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Google Play gift cards available now from select retailers


Several days ago we found that any time now, Google Play gift cards should be available for purchase. That day has finally come, with Google opening an official gift card landing page listing several select retailers where gift cards will be initially available.

Available in $10, $25 and $50 denominations, Google Play gift cards will be able to used for books, music, apps and more. Cards may not have arrived yet, so it would be best to call ahead before venturing out to purchase. RadioShack, Target and GameStop will all be carrying Google Play gift cards.

Using Google Play gift cards couldn’t be easier. You can either redeem the cards value during checkout when purchasing paid content, or use the redeem function available on the Google Play web store and Android devices. After that, your Google account will have an available balance ready to be spent on whatever your heart desires. For more detailed instructions, Google has hosted an instructions page here.

Gift cards available from physical retailers are one thing that has been sorely missing from Google’s ecosystem. Not everyone has access to a credit card, and in turn, legitimate access to paid content. Gift cards are one way to get around that. It’s a shame gift cards didn’t arrive sooner, but in this case, they’re better late than never.

Source: Google Play gift cards

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  • oddball

    This makes purchases in the Google store far more interesting to me. The only reason I have used Amazon so long is that I always have Amazon gift cards available as a big reader

  • halo0


  • dan vaughan

    Will you be able to use it to buy say, the nexus 7? Might just hoard a few gift cards.

    • Dustin Earley

      Apparently, you cannot use the gift cards to purchase hardware.

      • Dustin Earley

        Not my decision people!

  • inviolable

    Guess its definitely too late to change the Google play name now. Off to Target I go.

  • Nathan D.

    Sweet, this will be great for my brother since he doesn’t have a debit card yet.

    • Pete Down Under

      Nathan, to activate Google credit you have to first add a credit or debit card.

      I believe you can add one to your Google wallet and the credit/gift card will show and then go back and delete it.

  • noob_said

    It’s an brilliant initiative. It’s gonna minimize piracy for sure!

  • Stella

    Finally! This is excellent for gifts.

  • Uncle Rico

    NICE!! just in time for the holiday season!! :)

    can we say NEXUS 7 Santa?! :P

  • Trinhbo

    These will make great stocking stuffers!

  • Steve Heinrich

    I usually ask for gift cards for holidays, my birthday etc. This will be at the top of my list now. I usually feel like a cheapskate when it comes to paying for apps, hopefully getting one of these from someone can alleviate my tight-wadded-ness.

  • GreenH0rn

    Yes! I had to get a Prepaid credit card now I don’t need it anymore. Makes things a lot simpler!

  • sharon1234


  • sharon1234


  • sharon1234


  • thechad

    play is good

    • lala

      play is great