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Rumor: HTC One X+ to feature UrBeats earphones and new color for UK launch in October


What’s better than an HTC One X+ for T-Mobile? An HTC One X+ for T-Mobile and the UK. According to the latest round of rumors, the HTC Endeavour C2 will be hitting store shelves in the UK on or before October 1st. The HTC Endeavour C2 is said to be identical to the HTC One X+ with a 1.7 GHz Tegra 3 processor, Android 4.1, ClearVoice technology for improved call quality and an updated version of HTC Watch.

According to Stuff, the HTC Endeavour C2 will come with a pair of UrBeats earphones and could come in a few colors. No exact details on pricing are available, but the handset is expected to fetch a £5 monthly premium of the HTC One X for those who pick it up for free on contract.

With the September/October launch period for the HTC One X+ quickly approaching, we wouldn’t be surprised if HTC officially announced the phone at IFA 2012 which kicks off on August 31.

Via: HTC Source

Source: Stuff

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  • dVyper

    I wonder when Tegra 4 will appear…

  • Vincent

    I wish they would just give it a removable battery and sd card slot.
    They’re really giving attention to the wrong things… I already have headphones, it would be nice if I could buy a flagship HTC where I could put all my music on… :p

    • Nick Gray

      While I agree with you, we need to think of the HTC One X+ as the Sensation XE of 2012. It’s more of a special edition device based on its current flagship rather than a brand new phone.

      • BigCiX

        That’s all it is. Minor processor bump. I’m sure everything else csm be a software upgrade.

  • Rich

    Sounds awesome, but I couldn’t really recommend anyone get a new Android phone now until the next Nexus phone(s) release

    • Dustin Earley

      I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up as a Nexus device.

    • Homncruse

      Agreed; I want to buy a new phone to get rid of this PITA, unstable G2x, and I’ve been looking at the HTC One X for a while, but with the next Nexus so close, I kinda want to wait and compare the next Nexus with the One X+.

  • TMoAndroidExpert

    There goes my dreams of this being the next Nexus device…..

  • Darkseider

    Now if it would only come to T-Mo in the U.S. I want a quad core phone!

  • Nathan D.

    I really want to see this phone official announce, hopefully it’ll have a removable battery and a SD card slot.

  • SGB101

    Wish I got some beats with my X :o(

  • ayocuz

    I’m thinking should I get the galaxy 3 or wait to see how this phone will stack up

  • droidguyuk

    I’ve had the one x for a week and sent it back because of its poor battery life , that said its a beautiful phone, fast the best screen i have seen on a mobile (yes better than apple) but there’s a but ! Its not the “one”. Why? 2 reasons (1)NO SD card how can you put all your music and video on it ? (2) I could just about overlook that & use cloud storage but the battery is FAR TOO SMALL HTC did market research asking what would you like in a handset it to be thin and sexy with a small battery or thicker and big battery ? Wtf who they asked said thin and small battery ? Who did they ask 60year olds or fashion students? If this had an SD card and 2500mA battery it would be the “One”

  • a1qkhan

    I can forgive the none removable battery, but it needs to have a bigger battery and a SD slot. Pointless having x amount of gig online (cloud – it should be a bonus feature, not a primary storage choice) when we’re handicapped by the networks to using only one gig a month. it seems HTC are looking the replicate Apple’s iPhone …when they should be aiming to be the best Android phone, full-stop. They’re heading in the wrong direction. Samsung know the majority of android users want a a SD slot and and replaceable battery; HTC seem to be losing grasp. I’m a lover of HTC products – the new products are beautiful in design but losing the basic tech that avid android users want; The freedom of SD slot and a removable battery (*amongst other things) is what separates android users from iPhone users. HTC with their current phone will only see a short success and will far back to square one.