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Verizon to announce Motorola RAZR HD on Sept. 5th?


Today Motorola sent out a teaser to member of the media with the message, “Motorola. On Display. Join us for the day’s main event.” At the bottom of the image was a Verizon logo, so we are going to assume this is the coming out party for the rumored Motorola Droid RAZR HD.

We have been following the RAZR HD for months, and we have a pretty good idea of what the final spec sheet should look like. The RAZR HD is rumored to feature a 4.6 inch 1196 x 720 HD display, 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 8 megapixel rear camera, and 2530 mAh battery. If the final design has those specs, that mean this device would be comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S III or HTC One X.

It is interesting to point out that Nokia and Microsoft are also holding a press event in New York on the same day. Their event is earlier in the day, but they are widely expected to unveil their new lineup of Windows Phone 8 devices. Motorola must be confident in their product, because there is a good chance it will be overshadowed by Nokia.

In a recent poll of Most Wanted Android Phones, Motorola ranked pretty low and came in behind Samsung and HTC. Only 4% of our readers said the RAZR HD was their most wanted phone.

What would it take for you to consider purchasing another Motorola Android phone?

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  • Andrew D

    I’ve got a Razr Maxx and wouldn’t part with it for any phone on the market.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The latest rumors say there will be no RAZR MAXX HD, only the RAZR HD and maybe the RAZR Mini. It’s a shame because that 3,300 mAh battery is awesome.

  • triangle

    While the rumored specs sound fine, it doesn’t really do anything that would cause me to buy the RAZR HD over the SGS3 or the One X. Hopefully, there is more they have yet to reveal. Having jelly bean would be one positive. I’m hoping for more innovation from moto in the future.

    • thel0nerang3r

      Well, if you are with VZW you can’t buy the One X. The SGS3 set the bar pretty high, they can’t just come out with something with similar hardware to get people to buy instead of the Samsung phone. Hopefully they have done something special with the software.

  • Nate B.

    How many times are they going to launch this phone with slight variations? Moto has become the worst quickly.

  • Tony

    It sounds like it’ll be a better choice then either the One X or SGS3 since it’ll have a huge battery advantage and also from the leaks it’ll have on-screen buttons which is a big advantage at least to me. Having said that I already have the GNexus so I’m just going to wait for the next Nexus. Or at least a phone with a next gen processor after the S4

  • Dave D

    Comparable, but not better in any way, to two phones that are already out. Very impressive.

    This should have been called the “Better Late Than Never” Event. Better still, the HD should come with a MAXX battery and a better screen…or a 13MP camera…or anything to distinguish it from the field.

    And I used to be excited for the Motorola Anticlimax HD…

  • BigCiX

    I rather have the One X+ over this.

  • Brian

    I like my OG droid. It’s still working just fine, so that ticks a box in Moto’s favor. But I think this phone is a few months late spec-wise. That’s not to say that it’ll be a bad phone, but it seems like a OneX with a bigger battery, which hit stores in April/May.

    Having skipped out on the GSIII, I think I might as well wait for the next wave of Nexi, hopefully packing 5250s, Snapdragon Pros, and OMAP5s.

  • redraider133

    At this point in time might as well wait a few months for the next nexus over this. Who knows if this will be one of the unlockable bootloader list.

  • Michael Essany

    If this release actually comes before the 6th generation iPhone drops (most likely around mid-September) it could seriously undercut Apple and give an even bigger smartphone market share to Android at a time when most expect the new iPhone to clean up the space like never before. The developers and mobile advertisers I know are spending much more time talking these days about Android than iOS. With the Android user base rapidly expanding, the Android dev community swelling, and mobile ad networks like growing more profitable each day, I think all signs point to a strong finish to 2012 for Android.

  • eazi25

    Ok the razr hd even though running the same processor as the other 2 devices is slightly faster posting the highest nenamark score out of them all, also its built better bigger battery then thr competitors, and may last just as long or longer theb the maxx battery being that it is using a more efficient processor. Call quality is the best hands down. And its running a cleaner version of ics then them all. Hello are you guys really paying attention or being bias.

  • thechad

    cant wait till google takes over motorola