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First pictures of HTC’s new 10 inch tablet leak out


It has been awhile since we heard any rumors surrounding a new tablet from HTC, but it looks like we should be seeing more soon according to some new leaked pictures. Tonight a previously dormant Twitter account posted a series of pictures that show an unknown HTC tablet.

No details were provided, but we can see the tablet features a slim design with a white casing and an interesting screen layout. One side of the tablet has about an inch of blank space on the front to hold it with, while the rest of the display is bordered by a thinner bezel. Cameras are also spotted on the front and back, but they are placed at the bottom instead of the top.

HTC is rumored to be announcing the One X+ and One S+, both featuring NVIDIA’s Tegra 3+, so we assume a similar quad-core chip will appear in this tablet. The leaked pictures appear to come from a promotional video, so we might see this tablet revealed later this week at IFA in Berlin.

Check out the gallery below and let us know what you think of HTC’s new tablet. Does it have the style to win you over? What other features would HTC need to include in order for you to place this on your wish list?

htc-tablet-2012-630 htc-tablet-2012-6 htc-tablet-2012-5 htc-tablet-2012-4 htc-tablet-2012-3 htc-tablet-2012-2 htc-tablet-2012-1

Source: @evleaks

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  • sk

    Why would anyone place a camera on the bottom?

    • vasra

      If it has a 1280×720 screen res, it’s just another me-too tablet and will fail miserably.

      At the very least it has to have (at this stage in the game):

      – a really nice high res screen
      – really good battery life (say close to iPad 3)
      – 2GB memory (It’s an Android tablet)

      Otherwise it will just get trounced on by TF700 and A700.

    • Ego

      So that it’s just barely too low for jerks that take pictures with them over their heads

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for HTC

      .HTC the new Palm…

  • The Omega Man

    Hey kid “You’re holding it Wrong!”….what? That is trademarked by apple too…oh #%@!

    • Andy

      It’s got round corners that’s such an ipad copy….

      • Chris Lewis

        It is still funny, but I can see this rounded corner/rectangle joke getting old really quick lol

      • FulLitenhund

        Nope, it’s an iMac copy.

  • ntan97

    My first thought? “iMac MINI!” lol… looks very good as long as it has the soft touch back like many HTC phones i think this will be a fantastic premium device… please don’t price it as high as the jetstream this time though.

    • tarwin

      And yet that border helps differentiate it from Apple and to prevent being sued over trade dress.

    • Kokusho

      Apple doesn’t stand a chance against HTC in a court about Design.
      This device doesn’t look like an ipad at all.

  • alexanderharri3

    Looks like a HTC One X stretched out into a larger form factor without changing any design keys…minus headstanding/cyclops rear camera.

    HTC’s prior tablets were priced to the stratosphere….let’s see if they can compete with this one.

  • LittleGreenDude

    It looks pretty boss to me. I like what thy did with the bezel.

  • tarwin

    Crap. I just ordered the Note. If this has stylus support I’ll be be kicking myself from here till tomorrow.

    Also, I’m guessing they’d go with the quad core krait Soc unless they pull the same thing Samsung did and release it two weeks after the announcement. I wonder what the unique features will be that they promised.

    • rootrider

      unique features?

      Sense… lol

  • Bozzified

    Holy shit that looks great.. the space they made for holding it with hand is BRILLIANT. I can’t tell you how much I hate the fact that they make same thinner bazel around iPad and others where every time I try to hold it from sides I end up putting my finger on the active area of the screen.

    This thing looks sexy. Unfortunately, unless it comes with pure Android, I’m waiting for Nexus 10.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I would buy this IMac, err HTC tablet. Honestly though, it is really appealing.

  • sword_zero001

    After the specs of the One X I have high hopes for this in PERFOMANCE, in price is a totally different matter.

  • Paul

    Camera on the bottom, are they Mad!!!

    Looks nice from the back apart from the silly camera position

    • dVyper

      I was hoping someone would copy Microsoft with their angled rear camera.

      AS it stands it certainly is a looked from the back.

  • fletchtb

    looks like a really nice tablet. Unfortunately, it looks very expensive. I don’t see a $500 Android tab making a dent in the market anytime soon.

  • h0ruza

    It looks different which is the best bit. Smaller bezel as well. Good work HTC

  • Innocent

    May not look like an iPad but is it just me who thinks it looks like an iMac? The large Bazel bit being the bottom of the screen and the camera where the apple logo would normally be.

    • tarwin

      As long as apple doesn’t try to sue them because customers got confused and thought that the camera was Apple’s home button…

  • MoSDeeb

    It’s an oddly appealing tablet. If the price and specs are good then I’m willing to buy one.

    • Amanda

      I agree with you. I really like my HTC phone! I think this tablet would be very fun to explore & enjoy. But I would only buy one if it’s android & the price is really good! It would be awesome if they made different colors to choose from.

  • pekosROB

    Not digging the design. Just waiting to see if Apple tries to sue them for looking like the iMac.

    I love my Transformer Prime but I have found myself not really using it much lately. Probably because of my S3.

  • CTown

    I’m defiantly not a NVIDIA fan (I actually think they are nothing more than one PR stunt after another) but a refreshed One S with NFC would be a pretty cool thing with ISIS being finalized soon. The One S is the only phone that doesn’t suck with a relativity small screen… and I want to see NFC being utilized by the majority enough soon to make the feature useful.

  • Annie

    And while they’re at it, they should either scratch that hideous border on the bottom or do something useful with it, e.g. put well-sounding speakers there.

  • Mitchings

    The question is no longer “Will it run Crysis?” but “Will Apple sue them?”

  • Bulgaria

    The cameras placement means, that this tablet is great in use with “chat roulette ” :-)