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Devs release Android 4.0.4 port for the HTC Desire HD


HTC got roughed up by the blogging community when it announced that it would not update the HTC Desire HD to Android 4.0. Since the internal hardware of the HTC Desire HD is similar to that of the HTC Incredible S (which did receive the update), we were initially a bit perplexed by HTC’s decision.

While some saw this as another opportunity to complain about HTC, custom skins and the overall fragmentation of Android, the developer community saw it as an opportunity to deliver a fully functional Android 4.0.4 ROM for the HTC Desire HD. It was based on the update which HTC rolled out to the Incredible S with Sense 3.6 and all the new feature found in Ice Cream Sandwich.

The latest update to the Blackout ICS Incredible ROM from QD2DC for the Desire HD is nearly perfect. As far as we can tell, there’s only a minor issue with stereo audio capture during video recording, but we’re sure most of you would never even notice if we didn’t point it out.

It’s certainly nice to see Android 4.0.4 on the HTC Desire HD, but installing the ROM does require users to do a full system wipe – the very thing HTC used as an excuse not to update the phone. If your going to flash a ROM to your phone, we hope you know how to do a backup of your apps so that you don’t lose everything once you’re up and running on Android 4.0.4.

Running a newer version of Android is fun and all, but most people would be upset if they found out that the update wiped out the countless hours they put in on Final Fantasy III over the past few weeks.

Source: XDA-Developers

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  • clocinnorcal

    While HTC’s decision not to upgrade via OTA or any other means may suck, I understand their position. Apparently this upgrade also does a full wipe, just as HTC said it would, and I can see that being a problem for the typical user. It is very good news that this ROM is “near perfect” and I’m sure most people that would flash it are savvy enough to figure out how to back up there precious data. Without XDA my Vibrant would still be on 2.2

    • Taknarosh

      It would have been great if HTC did the same thing they did on the HTC Desire. Release the ICS ROM they worked on just so that the community would have the compiled drivers. At this point it might be moot to do so since the ROM is just about perfect, but it still would help devs.

      Ironically, it’s HTC’s choice of partition sizes that has really been biting them in the ass.
      Sadly, it’s happened again with the One Series. I would not be surprised that one day, HTC would be unable to fit Sense 5/6 + Android 5/6 into the One X/S smaller OS partition.

      • jayant25

        Ah i really wish the same
        I still have Desire and i am still stuck with 2.2 :/

        I really want the 4.0 stable version.

        Any idea where can i get it ?

      • clocinnorcal

        Agreed! I wish Samsung would have at least leaked test builds for the Vibrant past 2.2. Good news for HD Desire owners is that the ROM is “near perfect”

    • thel0nerang3r

      Regarding partitions, they could require you to use a pc/mac/inux machine to uddate and give you “this will wipe your device, you will lose all data” 5 times, so people can’t complain that they lost data after being warned 5 times. They could also have a backup utility in the package that will back up your data. Their excuse sounds fishy to me, there must have been some other reason.

      • droidsam

        they would be able to backup contacts, emails and sms, but there’s no way HTC would be able to write a program to backup other app data. After using a phone for nearly two years, just imagine how much time people have invested in games or other app that would all be lost.

        the reason I have nit rooted my new HTC one s yet is because I’m half way through Half a dozen games. Rooting now would force me to lose everything.

        • NoRootNoFun

          I don’t know exactly how rooting of the HTC One works, but rooting usually doesn’t force you to lose anything. Rooting is not the same as installing a custom rom.

  • ruaifa

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  • Moises

    Just curious will this ROM also work on the inspire 4g? It’s under my assumption that the inspire and the desire hd are the same phone.

  • Stuart Halliday

    This is news to me.

    Didn’t HTC say 2 months ago that the HTC Desire HD *was* getting upgraded?

    Does this upgrade also contain ‘Jelly Bean’?

  • thechad

    love the ports