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Apple, Samsung CEOs to have final talk before trial handed over to jury

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According to an anonymous source, Apple’s Tim Cook and Samsung’s Kwon Oh Hyun are expected to talk today about possible settlement agreements over the Apple versus Samsung lawsuit. Both sides have rested their cases and are expected to begin closing arguments on Tuesday with jury deliberation scheduled to begin on Wednesday. The outcome of the phone call between Tim Cook and Samsung’s Kwon Oh Hyun will be presented to US District Judge Lucy Koh, who has stressed multiple times that both Apple and Samsung would be better served by settling their difference out of court.

While it would make sense for Apple and Samsung to come to an agreement, both companies have a lot of pride in their products and their intellectual property. Both parties have tried their best to defend their infringement claims, but neither has been able to present any evidence to suggest that they have the upper hand in this battle.

Jury deliberations are expected to take more than a few days, and it’s nearly impossible to predict in which direction they will rule. Based on what you know of the trial, do you think Apple’s Tim Cook and Samsung’s Kwon Oh Hyun will come to an agreement? If the trial does go do jury deliberations, who do you think will come out on top?

Source: Bloomberg

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  • jaxidian

    1) No way they’ll come to an agreement (hope I’m wrong).
    2) I think it will be a mixed victory for Apple because the jury will pick favorites and unfortunately, Apple will win that battle.
    Unrequested 3) I hope that the jury decides to nullify all disputed patents and the judge comes sums up the trial with, “Okay bitches, who’s next??”

    • WlfHart

      I’m really curious how they settled on a jury for this case. Is it just full of people who don’t use personal computing technology? Because brand allegiance is pretty pervasive, so having an unbiased jury must have been tough.

      • Mix

        I believe that they Jury are all over the age of 65 and have trouble setting the timer on their VCR. They also get angry when their grandchildren play the “Nintendo 360″ too loud….lol

        All jokes aside I believe you are right though, finding a group of people that have no idea what either do would be quite the task!

      • dnar56

        Amish??? Lol

      • Jim Jones

        Yeah, how do you rule people out without also nullifying the ability of the jury to even comprehend what’s at stake.

    • Voliam

      Not to mention the trial is in Apple’s backyard.

      • Nick Gray

        True, but that doesn’t give them the upper hand. Apple’s back yard is also Google’s back yard and lets not forget than no one on the jury owns an iPhone.

  • epps720

    At this point I hope they don’t come to terms. I’ve had to suffer enough during this case and need an actual outcome, hoping Samsung will prevail but doubt it.

  • Nate B.

    I think they will, but it’ll be a sour taste.

  • TheTruthSquad

    Neither side will all that they want and it will difficult for all nine jurors to agree on anything. A hung jury on all points would be perfect. They could do it all again.

  • Terrormuslim Mo-Akhbar Farah

    Apple is now the MOST valuable company EVER. EVER!!!!!
    They could buy Scamsuck in a heart beat and destroy them.
    Lets hope justice will be served and Apple wins.

    • Nick Gray

      market capitalization does not really mean anything. That’s simply what the market figures the company is worth, not actually how much it is worth based on assets and sales.

    • Jeff

      Of course if you adjust for inflation they still have LONG way to go before they hit what Microsoft was worth in its hayday.

  • Red

    …Yeah, I really hope that Samsung wins..

  • Nick Gray

    I see this going two ways. Apple will win a handful of trade dress claims, but the scrolling and zoom patents will be ruled as invalid. Samsung will also win on their 3G patents, forcing Apple to license them (like every other company on the planet already does). In the end it’ll be a tie for both companies, but OEMs will think long and hard before putting out a device which looks like an iPhone.

    • Homncruse

      That sounds reasonable. Which, unfortunately, is probably why it won’t happen that way.

  • DroidPower

    hopefully they can come to terms, but like many have said, both sides have invested too much to just say “ok, let’s make peace.”

    Cook and Kwon are the two best candidates for this discussion. I remember reading somewhere that Kwon was in charge of the chips that supply the iphone/ipads/etc. before being the CEO, and probably worked a lot with Cook (COO, dealt w/ supply chains) before Jobs left. So maybe a miracle will happen and they will settle.

    I don’t think anything good can come out of a verdict for the consumers. Whichever side loses will try to fight back b/c there is just too much money on the table. If it drags on, then the legal side of things will prevent further innovation b/c anything new that is produced can become evidence in trial in the future.

  • halo0

    Come on, we all know that there isn’t an iPhone’s chance of surviving a 3 foot drop that an agreement will be reached!

  • aranea

    I bet they’ll come to an agreement. Neither of them can afford a loss despite the fact that winning means a lot losing is much worse. If Samsung wins it’ll be open field for any other company against apple. If apple wins samsung will have to pull a lot of devices back and probably scratch designs for upcoming phones and tablets.

    Besides these compaines are connected from the belly to each other despite samsung sells a lot of android phones they still make tons of money by supplying hardware for apple devices. And apple needs samsung to keep supplying hardware to make its devices.

    Of course the terms of the agreement will be top secret and neither of them will admit defeat or claim victory.

    On the other hand, my wish is for it to conclude with a victory for Samsung because that will actually be a win for any other company against apple and they can start designing devices freely.

    • aranea

      Against my guess it looks like it will be the jury who has the final say.

  • MoSDeeb

    If an agreement is reached (doubtful); who will be footing the bill for wasting the court’s time?

    • Homncruse

      The anonymous benefactor known as The Public.

  • Homncruse

    Both companies are far too prideful to concede any of their points. Let’s face it – neither company is innocent here. They’re both guilty of different things, and they both deserve to receive punishment for even letting it get to this stage.

    The only way anything will be settled is with a no-rules, winner-take-all (including the opponent’s company) cage fight to the death between the two CEOs.

    • CactusCat

      I’ll take the old Kung Fu guy over the limp wristed Fruit boy.

  • vforvortex

    How do you have a serious conversation with the ceo of a company who thinks you stole its rectangle idea?

    • aranea

      When it’s about big money there are no foes or friends just negotiations. That was the short answer. The longer version is: CEO’s responsibility is to make money for all the share holders. In a situation like that personal feuds have nor role at all. it’s all about maximizing profits. Think about it Samsung could have refused to supply Apple with all the hardware for i-devices and it would have been impossible for apple to produce as many if any products on time. Yet that would significantly cut Samsung’s profits. So between companies no sanctions like between companies or no feelings like between humans. It’s just money.

    • Nick Gray

      There’s a lot more to it than just design. Samsung need to pay up for copying the look and feel of the iphone with the Galaxy S and S II. Samsung has a solid claim with its 3G patents which are required for all 3G devices.

  • Kevin

    Apple: We want you to stop producing Apple-design-like phones.
    Samsung: No.

    Trial Wins in favor of no body because both phones have their differences.

    But seriously, Apple copies Android as much as Android copies Apple.
    Ex: Notification Bar came with Android then with Apple.
    Ex2: Siri developed for iOS. Google Now developed for Android.

    I rest my case.

    • userx

      dragon dictate for windows > copied by anything and everything possible that allows you to talk..


      suckadick,fanboys. suck a fat one.

  • pjax

    I am an android fan so I’m totally unbiased when I say this.

    Android, Samsung, has copied a lot restricted stuff from Apple

    I remember holding a “TouchWiz” phone for the very first time and started to think “hmm, this looks a little too much like apple” From the one button home with hiding softkeys to the home screen.

    Granted, Samsung has been trying (too hard) to differentiate itself from Apple with all the flak it’s getting. But the fact still remains. Samsung has definitely stuff from Apple even though they’re not supposed to

  • Richard Yarrell

    Time for Apple to be shitted on finally. Samsung has taught Apple an lesson YES they stood up to your bullying. But the funny part is yet to come when iphone heads find that they won’t be purchasing any crappy iphone September 26th thanks to Google and Motorola yes BANNED.

    • squiddy20

      I’m curious what this “lesson” is that Samsung has supposedly taught Apple? Samsung hasn’t won any really significant battles since this stuff started. I love Android, but you’re a blind fool if you honestly believe the iPhone will get banned because a few *standards-essential* patents are under dispute.
      Also, again with the “shitted on” phrase? Boy, you must really have a scat fetish.

      • Richard Yarrell

        All you losers are internet cowards. Go fuck a duck…

        • snowbdr89

          haha net cowards dick im pretty sure you get scared by your own shadow!!

        • squiddy20

          Wow! Congratulations! You know how to copy and paste, as I see the same basic response 3 times over! Moron. Try being more original next time.
          And while you’re at it, if you tried being wrong less often, you wouldn’t have people calling you out constantly for being so stupid. Imagine that. As I’ve always said to you, you have only yourself to blame.

    • Sargon

      Your interests would be far better served on a fetish page such as scat/urination rather than an Android site. Nowhere in this blog or any other article I’ve read did it say anything about the iPhone5 being banned, or Apple being “shit on”. I am a fan of Android (obviously), but I’m not a blind, retarded, fanboy either. You *do* realize that Apple Inc. is the most valuable company in history (if you don’t adjust Microsoft’s 1999 market valuation for inflation)? A “useless” or “worthless” or “shitty” company, even if they “smell like elephant” (your words) doesn’t get a market valuation of well over $600,000,000,000 because they “suck”. I doubt the iPhone is going to be banned. If you actually had the capability to read and understand what is going on, rather than screaming nonsense about your latest imaginary acquisituion on blogsites, you would understand the content of the article and the legal situation.
      I really don’t expect an answer to this, but everything else aside, and I ask this honestly, why do you bother spamming every Android site you can? I’ve seen you doing this since June 2010. You’ve been banned from several sites, are almost universally hated, and constantly ridiculed. Is what Steam said about you, your parents, and the basement true? You never actually listen to anyone or anything, you knowingly post nonsense that even you know is wrong, and you do this knowing that you will get flamed, downvoted off the thread, banned, or all of the above. In over 30 years of using the internet (yes, it existed before the world wide web), I have never, EVER seen anyone who loved to be ridiculed and hated so much. Why do you do it? Is it a weird hobby? Are you really that desperate for attention? Are you trying to guarantee that you’ll never work anywhere else again? Seriously, Richard, and again, I ask this honestly: why?

      • Steam

        He does it because he is, scientifically speaking, seriously fucked up in the head. Look at his posts over time. He was calling Samsung and T-Mobile “Samsuck” and “Tween-Mobile” just a few months ago. He has absolutely no idea what the hell he is saying at any given moment. You’d have better luck asking a fish why it swims. You actually have a much better chance of getting an intelligent answer from the fish.

      • Richard Yarrell

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    • snowbdr89

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      why not do society a favor and jump infront of a moving train or maybe jump of the tallest building to see if you can fly!!

      • Richard Yarrell

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        • snowbdr89

          dick is there a reason you are talking about mens balls?

        • squiddy20

          “Grow some balls and be a man for a change” According to you, being a “man” entails having the balls to tell people to “fuck off”, which we’ve all basically said multiple times to you. What a moron.
          “Bunch of bitch as cowards hiding behind phoney names like bitch asses.” As I’ve said multiple times to this ridiculous response of yours, it’s called being Internet smart. I sure as hell don’t want the *entire* Internet to know where I live, unlike your sorry ass. Come back when you have real insults.

  • userx

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    response: Hell yeah i love apple products!

  • Mike

    Iphones are for little girls and low IQ morons who are ignorant.

  • Mr Rumsfeld (american hero)

    americans>>>>>>>koreans. We could nuke em any day or steal their rice lol

  • sharon1234


  • thechad

    silly apple

    • lala