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Nexus 7 ad shows up on Google home page


When you have a new product to launch, you want to make sure you get it in front of as many people as possible. Amazon had a huge advantage over its competition with the Kindle Fire since it’s able to prominently feature its Android tablet right on its home page, but what do you do if you’re Google and want to tell the world about the Nexus 7? How about placing the Nexus 7 right on the Google home page (something we suggested they do even before it was officially announced)? Google could have completely taken over its home page with an ad for the Nexus 7, but they chose to be a bit more subtle about it since most people love the clean look and simply want to type in a search.

The Nexus 7 is currently one of our favorite Android tablets, so we hope that this new ad will help it get some decent exposure. If you were Google, how would you promote the Nexus 7?

Via: AndroidGuys

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  • spazby

    Size matters,in tablet world, smaller is better

  • R.S

    I would have placed a few TV ads. However, the route they went with is probably better.

    The TV ads would have cost money and only reached a certain number a people. With the amount of people who use Google as their default search engine, they will reach a much larger audience.

    BTW, having ads on mobile view is beyond annoying! I accidentally clicked on the state farm ad three times while trying to edit my comment.

    • glennw

      They DO have a TV ad. I’ve seen it on TV a few times.

    • I Am Videogames

      Not sure where you’re located, but I see the Nexus 7 ads all the time here on the east coast of the USA.

  • jdroeck

    I can’t see it. Probably because the nexus 7 isn’t available here in Belgium. But it doesn’t pop up either when I use the .fr or .de or site…
    even of doesn’t work

    please help?

  • WlfHart

    While putting the add on the search page was good, many people just set Google as their default search engine and use the URL bar to search. If I were Google and wanted to make sure everyone saw the add, I’d make one of Google’s ever popular doodles advertising the tablet. Make it interactive like the Olympics ones… then people would flock to see it.

  • dreamsrfree

    Love my N7 :D

    • Andrea87

      Do you enjoy the camera? Wait, there is none…

      • Mochabuddha

        On a serious note, as someone who has owned a Xoom, a Galaxy Tab 8.9, and finally a Nexus 7, I opened my camera app, maybe 5 times at max? Using a big 10 inch tablet to take photos or shoot video is a feature reserved only for the elderly and the young, naive facebook generation who thinks it’s cool to take bathroom self shots with a $500, 10 inch slab. I like Google’s stance to remove a rear camera just to avoid being part of either undesirable niches.

        Ask yourself, when is the last time you have used the camera on your tablet, if your tablet has one?

        • Colton Walker

          To take night shots of the CN Tower at night over an lake bay when I didn’t have a DSLR on me. That’s when. ;)

          Its always convenient to have a camera on you, even on a 10″ tablet. What’s the saying? The best camera is the one you have on you? That still holds true here. Plus, it’s super easy to upload those shots to the cloud through a tablet.

      • Trel

        Yes there is. There’s just not a front facing one.

        • moarbewbs

          Could it be that you’re holding yours wrong?

  • alexanderharri3

    The Nexus 7 is far better than the Kindle Fire or the current “last gen” Galaxy Tab 7.0/7.7, etc. unless you solely use the Amazon services…though there are apps for that on the Play Store. Awareness on the search page is an ad, yes – but at the moment it is the best 7″ tablet so it’s helping consumers.

    That…..or like the jurors of the Samsung trial, people will think there is an iPad on Google’s homepage….

  • dVyper

    Only seems to appear on the US version which I’m redirected away from me being in the UK. And why didn’t they do this before?!

  • h0ruza

    Make it international please Google. Where’s the UK Love?

    • Idaho

      Maybe they are afrais of riots. Riots are popular in this 2nd world country.
      Remember the Tottenham raids and slaughter?

  • Trinhbo

    If I were Google, I would continue to show ads on TV and YouTube which highlight the benefits of the Nexus 7 over its competitors like the new iPad. They can showcase their much lower price point, a more convenient size, better integration with Google’s various services, and always being first to run the latest Android versions.

  • Stella

    I like the ad personally. It’s very Google. I noticed as soon as I opened my browser since Google is my homepage. I’m glad that the device is available in more countries.

  • Samsunged

    They should put some admob ads and maybe charge people a dollar per search so they can pay Samsung back the 12 billion android cost them.

    And they need to put some tape on that nexus image….you can see the screen lifting.

  • sdude

    Why don’t Google just make it so whenever someone searches iPad or windows 8 tablets that ads just appear on the side saying nexus 7 from Google only £159?

  • Sever

    uhhh, this is nothing new. they had an ad for the nexus 7 back when it was first announced on the google search page too…

  • redraider133

    Best way to get people to buy is advertise until Google gets a little better brand recognition. Love my nexus 7

  • fred e cornelius