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Droid 4, Galaxy S III and Xperia P all slated to receive major updates soon


Three different Android devices are making headlines today thanks to major updates in the works. According to the latest news and rumors from around the web, Droid 4 and Xperia P users should get ready for an update to Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0, while Galaxy S III users can rest easy knowing Jelly Bean will be available for their device before the end of the year.

Announced on the Sony India Facebook page, it has been revealed that the Xperia P will be receiving an update to Ice Cream Sandwich between the dates of August 19th, and August 25th. Some two weeks from now. It doesn’t get more forward than that.

Unfortunately, Motorola has not been as open about an upcoming “soak test” for an update scheduled for the Droid 4. But as pointed out by DroidLife, there’s good reason to believe the update will be Ice Cream Sandwich. Not only did Motorola promise an update to Android 4.0 would land in Q3 of this year, users of the “ICS Waiting Room” thread on the Motorola Droid 4 forums were reminded by a moderator to opt-in to the Motorola Feedback Network. Hint, hint.

Finally, we have some great news for Galaxy S III, S II, Note and future Note II users. According to SamMobile, a usually reputable site when it comes to Samsung related rumors, all four of Samsung’s latest Galaxy devices are slated to receive an update to Jelly Bean sometime in Q4. The S II, S III and Note are all rumored to have tested well with the update internally at Samsung. As for the Note II, a quick update to Jelly Bean would only be necessary if the device is launched with ICS.

What do you think, do you own any of these devices? Excited for an update to keep your device feeling a little more modern? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • pekosROB

    This is awesome that Samsung has decided to update the S2 to JB. Because this means my S3 will hopefully get whatever update to Key Lime Pie (or whatever 4.2/5.0 is supposed to be called).

    Unlike Motorola where my Droid 3 came with Gingerbread and has been retired with the same Gingerbread. Looks like I at least have a device to mess with some custom ROMs!

    • Matt

      While it would be nice I’m not holding my breath at this point but hopefully my Note will see an offical JB..

      I love this phone but unless the next Nexus is complete junk I’ll be switching to that..

    • Richard Yarrell

      Yes it is safe to say that the Galaxy S3 not only will see jellybean 4.1 in late August early September but the NEXT UPDATE as well rather that be 4.2/5.0 Key Lime Pie. I know The Galaxy S2 will see jellybean but support from Samsung will end there. The Galaxy Note will see jellybean too by the end of the year but aftwards won’t see any other updates. The Galaxy Note 2 will launch with jellybean I suspect in late September early October only because the current Galaxy S3 would’ve already gotten the jellybean update before the offical launch of the Galaxy Note 2 and will see the next update to Key Lime Pie also. Samsung has done an exceptional job on the S3 software is leaps and bounds above anyother android smartphone out today. Plus the only device better battery wise on the market is the Droid Razr Maxx ONLY because of the 3300mah battery it has otherwise standby wise and battery life wise NO OTHER smartphone on the market is better than the Galaxy S3..

      • Sargon

        Way to go, Captain Obvious. “Yes it is safe to say that the Galaxy S3 not only will see jellybean 4.1 in late August early September but the NEXT UPDATE as well rather that be 4.2/5.0 Key Lime Pie”. No shit, really? A flagship phone that was released at roughly the same time as JB 4.1 is going to see the next update after 4.1? If it didn’t, that would be rather pathetic, wouldn’t it?
        Other than the fact that you have no friends other than your extremely unhealthy relationships with your phones, why do you bother constantly posting bullshit on every android site that hasn’t banned you? It’s painfully obvious to anyone and everyone that you’re the most clueless retard ever to spew uneducated bullshit in comment threads. You barely know how to turn a phone on. You are actually too stupid to root a Nexus. A Nexus, Richard. My cat could root a Nexus. When Android and Me wrote that review for you (I still can’t believe the good folks at AAM were that stupid), people asked you questions, and rather than even trying to point them in the right direction, or finding a link, you gave non-answers.
        “Question: Haven’t updated to OTA because I wanted to keep it root-compatible per se, but now with HTC publicly stating it was going to have an unlocked bootloader update, is it safe for me to update so I can check out HTC Watch? Thanks!”
        Your reply to the person?
        “Best of luck to you. You will be happy with this device”
        Now how in the hell was that supposed to help him? You, Richard, make severely retarded people look like geniuses.

      • mmaria452

        Hey my dear friend, I’m so xcited that our phone will be getting the jelly bean…I hope it is very soon..Do u kno wat will we be getting the jelly bean???Think theres Anything new that you know about our g3?? HOPE ALL IS WELL WIF YOU AND UR LUV ONES. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS.

    • ²ƒzKLINGON²ƒz

      lame, my iphone is at 5.0 already

      android fail

  • Jayson Olson

    I’d really liek to know whats the 411 is on my Bionic. Seems as if every phone under the sun that came after my Bionic is getting ICS, and Motorola keeps stating this ambiguous Q3.

    My Bionic on Verizon has taken a nose dive on 4G connectiovity, as have many others according to the Verizon Motorola forums.

    Feels like I got suckered into the Bionic (a great phone BTW) not knowing that there’d be no real love for it after it’s initial release. Boo to both Motorola and Verizon.

    • pekosROB

      At least you’re supposedly getting an upgrade/update on the OS. Droid 3 received no love!

      • Dustin Earley

        That’s just…. that’s just sad.

      • pekosROB

        You know, after reading about the T-bolt’s horrible battery life when it was reviewed everywhere way back when – let’s just say I was glad I never recommended that phone to anyone!

  • Matt

    Yes sgs2 has a good chance to get jellybean, i know ill drool when i see key lime pie or newer android, but jellybean is great! i need that smoothness now!

  • fatspirit

    Here, in Russia, we haven’t even received latest SXP 2.3.7 update yet (6.0.B.3.184) so I doubt about two weeks for ICS – one month at least. Hope all those MAJOR bugs will be fixed.

  • spazby

    i just bought sgs3 and kind of like the skin so far…

    • kazahani

      Yeah I was glad to see that Sammy lightened up on the TouchWiz. I will say that those waterdrop sound effects get ANNOYING!

      • lilmoe

        root the device and change those sounds… xda is your friend

  • Nathan D.

    People have been waiting to see these update and they want them sooner rather then later at least.

  • Dan M

    Already running CM10 on my GS3 :)

    It can be described as awesome…. Hopefully the official release will clean up all the remaining bugs on an already near perfect ROM!

  • androidindia

    saw the picture and thought it was the top ten updates of the week thread , miss that :P

  • Jim

    Samsung S 3

    By far the best phone I have had to date. Just moved from the iphone. If not for ICS I would not have moved. Keep the good times rolling

    • E1

      Welcome to android my friend. Although I have a GNEX I did how ever get to play with an S3.Its with out a doubt an impressive device. Trust me once u get the hang of playing around with it you will noticed how much far beyond android is in the game .Enjoy

  • Prince77

    I have a question. Where is the official update for the Epic 4G Touch that some announced a few weeks ago?? You guys never posted it on here, so that tells me it has never been released yet, am I right??

    • WonderingtheSame

      I’ve wondered the same thing and even emailed the question to the site and haven’t heard back from them. It was released weeks ago and hit devices OTA.

  • ahad

    Lot of android apps download free from Android Apps

  • runngun21789

    I was talking to Verizon support about a problem I was having with my SGS3 concerning 4G dropping and they said there is an update scheduled for early September for it. What this Update includes, who knows, he wouldn’t tell me.

  • mmaria452

    I have the galaxy lll and am so excited about getting the jelly bean software..The only problem I have is the internet and how slow it is. I’m hoping LTE finally arrives in NYC Then I can honestly say I’m happy with my Glll. 3G REally is so slow .wish there was something I can do so I can access internet much faster..

    • lilmoe

      3G isn’t slow at all. Your operator is providing crappy service…