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Samsung, Sony, and LG to deliver Nexus phones this year?


Back in May the Wall St. Journal reported there would be multiple Nexus devices this year, but the rumors have been awfully quiet since then. Today we received a tip that Japanese carrier DoCoMo’s fall lineup has leaked and it includes three possible Nexus devices.

Rumored devices on the list include the┬áSamsung Galaxy Nexus II, Sony Xperia Nexus, and LG Optimus Nexus. We were originally expecting there could be up to five Nexus devices and we already saw the Nexus 7 and Nexus Q, so it’s possible we could still get three more smartphones.

At this point I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in this rumor, but things have been so quiet that we were starting to wonder if there would be another Nexus phone this year.

Who do you hope makes the next Nexus?

Via: Android Noodles

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  • Hershell Tidwell

    I’m leaving Verizon now to hopefully grab an unlocked Nexus from whichever company can wow me the best.

    • tottyrice

      that’s what i’m doing i’m just waiting for the new nexus to come out (GSM version) and use it on simple mobile for $50 a month with unlimited everything with no contract (where i live they offer support for HSPA+ 42Mbps).

    • Tony

      I sure wish I could.

  • Wunako

    Assuming the rumor is true, how is HTC not on that list??? Samsung is meh and I know LG has been trying for the longest. Sony did make a pretty nice looking device but not worthy of nexus maybe after a few more attempts they’ll get there

    • Noven

      The rumored HTC One X+ could very well be an HTC Nexus device. If not Nexus-like without the Nexus name.

      • zerosix

        HTC One Nexus!

        • Kleverson Royther

          The paradox!
          HTC Nexus One and, three years later, HTC One Nexus!

          • timoten

            Google Nexus One X

      • Ichigo

        That would be an incredible phone.

      • KennyO

        T-Mobile had the G1 and G2, both devices that were stock Android but not “Nexus”phones. When I saw the rumors about the One X+ possibly coming with stock, I thought if the rumors were accurate it could be branded as a G device on Tmo

    • Meister_Li

      I suspect the Manufacturer’s where chosen on the basis of their “Openness”, at least it seems that way.

      Samsung usually never locks their devices, and their CPUs are very open-source, which is why CM10 was on Samsung phones first.

      Sony did some very big contributions to the AOSP and also offers a “true” bootloader unlock, like you’d have on a Nexus-Device

      LG doesn’t lock their devices either, as far as I know.

      HTC on the other hand has only a limited unlock on offer and we all know Motorola’s History (also being now part of Google and avoiding favoritism probably plays into this as well)

      • Dags -

        HTC can easily make a fully unlocked phone just like they did with the Nexus One. Anyway, their current unlock method allows people to customise their phones to whatever degree they like except for locking the boot partition (kernel), so n00bs can’t fry their phones by overclocking. I don’t like it and I don’t buy HTC phones but it seems perfectly reasonable from a manufacturer’s point of view. I don’t see how an argument could be made that HTC lock the boot partition because they don’t want to be open when the kernel is the only part of the firmware that HTC release the source code for.

  • spazby

    Surprised htc is not there. Curious what Sony will do with this if true…

  • dcormier

    Come on, Motorola…

  • jm

    I want a Motorola designed Nexus Maxx.

    • Kenneth

      did you know that google now owns motorola i think this will mean better motorola phones along with more competition for the iphone :P did u hear that google-motorola is suing appl?

  • jordanfritzsche

    I actually think that would be awesome! Of course I would want HTC in the running, but I don’t care for anything by Motorola, unless Google designed it for them. I could see Sony being my top choice, they make some sexy phones. But if the next Samsung Nexus is anything like the Galaxy Nexus I have now, they might get my money. But that would be a fantastic way to go, and it’s in line with the idea of customization behind Android instead of the need to rally behind one developer device.

    But wait …… Why isn’t Pantech on the list?

  • dejay

    I REALLY REALLY would love to see a Asus Nexus Transformer, basically their padfone, but with LTE, it would be sweet to finally have a device that could control all my computer needs. A phone that turns into a tablet, into a notebook, a desktop or tv. Especially if they were able to merge Chrome Os with android and with Google Tv. Imagine a device that when you wanna watch tv you simply launch Google Tv, then when your in need of your laptop you pop you phone into the shell and bamm you got your laptop. It would be a great for Google to integrate basically ALL of there services into the next Nexus

    • vforvortex

      I think Asus has done really well with tablets, but some have questioned if they can make it in the phone arena. A nexus padfone perhaps? :D I love the padfone concept.

  • Shay D. Life

    [Quote: Who do you hope makes the next Nexus?]

    Anybody but HTC or Motorola.

  • OnIn2

    NO, No,No. LG, you no fool me again.

    Do ALL Nexus phones get their updates from Google ? The Mfg/Carrier update cycle is broken. My next phone WILL get updates from Google. /subject

    • vforvortex

      If you are on a gsm network, best way to ensure it is pure google is to buy it contract free directly from the play store. I have read about verizone galaxy nexus not getting proper updates and someone on here said their nexus in canada via network wasnt getting updates either.

      • clocinnorcal

        Sprint can’t seem to grasp the Nexus concept either. They may even be worse that Verizon.

        • bob saget

          If you are wanting to stay stock and get fast updates from google then yeah a GSM nexus is the only way to go. But as far as hackability and ROM developer support the verizon/sprint nexii still offer more than non-nexus phones.

  • NamelessTed

    I will be in the market for one of the new Nexus phones by the end of this year or early next year. I am really hoping we get to see a Nexus phone from ASUS. Maybe something with the Tegra 3+ SoC in it, and a nice big battery.

    I definitely think the more manufacturers making Nexus devices the better. I am just hoping that one of them has the nice big battery that I desire. Maybe the Sony Xperia phone will be Playstation Certified and maybe even a slide out controller like the PS Phone. I think that it would be really cool and interesting to start seeing a variety of actual hardware across the nexus line. One with a full 5 row QWERTY keyboard, one with the aforementioned controller, or maybe a nice big Samsung Nexus Note.

    • masterpfa

      I was right up there with you until you mentioned a Qwerty keyboard.

  • aranea

    This is exciting. I’ll probably be thorn between Sony and Samsung. Samsung has the experience with nexus phones but sony usually has the best cameras. Still surprised that HTC isn’t in the list.

  • CTown

    I really hope (if this rumor is true) that Sony uses the latest Qualcomm processor at the release of the device!

  • irishrally

    Check out the leaked Samsung i9260 spec at

    • Dags -

      If it exists, that’s a midrange Samsung phone based on the current Nexus design. The author was the one that added the “Nexus” tag. Nexus phones don’t have sdcards.

  • Dan13

    If these names are correct then I can’t help but feel a little sad. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fantastic that there are possibly multiple Nexus phones being produced by different manufacturers. The fact that the title of Nexus is being turned into a label. There was the Nexus One, then the Nexus S, then (and here’s where things started to go bad) Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and now others are following suit. The way they name these phones is a big deal. If what is stated in the article is true, Nexus Phones will change from being one of THE Nexus phones into A Nexus phone.

    Other than that getting to me, I am completely excited to see these phone in the real world.

    • Dan13

      Oops, I see an incomplete sentence:

      “The fact that the title of Nexus is being turned into a label.”

      I meant it to say: “The fact that the title of Nexus is being turned into a label irks me.”

    • masterpfa

      I agree. I think the branding should remain as Nexus followed by distinctive name so for example the phones we should have had to date would have been as follows

      Nexus One by HTC
      Nexus S by Samsung
      Nexus Galaxy by Samsung

      So following this example we could have:

      Nexus Galaxy+ by Samsung
      Nexus Xperia by Sony
      Nexus Optimus by LG
      Nexus One X+ by HTC
      Nexus Maxx by Motorola
      Nexus by Asus

  • Matt

    surely they will come with vanilla droid.
    hope the hardware spec will be all the same (yes even the battery size, and the screen.)
    but company can add their own design flavour on each one of their nexus device

    i would like to see xperia s body with galaxy nexus screen, and the new ARMv15 chip on it ;)

  • epps720

    The real question is what type of devices are we going to see? I doubt we’ll see 3 Nexus phones thrown out at the same time. Most likely 1 phone, maybe a 10″ tablet, and a 7″ tablet. Maybe they’re using Sony for an Xperia tablet.

  • uknowme
  • justreboot

    I would love to see HTC back up in this mix!

  • E

    Dont get fooled people. Avoid what ever you do getting a so called nexus from a carrier in the us and. Expecting true nexus treatment.Perfect example SPRINT and VERIZON .
    aside from that very interesting to see multi nexus OEMs.

  • Grandmaster

    Samsung will be the spec whore
    Sony will be the sexy whore
    LG will be the dumb whore

    • redraider133

      I think lg and Sony will bring the big guns since they want their chance in the soot light. Samsung is rumored to offer a slightly upgraded nexus since they seem to save all their goodies for their flagship line and put the stuff they don’t use in the nexus line.

      • masterpfa

        Remember Google do have a say in these specs too, although given the Exynos Quad core processor was saved for their own devices the Galaxy SIII and rumoured Note II

  • get at me banana

    im waiting for a nexus phone but if its made by lg i wouldnt wanna grab it because lg is the worst cellphone maker on the block they push out a good fast phone for example tmobile g2x the first dual core phone on the block at the time and they wont support it with the next upgrade to ics and it took them an extra 3 months to get gingerbread it on the phone what kinda cellphone maker is that a bad one.

  • Homncruse

    If the rumors are true and we see multiple manufacturers, please make sure HTC or Asus is on the list.

    If it’s just one manufacturer, FOR THE LOVE OF BUGDROID, NOT SAMSUNG AGAIN!

  • AnthonyRyan

    I just know who ever the manufacturer is for the nexus devices they need to be on the play store at day one and unlocked and everything So I can buy it and use it on Tmo.

  • Chris

    And no mention of a Motorola Nexus? Very odd. I’d love to see a Moto Nexus. Love their hardware and build. Anything but Sammy. I love you Sammy..really I do, but your shoddy craftsmanship on the GNex was abysmal :(

  • Lox

    Please revive the Nexus One by HTC!

    A Sony Nexus would be great too.

  • Richard Yarrell

    The Galaxy Nexus 2 from Samsung is a go..I wouldn’t touch Sony or Lg with a ten foot pole claiming to be a nexus yeah sure. If Samsung adds that SD card slot to the Nexus 2 then everyone pretty much knows which one will be the favorite Nexus to purchase. And YES day one the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 better be in the google play store for purchase not sitting in some carrier store…ie Verizon…..Trust me I hope Verizon has seen it’s LAST NEXUS….With me it doesn’t matter I am 100% happy with my Galaxy S3 now and will be purchasing the Galaxy Note 2 when able none of those coming Nexus’s will be better than the current S3 or Note 2…

    • Orion78

      You don’t have a phone idiot.

    • redraider133

      You are on tmo so why do you care what carriers get it? You sound as bad as the isheep thinking the phone should be n one carrier. Why not give everyone a nexus? Because for many Verizon is hands down better coverage and not everyone will switch to a worse carrier for a phone. After all coverage>>phone any day because phone won’t do much with no coverage.

  • Nathan D.

    Interesting, I would like to see how these phone will come out with.

  • vforvortex

    I first bought the HTC G1, and now currently have the htc sensation 4g, but when i look at the screen resolution and color quality of samsung phones, i am jealous. So i might have to go with samsung for my next nexus phone.

  • A.Woodbury

    A Nexus device from HTC would rock in multiple ways. Android could really use this right now

  • Ardrid

    Yes, please. I’d kill for an Xperia based Nexus. If there’s one thing Sony does it right it’s industrial design.

  • cristian cristiandonose

    I would really love to see a Nexus from Sony.Let somebody else do one , i think Sony has some great designs.

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    “Sony Xperia Nexus”? Shut up and take my money.

    I love what Samsung has done so far, and they still reign as one of my overall favorite manufacturers.

    But C’mon, a Nexus along the NXT Xperia line? Check please!

  • jian9007

    I would like to see if HTC could put out a fantastic Nexus. Better specs than the One X (quad-core S4, 4.8″-5.0″ screen, 2GB RAM) but with removable storage and battery.

    However, Sony makes good looking phones, only they’re usually behind on the specs a bit. They always have fantastic cameras though, and may offer tight integration with the PS3, which I like.

    LG shouldn’t even show up.

    If Sammy could actually come with decent specs that are at least as good as the GS3 (but as a full on Nexus) it might get my money, especially if they toss their Exynos 5250 in there, or at least the quad-core S4 from Qualcomm.

  • skyflakes

    Not LG please. HTC!

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I’m hoping for that Sony Nexus :)

  • Dylan F

    My device upgrade is available with A&T right now…if they announce another Nexus device for AT&T in the next few months I will definitely hold onto my Atrix 4G until that phone (or phones) is released

  • sharon1234


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  • dorp

    If there are going to be multiple Nexus phones, I hope there will be multiple form factors – a nexus phone for everyone. Regular ~4.3″ slab, keyboard slider, 5″ phablet, blackberry-style portrait keyboard.

    I am most interested in what Sony will offer. Can’t wait til March, when I get my upgrade on T-Mo – if they don’t have a Nexus phone by then, I plan to upgrade to a phone of equivalent value to one on the Play Store, sell it and buy a Nexus straight from there.

  • Jack

    A HTC nexus phone with slide out keyboard would be awesome……

  • 22df

    Samsung Nexus 2′s only upgrade is the camera, right? From what ive heard this is rather pathetic. Unless Apple bans this one too lol

  • thechad

    lg nexus

    • lala

      lg nexus for sure