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Nexus 7 now available online from Google Play in Germany, France and Spain


The Nexus 7 is a smash hit. Praised by both bloggers and consumers alike, Google’s first venture into the world of 7-inch devices has sold like crazy. And that’s just in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Today, the Nexus 7 moves into more countries across the globe.

Available now in their respective Google Play stores, Google users in Germany, France and Spain can all purchase the Nexus 7 for €199 and €249, for 8GB of storage or 16GB of storage. There’s no indication of when the Nexus 7 will make it into other stores in Europe, but having a legitimate way to purchase the Nexus 7 in three of the biggest countries in the continent is a huge deal.

With newly expanded availability and the holiday season on the horizon, the Nexus 7 is guaranteed to make a killing this year. Even against the likes of a refreshed Kindle Fire or a rumored iPad mini, the Nexus 7 is sure to hold its own.

Source: Google

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  • redraider133

    Good to see other countries are able to finally buy one. Nexus 7 for everyone!

  • Hom0ncruse

    Nexus 7 made by Asus, HTC passed on it
    Final nail in the coffin for HTC?

    PS: i love touching 7-inch devices…mostly the black ones

  • Mix

    I finally used one a week ago in store and it is so sleek, sexy and fast! Worlds apart from my Iconica A100… :(

    I almost bought it on the spot but refrained as I would like the option of expandable memory so I am crossing my fingers that something like this comes soon!

  • Justin Bieber worshipper

    Why Spain??? Everyones unemployed in this poor country (except the overpaid football players).
    Whats next – Nexus 7 coming to Italy or Greece???

    • McInally

      Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal are the poorest countries, high unemployment, lots if debts. They shouldnt be allowed to get new phones, rather concentrate on avoiding bankruptcy being the downfalll for europe. Shame on them.

      • Nick

        You know what I am a Greek…and i want so much this piece of tech!!! I can eat,I can buy clothes,I can spend money having fun with my friends and I can afford to buy one and twenty more….Why do you have to get it earlier than me??? Are you smarter or richer???

      • geox

        The downfall to Europe would be idiots like yourself, spreading racist, unjustified and far from truth comments like this. If we are to accept what you suggest, then availability of a budget device such as the Nexus 7 in these countries makes more sense than anything.

      • popo

        You sir, must be either american or german
        If you’re american i feel sorry for you

        If your german, you must know that IF southern countries did not get in debt buying stuffs PUSHED from GERMANY then the southern countries will not be (so much) in debt AND germany would be very much less rich

      • Lakis Papadopoulos

        Please delete your post it has nothing got to do with Nexus.

        And fyi i am greek , i work from 10.00 to 23.00 paid about 600e , i have to pay electricity bill about 250e / month , and i did a surgery by paying from my money because national hospitals simply don’t exist.

        Shame on me?

      • GreekMan

        Idiot we can do whatever we want!
        Suck my cock instead of saying bullshit!

  • Nathan D.

    Wood hoo more people can join in on the fun :-)

  • Jennifer-Marie

    Im rather waiting for the ipad mini.
    Nexus does NOT have a camera and no NFC chip!!??? No 3g????
    This tablet is already obsolete!
    Even my sisters ipad 2 beats this.

    • Jo

      It does have a NFC chip and almost every phones, iphones included, can share their 3G connection…
      For the camera, I wouldn’t say that it’a useless, but cameras on tablets are not that good and only a few people use them !

    • Hardy

      >>Im rather waiting for the ipad mini.
      Nexus does NOT have a camera and no NFC chip!!??? No 3g????
      This tablet is already obsolete!
      Even my sisters ipad 2 beats this.>>

      If this is true, then i wont buy a n7 for my mom….no camera LOL

    • salem

      cool story…

  • Paolo Amoroso

    The Nexus 7 is indeed officially coming to Italy around the same time, see:

    Google Nexus 7 to be officially available for sale in some European countries in early September

    Although there are rumors of Play Store opening to more products (currently only Apps and Books), the Nexus 7 will be apparently available only through the ASUS retail network.

  • shinydesert

    I really like this device,but so far I am loving my Galaxy tab 2 7. It is not a quad core tab but with my 32gb microSD and the two cameras I am very pleased.

  • Ali-Ben Hasim (Doha)

    ipad is better

  • wirpo032

    Finally! I think Google is losing many customers by making customers wait!