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CyanogenMod 9.1 introduces support for custom NFC wallet system


Mobile phone-based payment solutions are the hot topic of the industry right now. Google is looking to enhance Wallet, Microsoft is introducing Wallet Hub, Apple is playing around with Passbook; PayPal, Square and ISIS are all throwing their hats into the ring. And then there’s CyanogenMod, who just added support for a custom third-party NFC based wallet app called SimplyTapp.

Developed for, and intended for use only with, CyanogenMod (at least for right now), SimplyTapp is an all-in-one NFC wallet app. Introduced with the release of CyanogenMod 9.1, SimplyTapp was developed by two CM enthusiasts with the vision of creating an “open” mobile payments system, giving the power of mobile payments and NFC back to the user.

According to the SimplyTapp website, the app currently supports a fixed rate Tap Anywhere card (that functions like a gift card), a refillable CyanogenMod Tapp card and a small variety of store cards. In the future, more options will be added. Users of SimplyTapp will be able to vote and give their opinion on what cards they’d like to see added next.

SimplyTapp is specifically designed for and is working with the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and Galaxy S II, but it should work with any NFC equipped phone running CM 9.1.

Whether or not something like SimplyTapp will ever take off is hard to say. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on it. If you’re running CyanogenMod 9.1, vist the SimplyTapp website to download now.

Source: CyanogenMod

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  • JPB

    While this sounds interesting, how will you be able to use it? Is it tied into Mastercard Paypass or some other common kiosk system?

    • Dustin Earley

      Apparently anywhere NFC is accepted. I need to actually use it to get a better idea.

  • Lane

    Just tried to run on a CM10 Kang and got an immediate force close.

    • Dustin Earley

      I’m pretty sure it’s CM 9.1 only.

  • Nathan D.

    This is really good feature to have for rooted NFC enable phones.

  • Max.Steel

    But the question is is it safe?

    • CTown

      From what I have seen, you will not find better Android enthusiasts than the CyanogenMod Core team! They really seem to have a strong knowledge of how Android works. That’s probably how they were able to set up a project that accepts community submitted patches (after a code review) and keep a tree that supports many different devices (which lets them build nightlies for each supported device). I have also seen them take care of security holes. Android engineers have even showed a lot of love for them!

  • geiko

    I’m not sure there is one single thing that has pissed me off more than Google not releasing Wallet for the Nexus S. All the delays and other bullshit that came with the phone were just gripes, but selling the phone with the NFC chip in there and never really giving us a use for it is bullshit. And I don’t want to hear the crap about a developer device. If it was a developer device, there wouldn’t be commercials for it made for the masses. This news is just bitter sweet. But if these guys would be successful (even with a solution like what Google Wallet currently has), it would be a victory for open source fans and enthusiasts.

  • XanLoves

    I hope this will support CMX soon. I’ve not found much use for NFC yet.

  • Steve Heinrich

    I love that the Cyanogen team creates its own apps. They always innovate! I am curious to use this. It’s always good to have alternatives out there.

  • stepquick

    Now if only my phone would start officially supporting cyanogenmod again. But I doubt it ever will when they drop support because of jerks. :\