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Google debuts second Nexus 7 ad targeted at children


Today Google debuted their second TV ad for the Nexus 7 and it follows a familiar story of a parent enjoying time with their child. The 60 second spot is about a curious little girl who enjoys a relaxing weekend with her mom.

Google is expected to ship around eight million Nexus 7 tablets this year, and it looks like they are spending enough on marketing to make that happen. Just yesterday Google placed an ad for the Nexus 7 directly on their home page.

Check out the clip below and let us know what you think. Do you enjoy Google’s new direction in advertising?

Source: YouTube

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  • jaxidian

    LOVE that Google is advertising the Nexus line! I REALLY want more non-tech people to say, “Hey, I want a Nexus!” We need more AOSP lovin’ and this will make that happen!

  • ajonrichards

    I think it’s fantastic. A $200 tablet puts it firmly in the “affordable” range, and has so much more usability than a video game console. Kids can read, interact with family and friends, learn from such sites as wikipedia and khan academy, and of course, play games on it. If I had the budget to buy my kid to buy them either an Xbox or a Nexus 7, I’d pick the Nexus 7 any day of the week.

  • Joanne, CA

    Not impressed. I bet the spots for iPad mini will be amazing! Im purchasing an iPad mini instead.

    • Simon

      Start in school again, you forgot how to read, its an Android Site, not an IOS, stay away if you can’t say anything relevant.

    • iTroll bye bye

      That is why you buy iProducts, for the “amazing” spots. No wonder you over pay for average tech.

  • masterpfa

    Good ad
    The Nexus 7 needs exposure, only because all products do, it’s features would alone make an awesome purchase, but with this price too, even better.

    Now Google time to do an ad for the “Hangout” feature.

  • Tony

    This thing makes me want to sell my Xoom, It’s so smooth, battery life is fantastic, and you’ll always be supported by the latest version of Android with Google’s help.

    • DM

      I sold my Xoom and got the Nexus 7, and am loving it!

  • Adam

    There’s never been a problem with Google’s advertising. It’s the Motorola Android adverts that have been crap.

  • Mix

    I really liked that ad!

  • jswenson3

    Google is killing it with these ads. they’re kind of corny, but they’re really great ads!

  • Dan Jones

    Love this ad. And in a few years, I’ll definitely be buying a Nexus tablet for my daughter (two years old is a little young for her to own her own tablet; I let her play with mine on occasion).