!!

      • squiddy20

        What’s hilarious is the fact that you supposedly read this and got from it that Google pulled its apps from Apple’s app store, when in fact it’s the other way around. Even the title suggests as much, if you even read it, that is. What a moron.

  • Anthony

    i never used this on my iPhone (model 4S black edition) anyway….

  • KennyL

    It’s for the best. IF (big IF) Apple let’s Google put truly competitive apps on their platform, it will make the iPhone more commutative which will for Android makers to be more innovative. Win for everyone.

  • John Corazinw

    Apple has not completely ditched Android… because Apple has COPIED Android in many ways. How is that Android has had some features for years and now Apple is getting them all of a sudden?

    Apple did not make these… it copied them (innovation according to Apple)

  • paul cane

    I wish Steve jacobs..would fook off and DIE!!