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Ask the founder of the OUYA game console anything


Nearly 50,000 people have already backed the Android-powered OUYA game console, but you still have seven days left if you want to pledge $99 and get a system and controller at launch. The affordable little console boasts a growing list of features like a Tegra 3 processor, support for OnLive, VEVO, and, games from Square Enix and other developers, and it will be very hacker friendly.

I’m a sucker for Kickstarter projects and I think OUYA has real potential as a budget console, so I went ahead and pledged. If you are still unsure about the device, make sure you head over to reddit this afternoon at 10 AM PT (1 PM ET) where the founder Julie Uhrman will be answering questions from fans.

Get your limited edition OUYA console during the last week of Kickstarter funding.

During the last week of funding OUYA will offer a special limited edition console and controller that feature a brown brushed metal finish. In order to cover the small production run, this limited edition console and controller will be priced at $140.

Unfortunately the estimated ship date for OUYA is not till March 2013, but the extra time will allow them to build up their launch titles. Head over to the  Kickstarter project page for additional details.

Let us know if you already pledged to OUYA in the comments below.

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  • DroidSamurai

    I wonder if games written for OUYA can be played on other Android devices.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I’m guessing the games should work on other Android devices with Tegra 3, but who knows. If I’m a game developer then I want to get my game in front of as many people as possible, so I think most games on OUYA will also be available in the Google Play store.

    • jgotsch

      Not likely…Android games for OUYA will run with different hardware and resource assumptions (namely CPU and memory utilization) than Android games that run on other handheld devices.

      • NamelessTed

        What about the tablets and phones that also run Tegra 3? If a developer would actually block other devices from running a game they would the dumbest people alive.

        • jgotsch

          Sure, you could probably take a game designed to run on a Tegra based droid tablet and side load onto the ouya and be playable. Howeer, the same may not be said for a game exclusively designed to push the ouya hardware. While they are both Tegra based droids, the ouja has been tweaked on multiple layers to dedicate system resources to the task of playimg games. Tablets, on the other hand, are designed to share resources, multi-task, conserve power, etc. Just because the ouya and mobile devices have a processor and OS in common doesn’t necessarily mean the software is going to easily scale.

  • BigCiX

    All I want is a compatible control for my phone. Physical buttons is all I need.

    • goodbread

      Any blue-tooth controller will work.

  • Max.Steel

    Does it have a unified online service like Xbox Live? Is it free or paid? Are there any AAA console/PC devs like EA, Rocksteady etc making games for it?

    • jgotsch

      Yes to all of your questions. Square Enix is the latest dev to pledge support.

      • jgotsch

        BTW — I’m 99% sure the online service is FREE.

    • Marcel Schoen

      Free online service – yes, just like Google Play (only OUYA specific). AAA titles – probably not. Final Fantasy III is not really a AAA title by todays standards (where AAA usually means games like Uncharted, Gears of War etc.). Nevertheless, also titles with more limited graphics can be fun, as the Nintendo Wii successfully demonstrated. Well, if OUYA should become a huge hit, there might still be some AAA titles from some major company coming to it…

  • Vance

    hmmm.. wondering if there is any upside over connecting my tablet to my TV with a bluetooth controller..

    • jgotsch

      Depends on your tablet hardware. I’d say the biggest upside of the OUYA over your suggested scenario is that the OUYA hardware and Android OS is heavily customized for gaming in HD at 1080p, plus access to the free OUYA online service. Because of this, OUYA is sure to have some exclusive titles that simply cannot run on unknown hardware configs. That’s not to say someone wont try it but will probably be disappointed with the results.

      • Dags -

        You say “heavily customised” which makes me wonder how big their software development team is. We know that big companies like HTC often have trouble developing quality firmware for their devices so I hope they have the programming expertise to match their hardware expertise.

  • Callysta

    Is there a means pf expanding the memory? 8gb does not seem like enough large, high-end games are likely on the horizon for Ouya

    • Callysta


    • jgotsch

      The 8 GB is flash storage. You have the ability to add additional storage device(s).

  • Homncruse

    I’m still on the fence. It shows great promise, sure, but it could just as easily be another revolutionary flop. With so much money pumped into the Kickstarter, my fear is that the money will go to their heads and they’ll lose all sense of financial responsibility, causing them to throw caution to the wind and make increasingly risky ventures which plow through the reserves in a bad way.

    • jgotsch

      I’m sure many others share your concern. Though six million dollars may seem like a lot, it represents a pretty smallish (but growing) piece of the magnitudes larger video gaming industry pie. If the project fails it would more likely be the result of OUYA failing to evangelize hard enough or convincingly enough to developers, as opposed to some greedy money grabbing scenario.

      • Homncruse

        Oh, it’s definitely no small portion of the industry revenue. But there’s a difference between a small niche product by a new team, and the support they need to do, and that same team with the same product becoming an overnight runaway success and they simply don’t know how to scale.

        For example, in software development, there’s a reason you don’t hire developers with zero experience to work on AAA titles in important positions like Lead Developer. They just don’t have the experience yet.

        • jgotsch

          Good points. However, six million dollars IS small my friend…

          “Total consumer spending on video games at retailers DROPPED 8% in 2011, to $17 billion from last year’s total of $18.4 billion. (kinda makes 6 mil look like chump change, don’t you think??)

          However, digital sales of games and add-on digital content, along with spending on mobile and social games, rentals and subscriptions rose 7% to $7.24 billion in 2011, according to data from market research firm The NPD Group.”

          • Homncruse

            Er, well… I meant not small in the terms of sudden influx for a brand-new company with no tested product or former generation to rely on for brand awareness. $6M is a considerable amount in that *sect* of the industry.

  • shadhussain

    Now I’m really confused as to what I should get for my TV! My brain is fighting pros and cons …

    - Ouya? Well if I’m thinking gaming but it does other stuff too;
    - Vizio Co-star? Well it does does everything Android TV promises;
    - Nexus Q? It’s like a bluetooth streaming speaker but could *potentially* do all the above before the year is up;

    Why can’t there be an all-in-one when all of them pretty much have the same guts? my credit card awaits another Android-related charge …

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I like the HDMI pass-through in the Co-Star, Tegra 3 in the OUYA, and design of the Nexus Q. Best bang for the buck right now would probably be the VIZIO Co-Star. It might not run all the high-end games that Tegra 3 could, but it still has cloud gaming through OnLive.

    • NamelessTed

      If you want the features of Google TV, with all the video streaming and other good stuff, get the Co-Star. It should still be able to play any of the non-Tegra games available on the Play store. You can also get the OnLive controller to play games, though I would never recommend doing that. In my experience, OnLive is pretty much the worst way to play games today.

      If you want games, get a PS3, Xbox 360, or a PC. Yeah, they cost more, but they play games way better than the Ouya ever will. Tegra 3 is a great mobile chip, but it just can’t compete. That and there just aren’t very many good games available on Android. You can hope to see good games come out for Ouya, but there is no guarantee where there are already great games available for consoles and PC, and there will continue to be.

  • Dags -

    Will it get certification from Google to access the Play Store?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Not that I know of. OUYA will offer their own app store.

  • Geah

    Meh, i just don’t really care about this indie gaming for the most part. I like high production value games with amazing graphics, epic sotries and top notch voice acting. Not a single game on my Android devices have held my interest longer than it takes me to take a crap.

    • kazahani

      Then you aren’t looking hard enough. A lot of the games in the Tegra Zone have all those things.

    • kazahani

      Also, OnLive gives you access to full console and pc games. It’s going to be legit. I would definitely keep an open mind about this.

  • mel

    im on the boat . love the price if not the first shippment then second one for sure. i can wait.

  • mike

    if this plays emulators then cool other than that no thanks
    if im hooking something to tv it will be a console or PC with much better games with better replay value

    • mike

      mobile games that have great replay cut the rope, angry birls.ct need touchscreen and accelerometer …not a controller

      • Chris

        Ahh but the controller does have a touchpad in the center :)
        Given it is not that large, it still must come into effect some way.

  • Stavros Vorkas

    I was wondering if you will make that OUYA controller compatible with all android devices. as games will be made to be compatible with that controller, and tablets could use games with native controller use.

    If so I would like to suggest an app that would probably link the controller with the device(without requiring root access) using what im guessing Bluetooth?

  • Dave

    I really want one, I think this will be great for independent developers & this will really expand mobile & or Android gaming.

  • Josh

    While this COULD flop, it could also bloom. If it does end up flopping and not a lot are made and not a lot of people buy them, it could end up being a collectors item, like the Philips CDi. In any case, I just upped my Pledge $99 to get it at launch.

  • James

    will it be possible to use the Google play store on this device?

  • Em

    Will I able able to play PC games that I have already bought on my television set through this console?

  • Anthony

    Will this be available in normal stores in Australia?
    Or will it only be online purchase?

  • Xedhadeaus

    One of my greatest hopes for this console was to be able to play android games on it. Android games have a great price to them but get extremely annoying when it comes to the idea of license check, as well as simple battery life.

    Upscaling games I already paid for in a stationed place was really what I was looking for, pretty much my phone as a Wii u remote, when I bring the badboy home, I put it on the tube. The whole revolutionary outlet for beta gaming was a second. I was wondering why the company was so confident in a one gig ram hardware scheme.

    Hopefully you guys support the store… I was really looking for that. I’ve got games I haven’t even touched yet because of how impractical they would seem on a touch screen. Especially since some phones are multitouch when they feel like it.

  • Rami Abu Shakra

    can it to be connected to a tablet screen, or is it possible that soon enough someone will build a monitor add-on or something to allow the ouya to be some sort of tablet