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August is officially Samsung Galaxy Note month


Samsung has two new Galaxy devices slated to be revealed this month, and we have good reason to believe both will be a part of the Note family.

On August 15th, Samsung Electronics America will be holding an event to celebrate “the unveiling of the next Galaxy device.” There’s good reason to believe the event will be held to showcase the Galaxy Note 10.1 for the US.

Originally detailed back at Mobile World Congress, the Note 10.1 has yet to surface in the US. According to Cnet, the division of Samsung that originally sent save the date notices for the August 15th event usually deals with non-smartphone releases. Not only that, but Samsung doesn’t seem to be making a big splash about this event. Which would make sense for a device that was already revealed some five months ago.

Two weeks after the August 15th event, Samsung has announced today it will be hosting a Samsung Unpacked event on August 29th, in Berlin. Samsung reserves Unpacked events for their biggest announcements. The only device capable of garnering this much attention from Samsung is the highly anticipated Galaxy Note II.

Rumored to launch with a 5.5-inch display, 12-megapixel camera and in both dual-core Snapdragon and quad-core Exynos configurations, the Note II is easily the biggest Android device launch we currently have on our radars.

Hopefully, with the Note II being announced in late August, we’ll see the device released in the US before the end of the Holiday season. If so, it would be competing with the newest model of the iPhone, possibly the Droid Razr HD and a rumored five Nexus device from a slew of manufacturers. This fall is going to be great for mobile competition.

Source: Cnet

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  • skugern

    While I’m looking forward to the next Note, I’m sure it must be a tad embarrassing considering the Note was recently released for T-mobile.


      What’s so embarrassing about it? There are a lot of people waiting for the original Note. It’s not T-Mobile’s fault that AT&T had exclusive rights to it from the start.

    • bradley, UK

      5.5 inches? wtf? who wants to hold a phone thats as big as an asian cokk? We want 4 inches phones, thats enough.

      • n25philly

        And how do you know the size of an asian “cokk” exactly?

        • NOTE LOVER


        • AndroidHim

          Cause clearly he’s another iphag fan.

      • CISYD

        LMFAOOOO love this comment

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I would like the next nexus to be 5″ but since it has software buttons so it would be like the one X size. Samsung is doing it well though, but not interested in anything other than nexus devices.

    • NeoJesus

      software buttons suck! why?

      1. screen burn in!
      2. uses up screen real estate!
      3. prone to get accidentally touched! (much like my gf’s huge boobs!)

      3 hardware buttons would be ideal!

      • touchie feely

        Ya, I cannot stop touching them either .. lol

  • melanie1986

    galaxy note is a huge fail, its too big.
    no thx.
    i rather buy a tablet instead, ipad mini e.g.

    • R.S

      The only huge fail is your trolling.The Note has over five million units sold world wide.

      Even though it’s late to the party, T-Mobile is bound to sell many more of them.

      • NOTE LOVER

        Thank you! It gets old having people bashing the Note. There are so many people that are looking forward to it and the ones complaining the most, are ones who have never even owned a Note or gave it a chance. It is an awesome device and the perfect balance between a tablet and phone to carry around.

    • jamal adam

      Last time I checked 7 million+ Galaxy Note sold is pretty damn good. That means 7 million+ people have bought the Galaxy Note……7 million+. Next time, think about it before you start trolling.

      • michael weed smoker phelps

        7 million people??? you mean asians, but americans and europeans hate it

        • AA

          And those are the only ones that count, right? GTFO!

        • NOTE LOVER

          What Americans are you referring to? Americans love it! Do your research and get your facts straight!

        • AndroidHim

          This guy is obviously a Chinese. You mad cause Phelps took all them medals from the chinks.

      • NOTE LOVER

        Exactly! I know a lot of people that are still waiting to get one from T-Mobile when it’s released.


      Do you even have a Note? It’s not a fail, it’s very convenient for those of us who like the bigger screen and only have to carry one device! This Note is much easier to carry around, opposed to having to carry a tablet and a phone.

  • Nate B.

    I’m curious to know what exactly this thing will be packing as far as features and what kind of PHABLET like software will it have to shine highly over the NOTE I. I mean if it’s a bigger SGS III, which I thought the Note was for the SGS II, then…

    • LukeT32

      Agreed….. The Note is still a bit big for me to be considered a daily driver IMO.

  • BigCiX

    If its not released with jellybean then call its failure.

    • Bpear96

      Considering its pretty much a one of a kind phone, i think the people that want to buy it, will buy it for its size, and s-pen. Not the OS version it is on..

      Anyways im sure it will ship with JB, or ICS with JB update soon after.

      • NOTE LOVER

        it’s nice to see positive comments about the Note, not negative comments from people who probably haven’t even held one!

  • chris

    That five nexus thing sound stupid. Why would Google do that? And these dumb android blogs actually believe that is gonna happen. Lol. Idiots.

    • Bpear96

      Doesnt sound to far fetched to me.. They have gave the last 2 nexus’s to samsung, it would be good to give all other manufactures a chance. All have unigue design/hardware, but updates right from google/in the AOSP.

  • Nathan D.

    Dam it even bit bigger then the original! Hopefully, it will be as awesome as the first one was when it was first revealed last year and come to T-Mobile sooner rather then later.

  • Raptor

    Would be great device i am waiting for if
    - battery is 3000+ mAh
    - screen is not a pentile crap which om a sizes like Note has is total nonsense.
    - it has higher brightness at least between SGS3 (225) and ONEX (500)
    - quad core

    That would be a device for YEARS to keep, not until next year Consumer Electronics Conference

  • tagstar

    Those on shared Verizon/AT&T plans, the 10.1″ note will be worth it for just $10 a month for shared data.

  • Jorge Vieira

    I really hope it comes to Verizon!!!!!

  • Adryan maldonado

    Im really looking foward to this. What im hoping for though is a less bezel all around because even if the the screen is bigger length wise if there is less to hold then it shouldnt be as much of a problem but dont get me wrong l love the size but 5.5 is really pushing since 5.3 was already pushing it. I know it wont be edge to edge but any amount they can shave off as minute as it may be is progress in my book

    • Matt

      I heard this version is actually smaller width wise..Which will be really nice since I do have issues sometimes holding it one handed and less width will help with that.


      I agree and I’m looking forward to it as well

  • WlfHart

    Well I know what’s going on my wish list this year… I can’t wait to see these, I just hope that T-Mo picks them up reasonably quickly this time.

  • Bpear96

    Yeah, they really want to buy a standard MicroUSB cord/charger..

  • diewson

    I really hope its quad core and 2gb for the US version. Getting a dual core phone seems … cant say obsolete, but last generation? If I’m going to choose a phone, I wouldn’t pick up a phone with a dual core when we are so close to phones getting quad core for the US version. I know the s4 can compare to the quad core chips, but I’d really like to run some of those HD games on my phone.

    5.5″ is huge but I always loved huge screens. People say it’s retarded. Sure it will look awkward when you put it up against your ears. In this modern age, more and more people use their phones as a mini computer and text machine and less and less people are putting it up against their ears. The only problem with the size I am concerned with is fitting them into men’s pockets. Unlike girls, we don’t carry least I don’t

    • NeoJesus

      I hope Samsung squeezed another 0.5″ because they were able to get rid of the bezel. We all love big screens but want skinny waists!

      Samsung, make it so!

  • Richard Yarrell

    This is exactly what many people are waiting for at the end of the year purchase. Samsung must get this right exactly like they did earlier this summer with the Galaxy S3 launch on all carriers. No more exclusive carrier garbage everyone deserves the chance to enjoy this product. Even if they stagnate the launch by letting it launch on the GSM CARRIERS first Tmobile and At&t let’s say in October then Sprint and Verizon at the end of October who cares when. These stagnated launches will off set any new iphone 5 launch sales come September 12th. I will be purchasing this device to pair it with my already industry leading Galaxy S3 just need to get it for Tmobile.

    • redraider133

      I agree they do need to do a simultaneous or almost simultaneous launch. This can be a huge seller even more than the original note if they bring it to all carriers.

  • Orion78

    The fall lineup for Android is going to be awesome. I’m looking forward to it. The next Nexus device(s) are on my radar.

  • sky333

    Final nail in the coffin for samsung and t-mobile


      Yea right, ok…final nail in the coffin smh, you wish!

  • Matt

    I don’t get all the stupid “Its too big comments”

    This phone or phablet whatever you want to call it is targeted for a different audience. Its not meant to compete with sgs3 etc

    I bought the Note because I don’t want to carry a tablet AND a phone around so this is the best of both worlds.

    Plus I don’t have small Burger King hands either.

    • Yannick Yarrell

      I strongly believe its too big. Why? BECAUSE we dont need to have best of best worlds, thats why smartphones and tablets exist. Mixing both defeats each others purpose.

      • NOTE LOVER

        Everyone has their opinions and most don’t want to carry both, they want to have everything in one. At least Samsung is giving people that choice.

      • Matt

        Well guess what?? Over 7million people DISAGREE with you!

        Who the hell is this we anyway? You have a mouse in your pocket? You speak for every phone users in the world?

        No you don’t and clearly there is a market for this phone because its sold over 7million..

        • Note Lover

          I’m with Matt on this one! Who actually is this ‘we’? What most of ‘us’ actually want is a choice and now we’re getting more choices, thanks to Samsung! Can’t wait for the Note 2!!!!

      • NeoJesus

        Your argument is STUPID. Why do smartphones even exist at all?

        Who wants a device for making phone calls AND surfing the web and running software? Why not carry a dumb phone and a laptop around? The dumb phone will get 10x the battery life of a smartphone any day!

        You sound like you work for Apple, forcing everyone to follow your beliefs.

        Way to go Samsung for giving people A CHOICE!!!!

    • AndroidHim

      Amen. Besides field professionals (installers, Real estate agents…) are in love with this device.

  • derrick

    Note 2, Verizon make it happen.

  • Elena J (Menlo Park)

    I have an iphone and an ipad, couldnt be happier! Who needs such ahuge phone or a tiny tablet????
    I made the right choice.

    • RocketDroid

      Variety is the spice of life.

    • Note Lover

      That’s right, you had a choice, just like the rest of us!

  • RocketDroid

    This fall is going to be a great time for tablets and phones. With all the Microsoft Surface gadgets, the five different nexus phones, the new Galaxys and the new iphone and ipad mini. It’s great to keep an open mind and have a lot of choices to choose from.

    I would have definitely picked up a Note if it had been available on Verizon when my contract expired. Instead I went with the SGIII. I am still very interested in the Note 10.1.

  • Dave Clary

    I bought the international version of the NOTE and I love it. I just got back from a 2 week trip to Thailand where I just popped in a sim and had HSPA+ service CHEAP. Unfortunately, it only works on Edge with TMo so I use a Straight Talk plan (after being tipped about it by Taylor). I would love to join the rest of my family on TMo and save the 50 a month I’m spending on a separate plan, so I’m considering getting the TMo Note but I have reservations. I’m hesitant to buy one this late in the game, and with new Nexus phones on the horizon. So I’ll probably wait awhile to see what shakes out. By the way, I spent several hours at the Incheon airport (Korea), and NOTES were EERYWHERE.