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Google Now available for extensive list of rooted devices


The most talked about new feature to come out of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has to be Google Now, Google’s answer to the virtual personal assistant craze. Unfortunately, there’s only a couple of devices officially capable of running Jelly Bean and using Google Now at the moment, and outside of officially-updated devices, only those who have rooted their devices and have a passion for tinkering have gained unofficial access to the service.

That’s all about to change, and it’s going to get a lot easier to get Google Now on your rooted Android smartphone. Over on the XDA forums, two flashable .zip files have been made available that bring Google Now to a wide range of Ice Cream Sandwich powered Android devices. One version of the flashable .zip features the entire Google Now experience, offline dictation and all, and one version is a little stripped down, doing away with offline dictation to save on precious /system memory space.

The requirements for running this ported version of Google Now couldn’t be simpler. You must have an ARMv7 device, be rooted, be running ClockWorkMod Recovery and have Ice Cream Sandwich.

With all of the ICS ROMs available now, the list of compatible devices is monstrous.

To see if you have an ARMv7 device, you can check this handy list. If you do, and also meet the rest of the requirements, you can get started here.

Via: DroidLife

Source: XDA

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  • amgala

    Installing on my GNex now…I won’t make the jump to a JB ROM until AOKP or CM10 is out of beta

    • Fresh360

      You should really give Bugless Beast a spin it is as close to stock JB as you can get, and is truly bugless, plus Project Butter is well worth it until CM10 or AOKP…

    • LukeT32

      I have run the official AOKP and CM10 with no issues on my VZW Gnex. Give it a shot. Sounds like your already rooted, so just make a back up of your current set up and do a full wipe and install of JB…. You won’t be disappointed.

      • LukeT32


    • Mike Statin

      Wow just wow

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I’ve been having it on my phone, but cool for those that wanna have it and cant.

  • Alan Reboli

    I’ve been running this on my Rezound for a few days, it’s pretty awesome. I just got a reminder on Google Now about how f****** awesome I am.

    • Alan Reboli

      Wow, obviously we have some haters here. This was meant with sarcasm.

  • Homncruse

    Maybe we should arrange a play date with your Thunderbolt and my G2x to keep them distracted while everyone else goes through “significant changes”.

    • Dustin Earley

      I see a web comic in your future.

    • LukeT32

      I had a friend walk into a VZW store and complain about the T-Bolt and they were awarded a brand new GNex…… Perhaps it is worth the shot.

      • Homncruse

        I had a Twitter friend walk into a T-Mobile store to complain about all his G2x issues, and they replaced it with a Sensation (this was probably 6-8 months ago).

    • Homncruse

      At least your manufacturer has released an official statement regarding the eventuality of ICS (with a recent reminder, too!):

      LG, on the other hand, has simply plugged their fingers in their ears and their heads into the sand while screaming “LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU LA LA LA LA LA LA”.

  • coggy9

    You could just load Boot Manager (Lite) on the TB and use the ROM that has working calls/texts, and boot into your other ROM when you need mobile data. Might not be practical if you don’t have WiFi everywhere, but my TB is enjoying Google Now.

  • jamal adam

    What would we do without those amazing devs at XDA Forum. They make amazing happen everyday for everyone of us.

  • Nudo

    “Google is a neutral party – it’s not your friend, secretary or sister. It’s not your mom. It’s not your girlfriend or boyfriend. It is an information retrieval entity. You ask, we respond. And it’s very important that this entity be impartial, and adding jokes and other mannerisms to the voice would take away from that.” – Hugo Barra

    P.S. Google Now is awesome :-)

  • uknowme

    I’ve been running it for a few days courtesy of MeanRom. Pretty cool stuff. It randomly told me that had I been driving home there would have been a 21 minute delay. Nice to know.

  • Nathan D.

    Nice, can’t wait to test this out when I get it.

  • Stella

    This thread has made my day. :)

  • Stella

    Yes! Thanks to the hardworking dev community, I, too, can have some of the new Jelly Bean flavor.

  • Bronxy

    Doesn’t work on HP Touchpad

  • Ty

    Juuuust making 100% sure because i consider myself a 1/2 noob but to make this work I need to be running an ICS rom on my EVO 4g to make this work and that my current CM 7.1 will NOT work with this. Correct?

    • warbuff


  • Kashif Ali

    what about the M6 velvet.apk?
    should i install just the zip file or what ?

  • virexed

    Backing up now then will give it a shot on my HTC Sensation.
    Love Android and XDA.

  • duffguy123

    If I do not have Clockwordmod recovery, would Amon Ra do just fine?

    • virexed

      I have 4ext recovery and it worked fine. Just as long as you have a custom recovery that can flash the zip file on your ARMv7 device you should be alright. Make sure to backup before flashing.

    • Alan Reboli

      If it’s not compatible the recovery will let you know. I’m using twrp and that worked just fine.

  • Prince77

    I did everything it said and it didn’t work on my E4GT. I tried the one at the top of the list, which one did you guys use??

    • dontdoit

      Don’t do it man, your asking for a brick, all the issues with ICS recoveries, I had to make a USB jig I bricked mine like 5 times doing shit like this. . I’ve been doing this since the n-gage days so I’m the farthest from a noob and I needed a jig, and I can tell you will also, heads up, go to radio shack and get the resistors and solder.

  • thebearingedge

    Using it with CM9 on T-Mo SGS3 until CM10 is a little further along. Friggin’ rocks!

  • Miguel Ortiz

    Is this available for Tablets that run ICS?

  • Fearnoid

    does it work on unofficial jelly bean roms?