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Google Play posts list of top Android apps on sale for $0.25


Early this morning Google announced they were having a big sale to celebrate 25 billion downloads in the Google Play store, and now they have posted the full list of $0.25 apps. There are currently 14 apps and games that are on sale, but this promotion last for five days and we expect the list to keep growing. Our top picks include Granny Smith, Runtastic Pro, Asphalt 7, and Draw Something, but there are plenty of others for all types of Android fans. Hit up the source link to head to Google Play and let us know which ones you purchase.















Source: Google Play

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  • R.S

    Already purchased runtastic Pro, Granny Smith, and thinking about Asphalt 7. I might still buy NFL Kicker and Draw Something.

    I’m about to go for a bike ride and try out the extra features of runtastic Pro.

    • Chris Lewis

      Whats to think about for asphalt 7 when its only .25! That was my logic when buying a hand full of these apps. This sale is one of the many reasons I love Android!!!

  • Stephen Mitchell

    Cat in the Hat, NFL Kicker and Asphalt 7…waiting for more!

  • Co1e

    Has anyone played SoE?

    • Heetskore

      I have. If JRPGs are your thing, it would crazy not to buy it. Even if they aren’t, plunking down a quarter isn’t going to cost you any sleep.

      • Co1e

        Cool. Thanks. Been looking for some good pocketable RPG action.

  • Sammi

    Is this a US only thing because when I click on the link it says ‘not found on this server’? I’m in the UK…

    • shaunieboy

      sammi just go to normal google play and u will see a section in there for 25p games ;)

      • Sammi

        Thanks Shaunieboy!

  • Nathan D.

    Sweet! I love android app store sales :-)

  • Azzoth

    If you don’t have Tasks yet, it’s a steal at that price.

  • DroidPower

    awesome apps for awesome prices!

    • DroidPower

      and Congrats to ANDROID AND GOOGLE!

  • Henry Gomes

    I live for these days! Saved some credit from the Nexus 7 purchase!

  • skyflakes

    Seems like a smaller sale than when Android Market hit 10B downloads. I think there was 10 apps for sale for 10cents each for 10 days? I hope they add more apps and extend it even more.

  • thechad

    $0.25 apps are the best