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Rumor: HTC to enter the phablet market this fall with a 5-inch 1794 x 1080 display


If rumors of the upcoming HTC One X+ are enough to get your blood pumping, we’re positive that a handset sporting a 5-inch 1794 x 1080 pixel resolution display, Qualcomm’s MSM8960 Snapdragon S4 SoC paired with an Adreno 320 GPU could actually make your heart skip a beat.

According to DigiTimes, industry sources claim that HTC’s 5-inch device could be ready between September and October. Since DigiTimes is known for missing the mark, we’re happy to see that the rumor actually matches up with benchmark scores for the mysterious HTC 6435LVW which showed up on GLBenchmark a few weeks ago.

The HTC 6435LVW profile claims that the phone is running on a 1.5GHz Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon S4 SoC with Android 4.0.4 and shows multiple references to Verizon. At first, many speculated that the HTC 6435LVW would be HTC’s re-entry into the tablet market, but it looks like HTC is actually poised to enter the phablet space and go head-to-head with Samsung’s Galaxy Note.

Is this the right move for HTC? Would you rather see a Galaxy Note competitor or a new Android tablet from HTC?

Via: The Verge

Source: DigiTimes

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  • Pandian

    It may be a good move. But phamlet won’t be a hot market, atleast in India. I could see the users are happy with the usual bars or they go with tablets. phamlets is a matter of inconvenience as well.

    • ericl5112

      I know a guy in India that said the OG Note was a huge deal over there.

    • Bob Rockson

      Who gives an F about India?

      • DrB


    • NeoJesus

      If it has a thin or nonexistent bezel, I’m in!

      Just a shame that it’s not full HD (1920×1080). They were so close, what happened?

      • Seth

        More than likely it does have a full hd screen. The posted resolution would exclude any on screen buttons. 1920-126=1794. Hopefully the buttons will hide in video.

  • Ricardo Moura Rocha

    A Galaxy Note competitor would be awesome, but it doesn’t make ANY sense to release an ICS phone in late 2012.
    Other than that it would be awesome.

    • Nick Gray

      The benchmarks showed up right around the time Google released the Android 4.1 code. If the HTC one X+ will be running Jelly Bean, I’m sure HTC will have this new device running on the latest version of Android by the time it hits store shelves this fall.

  • redraider133

    Hopefully this is that rumored device to come to Verizon.

    • triangle

      It has been rumored to come to Verizon. I hope that the Galaxy Note 2 comes to Verizon…

  • triangle

    The problem with HTC tablets is that they don’t seem to have found the right formula for offering a reasonably price tablet with decent specs. Their previous 2 attempts with the Jetstream and Flyer/Evo View were way off.

    They would be better off focusing on the phablet market since the carriers will subsidize the device, allowing it to be sold at a reasonable price.

    I’m not sure that they need to be 1080p. That just seems like overkill for a 5 inch device.

    • Jimmy_Jo

      It is absolute overkill. And it will probably overkill the battery too with all those pixels. they need to focus on making better faster software instead of making newer hardware with each device while the software still has not been optimized to fully take advantage of the hardware that came out a year ago.

      Don’t believe it? Look at the Galaxy Nexus. It’s a whole new phone with Jelly Bean. Imagine an HTC phone (which has been awesome hardware) with a better version of Sense (which has been very pretty to look at very slow to use; a resource hog) I think if they improved on the user experience instead of going after benchmarks which 75% of the buyers don’t care about. They would be doing better

      • DROID Sam

        Have you used the latest version of Sense? It’s a lot faster than what HTC was using last year and we don’t yet have any evidence to suggest that HTC is or isn’t working on another update to make it even better.

        Over the past two years, HTC has released updates to Sense with its fall handset releases:
        Desire – Sense 2.0
        Desire HD – Sense 2.5
        Sensation – Sense 3.0
        Rezound – Sense 3.5

        We should be seeing an updated Sense 4.5 with the HTC One X+ and this new phablet device.

        • Bob Rockson

          No its not. HTC Sense is bloated crapware and runs like utter crap. You obviously never used a pure Android device like Gnex lmao

      • diewson

        install another ROM?

    • redraider133

      I hope they add a huge battery. if they do that this could be a huge seller. Sadly with HTC’s track record about how people do not care about battery life I can’t see that happening. Prove me wrong HTC and you will gain a customer back.

  • McLovin

    Good for HTC! I love the Galaxy Note and this format. I wish T-Mobile would have gotten it sooner than the S iii else I would have have the Note now.

  • nivekkev

    It could be a great move provided they release to all carriers at once. No exclusive garbage.

    • Jimmy_Jo

      HTC’s stock (literally and figuratively) is way down. So I doubt that’s even possible. One carrier has to pick it up and sell well before the other carriers will be comfortable with it. They have to make sure they’re getting an “EVO” device and not a “Thunderbolt” device.

      • DROID Sam

        That’s not the way things work with U.S. carriers. T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T and Sprint all seek exclusive deals or timed exclusives. the only thing that’s keeping HTC from releasing their devices on all carriers is greed from the carriers. AT&T has locked in a timed exclusive for the One X and the EVO 4G LTE was device which was made-to-order for Sprint. HTC needs to step up and tell carriers that they can have the phones as long as there are no exclusive deals. If the carriers don’t like it, tough luck for them.

        • herbivore83

          There is truth to what both of you are saying. The carriers have fought hard for exclusivity for many years, but Apple transformed the market by offering the exact same device across multiple carriers. This made it less expensive for Apple to manufacture devices for multiple carriers and greatly expanded the potential customer base. It took Samsung 3 iterations of the Galaxy S series and countless other smartphones before they had the weight to demand the same OEM-controlled distribution as Apple. The market is transitioning and HTC doesn’t have anywhere near the track record of its competitors. HTC attempted to move towards this model with their “less quantity, more quality” model, but demands of exclusivity has brought several different iterations of the One S/X/V line of devices. The sales just aren’t there.

        • Jimmy_Jo

          Sadly, HTC doesn’t have the clout for that. Their market share is too low to make any demands.

  • fletchtb

    Sounds like a nice phone. I’ll be interested to see this one in person.

    Let’s hope this one is a win for HTC.

  • Dr.Carpy

    This is definitely interesting. 5″ screen size is here to stay, so there may as well be choice and quality devices besides the Galaxy Note 1 & 2. If HTC can pull off something similar to the One X’s level of quality, they will have a bonafide hit on their hands. Remember HTC, removable battery, additional Micro SD storage, JB please!

    • Dr.Carpy

      Tenacious D forever!

  • Alekh Khanna

    Lovely ! G Note is probably the best phone I’ve tried in a long time and the phablet size is just perfect. Would be exciting to see what HTC brings to this field, specially when Note 2 is around the corner.

  • get at me banana

    i hope this also come to tmobile htc is probably the only cellphone make i trust the most.

  • surg3d

    Love HTC products. Their hardware and attention to detail is great. Also love the “phablet” form. So this is a win-win for me. Not so sure if it’s a win for HTC though…

    In a perfect world, we’d see HTC make a *Nexus* phablet that would hit all major carriers. But that’s just me…

  • Nate B.

    That res sounds awesome. I want that on a normal phone. But to have all that you need some really slick features and OS. Neat design to. HTC is going to have to rid that useless bezel they always have to. Let’s see what they do. Please don’t be a bigger One X.

    • DROID Sam

      People need to stop asking OEMs to remove the “useless bezel” on phones. have any of you actually thought that through? How are you supposed to hold your device? Removing the bezel mans you can’t wrap your fingers around the front edge of the phone because you’ll be pressing on the screen and opening an app or inadvertently hitting the home button. The only solution would be to hold the phone with a wide open hand.

      Ooops… sorry for bumping you. Is that your phone on the floor with a smashed screen?

  • BigCiX

    Just bring me a 5 inch Nexus the same size as the One X and im happy

  • DROID Sam

    I’d love HTC to get back into the tablet space, but a phablet makes a lot more sense.

    Samsung’s Galaxy Note has been a huge success. LG is trying to get some of that market share as well, but they have a hard time in Europe and the U.S. As long as HTC can offer HTC Scribe and an Active Pen at the same price at the Note, they’ll have a hit on their hands.

  • Louis A

    alright…alright…alright. HTC, now we are talking. This is definitely gonna be on my short list if it comes out that time especially if it comes out spotting jelly bean.

  • n25philly

    Higher resolution that the note? Yes Please! Now just don’t do something stupid like not put in expandable storage.

  • Nathan D.

    Dam and we only just got into the 720p screen resolution, but anyways it would be nice to have another company to make a phoblet instead of just Samsung.

  • MoSDeeb

    I’m not in the market for a 5″ inch phone, but hopefully this sells well. I am a fan of HTC and will be picking up the rumored One X+ landing on T-Mobile.

  • WlfHart

    HTC doing a Note competitor is awesome! I wonder if they will try to break into the stylus market too.

  • ndarvishev

    Oh, man, this is huge!!! HTC is fighting back!!! Well, late, but better late than never. Hope to see HTC gain back the market!

  • Alex Belko

    The hardware is interesting indeed, but what is really important is the software and its updates, I guess it will come with jb later

  • could it be a poem

    Damn you Verizon, with Ur D list of phones. Well this confirms it for me, I won’t be seeing the Galaxy Note 2 in a Verizon store come this fall.

  • alexanderharri3

    Another Phablet…giant phones are eventually going to stop their steamrolling path through every carrier when we realize….this this is just too big…

    More battery, sub 5″ size – that’s your winning combination.

    • Bob Rockson

      You sir are an idiot

  • Raptor

    That is totally great news. It’s 419ppi. Would be better a bit if it was a little larger at 5.3-5.5″ because it is critical to get horizontal width more then 2.7″ for optimal viewing of fullsize pages in portrait mode (Galaxy Note has 2.81″ width, LG VU has 3″ but this phone has only 2.58″. it must be 5.45″ to be the same width as current Galaxy Note. This is why Galaxy note2 has even larger screen)

    The only strange thing in this rumor is the aspect ratio 1.6611, why at least not a 1800×1080 which is 15:9? Or 1920×1080 which is not far away.

    • Gastur

      The physical screen is probably 1920X1080, but some of those are not reported in the benchmark because of software buttoins…

  • KC

    A 5″ device would be nice, esp from HTC. But its specs better be as good if not better than the coming Galaxy Note 2. We want removable battery, huge battery 2700mAH min., expansion slot for microSD cd, NFC, 3G/4G, Wifi 802.11ac std.,Wifi-Direct, USB 3.0, 2GB RAM (min., to handle their bloatware if they insist on their Sense UI), 16GB internal phone storage, Jelly Bean, good and bright display, stylus, good cameras, etc.

    If HTC cannot come out with these minimun specs, they should stay out. No doubt HTC devices are beautifully designed, much more than iPhoney lookalike, but they have been a big disappointment lately…

    • NotRelevent

      I agree with all of that except the microsd slot and 802.11ac. Both are pointless at this point, because next to no one has an 802.11ac router.

    • raptor

      Agree 100% (I’ve tried to post here but the dumb obsolete primitive software this site uses which does not allow edit hiccups).

  • Raptor


  • Matt

    Well I was interested until the HTC+Verizon part.

    Also expect it to have a locked bootloader, no removable battery or sdcard option.

    You might as well buy an iphone.

  • moonbeamsyndicate

    If Samsung disappoint with the screen on the NoteII, I could well take a look at this…

  • LungJian

    Hoping this is a phablet and available for AT&T. The original Note almost made me give up my 5″ Dell Streak, but the PenTile screen and middling performance for the price has kept me hesitating to pull the trigger. I almost jumped on the One X when it was < $100, but giving up 0.3" diag. (bigger difference than it sounds when you consider screen AREA) and no microSD slot has also kept me hesitating. The SGS III is outrageously thin, but again with the PenTile display and cheap build quality…

    I agree with several posters here that battery life is of far more interest to me than 1080p res. I'm far more concerned also with color accuracy and sunlight performance than with the ppi race.

  • mikeymop

    On screen buttons anyone?

  • jswenson3

    HTC has the potential to do this even better than Sammy!

  • Daniel

    I wonder if sprint will be getting this device..

  • RobertG

    I’m not interested in a phone/tablet from HTC unless it comes with a kickstand, small bezel and removable battery. Otherwise I don’t have room to carry all the crap I would need to make this device both portable and useful. The main reason I continue to buy HTC is they actually make Android-looking phones (instead of those iClone wannabe Samsung phones with the idiot button and the tiny speaker grille). I hope HTC can take advantage of their design superiority and not shoot themselves in the foot again.