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Verizon begins testing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for Galaxy Nexus


When Google released Android 4.1 for the GSM Galaxy Nexus we knew it would be awhile before the update finally reached the CDMA versions of the device on Sprint and Verizon. Thanks to a leaked update file we can now confirm Verizon is testing the update for their Galaxy Nexus.

Even though Verizon is testing the update, they still might not release it for another couple months. We saw Verizon go almost six months between updates last time, so there is no telling how long it could take this go around. If you feel comfortable flashing your Galaxy Nexus, then I would suggest grabbing the update file from Google’s servers and trying it out (here is a guide if you need help).

I have been using Jelly Bean on my GSM Galaxy Nexus for the last several months and I really enjoyed some of the new features like Google Now and Project Butter. Eventually I returned to my unlocked HTC One X for its better camera experience, but I would highly recommend Jelly Bean to anyone with a Galaxy Nexus.

Hopefully it doesn’t take Verizon another six months to certify this update and push it out to all their customers. If they are lucky, an official update could roll out next month.

Source: XDA-Developers

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  • jaxidian

    Glad they’re closer to pushing it out but this is ridiculous! VZW GNex is NOT a Nexus device if it is the flagship Nexus but takes 2 months for it to get an AOSP build after AOSP drops.

    Sorry, Verizion, but try again!

    • NotRelevent

      Only takes that long if for some reason you’re waiting for official builds. The Nexus (even the LTE one) had JB on before it was even available outside of Google I/O

    • Tony

      Sorry Troll, try again. The Verizon Galaxy Nexus is most certainly a Nexus device, considering it’s now supported by the AOSP.

  • MitchRapp81

    I feel really bad for Verizon customers… why subject yourself to such a bad deal? Most of us (galaxy nexus) users have had JB since… well… like 6-8 weeks?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      It’s the price they pay in exchange for 4G LTE.

    • thekaz

      So we don’t have to subject ourselves to T-Mobile, at&t or sprint…

    • ddpacino

      I have too, thanks to the Pros at XDA!

    • LukeT32

      I can’t complain had the AOSP the second it came out.. and am now running CM10. I thought the point of a developer device is to root and run custom ROMs… :)

    • iamXiV92a

      Well congrats and welcome to Jelly Bean my fellow Nexi brethren!

    • NotRelevent

      I didn’t get a GN (from VZW no less) to wait for official updates to take forever. I got one for the Nexus line is known for, its unlockable bootloader :P

      So I’ve had it just as long as the GSM folks have.

  • jamal adam

    Ouch!! Verizon loves to control all updates.

    • jj14

      Sprint would love that as well – but they probably don’t know how to update their GNex yet. They are waiting for Verizon to show them now ;)

      • jamal adam

        I think it would be better to say that all carriers want to control updates.

  • mmalakai10

    its a shame becuz i am one of many verizon galaxy nexus owners. i left my t-mobile contract early to get this device and i must admit i am pissed i did that. verizon has great coverage that i look in a cell company. i cant wait to go back to t-mobile serive just to get the next nexus device that get the updates when they are suppose to come. verizon killed the experience for me and becuz i was tricked into this one i will not be tricked again moving forward with other companies.

  • Adam Jones

    VZW GNex here. When Jelly Bean first hit, I rooted and unlocked and rommed. So glad and never looked back.

    • lchupacabras

      You’re a very talented phone tohave some all that by yourself; guess there is something about Verizon…

      • Adam Jones

        I don’t understand your comment! is it a knock at me for being an unlocker/rooter (like most everybody else) or a knock at Verizon?

        • lchupacabras

          lol… sorry, I was insinuating that you yourself were the VZW GNex, since you said “VZW GNex here”. Unfortunately, I was on a mobile and the auto correct chopped up my comment. The original comment should’ve been “You’re a very talented phone to have done all that by yourself; guess there’s something about Verizon…”

  • Nathan D.

    That way I don’t like carriers to control the update process for a nexus phone, it completely ruins the experience of a nexus phone (when it comes to update at least)

  • MoSDeeb

    I’ve flashed the new radios, but have been on CM10 for quite some time. Waiting for carrier updates is a dreadful experience.

  • themost

    Note to self: buy unlocked nexus.
    This should have been out like a month ago, and we still have at least a month left…..

    • thekaz

      Unfortunately, Google isn’t selling an LTE nexus on Google Play…

  • Kerb

    Its about time! I have a Nexus and am still so disappointed in Google and Verizon since I have had my Nexus only 1 update has been available and still limited on accessories!!! I am going to be getting a different device and never again will I own a Samsung!!! HTC here I come soon I hope!!!