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HTC Thunderbolt ROM shows off official Android 4.0 build


The HTC Thunderbolt has been the buggiest handset released by HTC in the last year and a half. The handset was updated from Froyo to Gingerbread, but many doubted it would see an official Ice Cream Sandwich update after HTC decided to scratch the HTC Desire HD from the list.

Fortunately, a new ROM based on the official 7.00.605.2 Android 4.0.3 build for the HTC Thunderbolt has just surfaced, giving us hope that HTC will in fact release the update within the coming weeks. Like most of the Android 4.0 updates HTC has been rolling out, the new build for the Thunderbolt includes HTC Sense 3.6, re-sizeable widgets, Face Unlock, a new Quick Settings tab in the notification panel and improvements to Android’s multi-tasking capabilities.

HTC promised to release the Android 4.0 update for the HTC Thunderbolt before the end of August, giving them and Verizon just nine more days to finish up testing and start pushing out the OTA update. If you don’t have a rooted device, we suggest you sit tight and wait for Verizon to release the official OTA update.

Do you think HTC and Verizon will be able to release the Android 4.0 update for the HTC Thunderbolt on schedule?

Via: HTC Source

Source: Team BAMF

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  • Ted

    lol those double shortcuts are very usefull

    • Nick Gray

      With HTC Sense 3.6, the app tray icons can be customized or swapped out. Not sure why the ROM has duplicates in the standard setup.

  • jaxidian

    I’ve not had a TBolt since last year. And frankly, I’m SHOCKED that this is actually happening! However, I’m curious… How’s battery life and the RIL these days?

  • Victor

    Waaaaay too late HTC. I already sold my Thunderbolt and moved to a Galaxy Nexus.

  • Joe

    I still have my thunderbolt and can’t wait for 4.0 I have been checking every day this week.

  • chase kyser

    Hay do you no win the 4.0 update is comeimg for thunderbolt I don’t I can’t wait for it

  • Richard Yarrell

    Dam they still talking about this crappy Verizon Thunderdud. That was the WORST android device ever fake ass Evo 4g. Verizon sucks and so does the Htc Thunderdud…

    • squiddy20

      “Verizon sucks”
      I think the 109-or-so MILLION Verizon Wireless customers would beg to differ.

    • Sargon

      All of your “phones,” with the possible exception of your Evo are imaginary anyway, and you can’t afford Verizon, AND you can’t even keep your bullshit straight. Here are word-for-word quotes from YOU.
      “There’s no doubt this is an exceptional device. I owed thunderbolt owners an apology cause I downed this device in many posts on various sites as well as here. The other day at best buy i had a chance to hold a thunderbolt and play around with one for 30mins and i was truly amazed. This device was STUPID FAST and very snappy and i was truly amazed at the time and effort htc put into this device. The sense ui was snappy the dnla feature was refreshing to see and all the personalized features for lock screens and various scenes were much new. I had the chance to compare it to an htc inspire 4g and it was amazing how close these devices both resembled eachother and the Desire Z. The only thing missing from the Thunderbolt that the Inspire 4g had was htc likes and and I can’t figure out why that was missing. I was very impressed with the thunderbolt and i can say that yes it is better than the granddaddy of 4g my beloved Htc Evo 4g 11months worth of better. Customers on Verizon should be proud they have a great device to support android. My fellow Evo owners on sprint we had our day June 2010 to March 2011 being on top now that belongs to the Thunderbolt on Verizon. Our new member to the Evo family on sprint will be born soon then we will see who’s best again. Hats off to the thunderbolt. ”
      “Our Evo 4g had a great run and ruled for a while that’s over now. It’s still a great device a proven device yes but not number one anymore I can except that. Trust me I ran the Evo real hard now it’s time for the successor.” <- After seeing that you have sex with your phones (YOUR words, not mine; "I'd like to push up on that phone." I'll bet you did "run it real hard".
      Since for the 5.974×10^24 times you've been proven wrong, called out and proven a lying hypocrite, are you going to at least *try* to make a 7th grade response rather than the typical preschool non-answers? You Richard, are less than useless. You're a useless, lying, trolling, know-nothing hypocrite with an unhealthy relationship with your Evo, a scat/urine fetish, and I'm pretty sure, guilty of bestialty. You've been talking about having sex with ducks for over two years.
      Seriously, get some psychological help before you get killed or arrested. Wait! What am I saying?! By all means, PLEASE get yourself arrested or killed. The Android blogosphere, at least the parts of it that you're not banned from, would benefit greatly from your abscence.


    I am running the leak so far I would say it is a improvement. It feels smoother :-)

  • Paula Richardson

    Cell phones industry grows bigger and bigger. And it is becoming more informative.

  • Dustin Earley

    I was just waiting for your comment yesterday.

  • sharon1234


  • sharon1234

    thank u

  • l0g0s

    This is interesting. After running some custom ROMs on the TB for a while, I gave it to my wife and she loves it. It runs great and with the right kernel and settings, the battery is on par with many other more current devices. I may still flash an ICS ROM for it after it’s been debloated and optimized by one of the reputable reps.
    It really is a decent piece of hardware that has taken way too long to get “the right” software on it. Unfortunately, I’m still caught up in serial flashing my Rezound trying to find the best thing for me.

  • jswenson3

    Won’t this thing just die? I sincerely hope nobody out there is still stuck with one of these. And if they are, i hope they have something to carry the car battery it takes to make the T-Bolt run a full day.

  • richard long

    Well… Guess they didn’t make the deadline…

  • Rob Ernst

    Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? It’s now almost October 30th… Still no OTA update, still running 2.3.something. WTH????

  • rashed

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