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T-Mobile breaks $100 off-contract mark with Concord

t-mobile concord

T-Mobile’s reputation as one of the most affordable carriers in the nation is being reinforced today with the arrival of the T-Mobile Concord, a rebranded ZTE device that goes for under $100 off-contract.

The T-Mobile Concord may not be the best spec’d device on the market, but that’s not its claim to fame. Coming in at a meager $99.99 (with a qualifying Monthly4G plan at Target), or $99.98 (with a Walmart Family Mobile no annual contract plan), the Concord is a 3.5-inch 3G device with a 2-megapixel camera and Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

I know it’s probably hard for the enthusiasts in the crowd to get excited over a device like the Concord, but for a first-time smartphone buyer (or someone who just wants access to apps like Facebook, Google Maps and Gmail), you can’t beat a perfectly capable device for under $100 with no annual commitments. I think it might be time for a couple people I know to ditch the flip phone and move up in the world.

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  • skugern

    This may be the next phone for my mother. Hmm…

    • wally

      iphone smokes this $hit phone. nuff said

      • DroidPower

        well, i hope any phone that is 6x the cost of this phone should “smokes this $shit phone. ”

        nuff said.

      • porter

        how so?? they both have the same screen size?!? lol

      • ihatefanboys

        The version of android running on this phone is still better and newer than the rehashed software on your precious iphone. Yes the iphone is still running essentially the SAME software that was on the first iphone. That is the ONLY reason why the iphone is smoother or faster or whatever your peabrain will come up with next. If android tweaked Android 1.0 for 5 years it would be smooth too, but still 5 years behind in innovation, like the iPhone is. Better hope this supposed iphone 5 is awesome , because lots of your iclown friends will be jumping ship immediately if its not…some iclowns are getting wise to the fact that theyre getting bamboozled every year with nothing really new, time for you to realize this too my friend. Get your head out of Steve Jobs dead ass. Look at a HTC ONE S and put it next to that ugly rectangle box that the iphone is, then maybe you might wake up…but then again, probably not, youre dumb.

        • Adhiboy

          Look, I understand that this is an Android forum, and the guy is a dumbass, but you don’t have to lie to yourself. Android is awesome, so maybe focus on that before saying iOS sucks.

  • jaxidian

    This is a great way buy a cheap replacement for your 2-month-old Galaxy S III that you dropped in the urinal because Facebook JUST COULDN’T WAIT! ;-)

    • Homncruse

      I’m sure nobody has ever dropped their cell phone in the toilet. Nope, ne*kerplunk*

  • Ed

    Horrible phone, TMO is one of the worse for value!!! Get your fact right, SGSII when it came out was over $200+ but on all the other carriers it was under $100…same with a few other phones.

    • Gustavo Pachec

      …. This is with no commitment…no contract.

      Also T-Mobile prices phones higher so you can have a lower monthly bill. You get your money back so fast…

  • MyMilan

    Really great to see T-Mobile coming out with a nice budget phone like this. I know a lot of people who could use this. T-Mobile has been doing a lot of good stuff lately. Keep it coming :)

  • jaxidian

    Anybody know if this will come with Wifi Calling and those other neat little T-Mobile features (free visual voicemail, etc)?

    • Dustin Earley

      I think if it came with WiFi calling, they’d make a big deal about it.

  • uzunoff

    I would not recommend that phone to anyone.
    Buying a cheap android phone is like ….. using a cheap android phone, I actually have no metaphor for it.

    That would be the demise of android.. cheap phones.
    Users will try to play high end games, the phone will crash and everybody will be talking how bad android is.
    No thanks. I would rather have them use flip phones than some cheap piece of plastic that would make them mad and ruin the experience.

    • wally

      All meandroid phones are cheap compared to the mega seller iphone!!!
      Get a real phone, the iphone

    • anamika

      Thats true only for subsidized markets.. With subsidies you have no idea the worth of a mobile. In unsubsidized market when you buy a low end mobile you don’t expect it to work like a high end mobile.

  • El

    Appearently all these people bashing Android are ignorant and blinded to the fact that not everyone loves/needs/(and gasp) doesn’t want an apple product. (It’s a phone and if your dumb enough to proclaim it as the greatest invention ever this world is doomed) It’s great that there are options at a lower cost.

  • DroidPower

    I bet T-mobile’s best market is the middle to low income families/users. Just look at how hard they’re pushing collaborations with Walmart and all the no contract 4G plans. I think this is a smart hardware choice for T-mobile to continue its stronghold in this specific market.

  • Nathan D.

    Nice beginner’s phone but that about it. You can always move up to a better phone if you need more power under the hood. That said, getting more power isn’t always cheap.

  • herbivore83

    This is one of three 3G Android smartphones T-Mobile offers for $99.99 with activation or refill of a qualifying Monthly 4G plan. The others are the Samsung Dart and the newer T-Mobile [Huawei] Prism.